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5 easy steps on how to get started in Crusader Kings 3 and dominate

Getting into Crusader Kings 3 is difficult for many players. The strategy game is complex. Our author Schuhmann shows the first hours in the game as an aggressive chief in Ireland and reveals tips on marriage, looting, conquering and how to set up the army in Crusader Kings 3. In the end you are like in the tutorial, only better and 200 years earlier. An ideal start to dominance.

Crusader Kings 3 is the hit on Steam right now and the big topic in gaming. The strategy game also has a multiplayer mode, but many players already despair at the beginning of the game: It is too complex and the tutorial is compulsory, but quite bland.

We provide you with the instructions for the first steps to world domination and give you step-by-step instructions on how to get yourself off to a strong start in Crusader Kings 3 in about 30 minutes.

Step 1: choose the right scenario

Crusader Kings 3 offers a rich selection of ready-made scenarios. But I recommend a different start. Start at the earliest point in time, in the year 867, with “Choose another ruler” and click on Ireland in the northwest of the map. There you want to play the Count of Ormond, a likeable 24-year-old guy with 2 sisters, an older brother and a bunch of landless, hunchbacked relatives who are hanging on his pocket and are just waiting to be burned in a war.

And we will give them war!

May I make known: Chief Dúnchad mac Dub-dá Baire. The young man with an impressive beard becomes our player character. Each time it is regenerated, it has 3 random properties and is assigned a job in which it is sometimes incredibly good and sometimes terribly bad. This can make getting started sometimes easier and sometimes more difficult. But it's not that crucial.

Basically, this entry is the same scenario as in the Crusader Kings 3 tutorial, but 200 years earlier. Here Ireland was still wild and trapped in the tribal age.

The nice thing is that you can declare war and mess with your opponents as you are funny. You don't have to worry about reasons for war, claims and all that stuff for the first few hundred years in the game, but can plunder, conquer and pillage. Most of what makes Crusader Kings 3 so opaque and complex is missing.

But watch out for the damn Vikings and Scots. They are devious and malicious, as every Irishman knows.

Step 2: get married right

We'll get to fighting later, first of all we're getting married. Because the game is about people and characters: marriage is the ideal way to get strong executives and to ensure that we will have strong executives in the future.

Hit Space to pause Crusader Kings 3. You want to spend time in the menus first. Right from the start we have a few characters that we can marry off. The game tells us that too.

  • Our character itself can have up to 4 women: Here we need a clever main wife as an important advisor and 3 women for a splendid family tree of heirs
  • We have 2 sisters who are our most important advisors: One for the rough and one for the finances
  • We also get the brother under the hood, he is allowed to marry a spy - we want to know what is really going on in our yard
  • We can also marry off relatives who hang around the court and are actually not good for much. The men are burned as champions who die easily in battle. The women can at least get us better knights by marriage. We don't have to expect offspring from them.

If you click on the symbol with the ring at the top, you will come to the marriage menu, here CK3 first offers us the neighbor's daughter so that we can form an alliance with a nearby count. We're not going to do that. Click on the magnifying glass and set properties to “inheritable”, then we will see the best that the gene pool in AD 867 has to offer.

If we arrange the brides according to “administration”, we see a pretty woman named “Beorhtflaed”, who is a low-bred woman, but clever and pretty. This will be our 1st wife.

The marriage announcement has to go through first. To make sure that Beo-Baby becomes our main wife, we are still waiting with further marriage proposals ...

As soon as Beo has agreed, we will marry 3 other women. In the case of the second wives, the values ​​do not matter, it is the genetic properties that count: For example, "Kriemhield" is suitable, she is not that clever, but has the properties "fertile" and "robust".

The other ladies should ideally be "intelligent" or even a "genius". "Beautiful" or "Amazone" or the weaker expressions of the positive properties are also possible: very healthy, pretty, robust, whatever you can get.

In the case of the sisters, both “geniuses” will be drawn by lot. It is important to marry “matrilineally” because this is how men come to us. One marries Ekkehard, a genius with 21 points in combat skills. The second sister marries Enguerrand, who becomes our administrator or diplomat.

Our brother should then get us a Hofspitzel, is looking for a woman with high values ​​in "intrigue", you can also go to "teaching", then it will be the court doctor. Make sure that he marries normally and not matrilineally.

If you've done everything right, you should be getting news by now that a bunch of geniuses and brides are on their way to meet you.

Put the people on councilors. You make your courtier with the best value in "learning" a court doctor. Then you already have a strong start.

At the beginning of Crusader Kings 3, women can only become court spies or court doctors, the other jobs are reserved for men. The main woman plays a special role, here you have the choice whether all of her abilities help a little or a certain quality helps a lot.

At your court you have a few more related women: these are not such good matches. You can use them to fish for additional champions from the neighborhood via “matrilineal” weddings, sorted by “fighting skill”. Maybe you can also get a good diplomat. Here the "inheritable traits" are not so important.

To avoid overpopulation, Crusader Kings 3 only allows offspring for "important characters". When it gets too crowded, people also disappear from the yard and go hiking.

Step 3: choose the right properties

In the "Lifestyle" window there are some perks in every discipline that you can unlock at the beginning of a life path and that are essential.

The 1st perk you need is "Bellum Justum" when waging war - this means that a declaration of war costs only half. You should get “Service to the Crown” and “Strict Organization” as the next perks: They help you pacify conquered territory.

