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Qadmous - The original oriental Lebanese restaurant in Berlin


Visit the restaurant Qadmous and you can expect a first-class ambience in the middle of Berlin, opposite the popular Volkspark Friedrichshain, in the trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg.

In Europe's first original oriental Lebanese restaurant you not only go to the four healthiest kitchens in the world according to a current study, but also come breathtakingly closer to the Orient through the taste of the delicious dishes, the smell of the culinary spices and the variety of the original oriental Lebanese cuisine.

The Qadmous impresses with its extraordinarily chic ambience and the stylish and warm furnishings; which sets accents through a harmonious choice of colors.

In terms of taste, the Qadmous restaurant relies on the traditional, original oriental Lebanese cuisine that can only be found in the Qadmous restaurant. In addition, the dishes are only prepared with high quality and fresh ingredients.

A journey through the Orient in the Qadmous restaurant

Traditional throughout the Orient and especially in the original oriental Lebanese cuisine, the mezza in the Qadmous restaurant is one of the most popular combinations of small dishes that are spicy and lovingly prepared, where you can put together many combinations of the most varied of delicacies as you wish.

The multitude of cold and warm dishes from the oriental Lebanese area are an absolute must among connoisseurs of mezzas, which include an innumerable selection of food combinations.

This includes dishes such as the world-famous tabbouleh, a parsley salad enriched with fresh mint or the popular chickpea puree "Humus".

Falafel and Baba Ghanouj, which impress with their high quality and, above all, fresh ingredients, are among the most popular mezzas in the Qadmous restaurant.

Especially for vegetarians and vegans, it is advisable to take a close look at the large selection of different mezzas in the Qadmous restaurant, which speak for an excellent, healthy and meat-free diet.

Qadmous - recommendations for a sociable evening

For a sociable evening from 2 people, for an event such as. Birthday or company celebrations, put together one of the popular menu plates in the Qadmous restaurant.

The generously compiled menu platters are served with freshly grilled fish (anchovies, salmon, pikeperch and redfish fillet), meat (beef, lamb and chicken) or, if desired, with both.

The Qadmous grill plates are marinated with original Arabic, oriental, Lebanese spices and are served with freshly grilled vegetables, coriander potatoes and the ever-popular original homemade garlic cream.

Together with a combination of grilled food and the traditionally popular combination of various oriental Lebanese mezzas, the Qadmous restaurant invites you to a sociable atmosphere.

Qadmous - Sunday brunch with over 60 different dishes

If you want to have a long and culinary brunch in Berlin, you shouldn't miss the Qadmous restaurant in the popular trendy Prenzlauer Berg district.

Every Sunday, all year round, including public holidays, visit the extraordinary and large Sunday brunch in the Qadmous restaurant. Help yourself to the wide selection of hot and cold dishes as often as you like.

Discover the freshly prepared, culinary, oriental, Lebanese specialties, with over 60 different dishes that make every “bruncher's heart” beat faster.

From vegetarian and vegan to meat, fish and chicken, including fruit and dessert, there is something for every brunch lover.

Due to the great demand, a reservation in the Qadmous restaurant is recommended!

Oriental - Lebanese desserts in the Qadmous

Sweets are not only used in the Orient but also in the Qadmous restaurant to create a convivial atmosphere. They are served with an Arabic coffee or freshly made mint tea with a scent of cardamom.

The Arabic desserts, prepared with attention to detail, are traditionally coated with puff pastry in the Qadmous and optionally filled with cream cheese, chopped walnuts or pistachios.

Qadmous desserts are lovingly prepared with rose blossom water and garnished with finely chopped pistachios.

Qadmous - quality wines from Ksara from Lebanon

Go on a journey to the exquisite Cabernet Sauvignons in the restaurant Qadmous and enjoy highly exquisite wine specialties from Lebanon with your Lebanese dishes.

Ksara wines are among the most exquisite wine specialties in Lebanon, which are recommended in the Qadmous restaurant with dishes with fresh fish and meat dishes.

The excellently balanced red, white and rosé wines from the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes combine a cultivated elegance with gently lingering delicacy.

Its quality unfolds best at a serving temperature of 18-20 ° C and in combination with oriental Lebanese fish and meat dishes.

Qadmous - Cocktail - Whiskey and Cognac Bar

A highlight in the Qadmous is the spacious and modern cocktail bar. The cocktail bar invites lovers to have one of many fruity fresh cocktails prepared by the professional barman. Especially whiskey connoisseurs and cognac lovers get their money's worth with the wide variety of high-quality whiskey and cognac.

Qadmous terrace with a view of the Volkspark Friedrichshain on Prenzlauer Berg

Relax with a shisha and a fruity fresh cocktail on the covered, spacious terrace and enjoy your meals in the Qadmous restaurant not only in sunny weather, but also in cold and wet weather. Take a look at the popular Volkspark Friedrichshain opposite - in the trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.

Qadmous - events and catering

Give your event an oriental setting and it will be an impressive, unforgettable, unique experience.

The Qadmous restaurant gives your events, whether corporate parties, weddings, birthdays or the turn of the year, for up to a thousand people, a culinary, oriental, Lebanese ambience.

Restaurant Qadmous - reservations

For a pleasant, smooth and individually designed visit to the Qadmous restaurant, you can use the phone or email contact, as well as Qadmous' own website (www.qadmous.de), from which you can access both with your PC or Mac and with your smartphone (Mobile ) can conveniently make reservations.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Europe's original oriental Lebanese restaurant Qadmous in Berlin.

Top tip! The Qadmous is among the restaurants with the best brunch in Berlin.

opening hours

  • Mon. to Thurs. 12 p.m. to midnight
  • Fri & Sat 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.
  • Sun 11 am to midnight

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