Is Shikakai powder good for the hair?


A glamorous bodyguard against split ends: a shiny and protective hair mask.

The khadi Ayurvedic Hair Mask Deep Shine Shikakai is pure care. In a traditional Ayurvedic and natural way, it gives your hair shine and protects it from split ends and dryness. khadi hair masks are the Ayurvedic answer to solid hair care: natural, highly concentrated and effective.

The secret of the intensely nourishing Deep Shine Shikakai hair mask is based on this khadi Trinity effect: 1. The individual efficacy of hand-picked Indian medicinal herbs unite to form a whole and their power is increased. 2. The hair masks are composed according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes. 3. In a traditional manufacturing process, they are ground so gently and powdery - it can hardly be finer.

100% purest Shikakai: you can feel the highly concentrated maskhow your hair is cared for and protected.

The Shikakai pods come from the acacia plant Acacia Concinna and are considered a superfood in Ayurveda. In Hindi, Shikakai means "fruit for the hair" and stands for intensive moisture penetration, shine and natural suppleness. Our khadi Deep Shine Shikakai hair mask carries the pure power of Shikakai, prevents your hair from drying out and thus effectively and sustainably protects against split ends. As a bonus, it has an antiseptic effect on the scalp and also stimulates hair growth.

The khadi Deep Shine Shikakai hair mask is part of the product series "Shining" - in the set they complement each other to form a dream team for moisture, suppleness, fullness and shine par excellence.

Pamper your hair with the mask as Cure in between. If you already use natural cosmetics on a regular basis, it is one too Nourishing alternative to the deep cleansing Deep Charcoal Cleanse hair mask. You can use the Deep Shine Shikakai hair mask directly before coloring with khadi herbal hair colors apply. Due to the restorative effect, the color pigments can lay evenly around the hair - for one Brilliant, long-lasting and intense color result.