Perks are important for the later process:

  • like “Scientific” and “Planned Cultivation” in teaching - they have some long-term benefits
  • "Golden duties" and tax collectors are important to the administrator - that brings more gold through blackmail and your own territories
  • You can take “befriending” and “educated to rule” with you in diplomacy - befriending is good to prevent the most important of your own vassals from untying one, the other perk gives your many children a few bonus points

It may be wise to jump into the lifestyle areas for the first 15 years of a ruler's life before going down a tree and claiming the big bonuses.

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Step 4: get stressed

In the Military window, you want to raise 3 regiments of the “War People”: a double unit “Light Footbolk” and one “Armored Infantry”.

With the champions, make sure that your marshal and your steward do not fight, but forbid them to do so.

A word about champions: you should generally keep an eye on them. Every champion is a hand-to-hand combat machine that is important in combat. But every champion risks his life in a fight.

You actually always need as many strong professional fighters as you have open positions. But that is not the case: So your “non-fighters” move up, your adult children, vassals and administrators. Exactly the kind of people you don't want to die all the time.

They then have extremely low values ​​and like to have their heads torn off by a berserker in the first battle. And that's not an exaggeration: that's exactly what happens.

I'm sure: Paradox will soon fix the problem in a patch, but until then: Consistently prohibits “important” characters from fighting.

It is best to check before every war and before you raise armies who your champions / knights are and who you do not want to burn. It is really annoying when your administrative genius legacy, which was supposed to be just pushing books and numbers, has its head ripped off by a 2.30m Viking. And that will happen.

Back to tyrannizing Ireland: Wait until the armies are at full strength or until an enemy squad begins to raid and then click on "Raise everyone as robbers."

Because Ireland is still organized in clans, you can plunder your neighbors at will. You just can't get caught by stronger armies. You can pillage your immediate neighbors: Leinster, Ossory, Thormon and Desmond. But be careful if you go north.

It is important that you get ahead of your neighbors. Because whoever loots first will be your first victim.

In the run we're using as an example, Thormond wanted to loot with 350 people when we just had 515 soldiers. Of course, that doesn't work: So we're looting Thormond, so the AI ​​sees it as hostile and they attack us. Now comes the first fight: we have more professional soldiers and a better marshal. That should work out fine.

If you plunder or fight, you can ideally kidnap relatives of your victims and sell them off at a high price: this is how you make the most money in the beginning. While you only earn a little more than 1 gold a month, such a chief woman can bring you 25 gold. As much as you usually do in 2 years. It's worth it!

Actually, as Ireland, whenever you have a full army and nothing to do, you should be causing stress somewhere: looting, kidnapping people and extorting ransom - just live the good old life.

It is also possible to recruit fighters from the opponent for yourself. Ideally, you can get yourself such thick martial arts 15+ berserkers for free. Otherwise you have to look for “champions” every 10 years and hire anyone who can hold a sword.

If you looted 2 villages, defeated an opposing army, and earned around 30 gold and prestige, you should first bring the money to safety. To do this, it is enough to direct the looting army into your own territory.

Step 5: expand

Now we are looking for the first victim: To do this, we look at the neighbors. At "Thormond" their looting went wrong and they only have 98 soldiers, but still a proud 70 gold. An ideal destination. We declare war on them and attack them. The reason for war "conquer the county" only costs faith.

The opponent should offer little resistance. Depending on whether you are taking prisoners and how much money you are getting out of it, you should already be in a position to either name yourself "Duke of Muster" or to build the first building in Ormond: the markets.

So you are there after 30 minutes: If everything goes according to plan, you will have about 2 years after the start of the game:

  • Good advice from some top advisors
  • A powerful army with decent champions
  • A bunch of brides about to have offspring like crazy
  • A duchy with 2 provinces in the south of Ireland and hungry for more.

So you basically have the situation that you play in the tutorial of Crusader Kings 3, only 200 years earlier and probably a little better.

So it goes on:

You continue with these methods in the same way. You are growing, expanding, strengthening your economy and your gene pool. Most of the time, conquering the south of Ireland is relatively easy. It gets harder when it comes to the north.

It is important that you still become King of Ireland in the 1st generation if possible. You have about 40 years for this until the count dies. Because only if you are king can you keep your kingdom together and keep the dukes among you.

When your sons are 16 you can start giving them counties (one each). Then you can choose those 4 women and continue your little breeding program. If you do that well, at some point you will have “Kwisatz Haderach”, a genius as strong as Hercules and beautiful as Adonis, who will lead you into a golden age.

Later on, it's important not to occupy too much “kingdom” land without making sure your player legacy inherits it: if you have too many counties in Wales, one of your legacies will simply name himself King of Wales when you die and breaks away from the empire first. So strict are the inheritance rules there - you can only change them much later. Therefore it is important to be careful here.

The transition from one ruler to the next monarch is always tricky: Put money aside to recruit mercenaries and then quickly make the most important vassals your friends via the 1st diplomacy perk.

In the feudal age it becomes important to create your own religion that has the “will to power” so that you can continue to conquer your opponents without much reason for war, as you have already done as a tribe.

In any case, after the first 2 years with our introductory guide you have now reached a point where you know the "basics" of Crusader Kings 3 and can write your own stories.

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