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Anthony "Tony" Robbins - The Robbins Power Principle Summary

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The book "The Robbins Power Principle" by Anthony Robbins in 3 sentences

  1. "Anytime you seriously want to change your life, the first step is to raise your standards and believe that you can achieve them."
  2. "We have to change our belief system and be firmly convinced that we can and will achieve our goals - before we start to act."
  3. "Our life is not determined by the things we do every now and then, but by the things we do regularly"

In the book “The Robbins Power Principle” by Anthony Robbins you will learn different techniques from the area of ​​NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the area of ​​personality development.

That sounds pretty dry at first? But means the following: Using certain (communication) techniques and various other methods to change the processes in the brain (habits and beliefs) in order to achieve your goals and expectations.

How you change certain beliefsto have more success in life shows Anthony Robbins in his book “The Anthony Robbins Power Principle” (by the way, the book is called “Awaken the giant within”).

Are you ready for the summary? Then let's start!

The 5 most important ideas from "The Power Principle"

In life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. "
- Anthony Robbins

    1. The three choices that will determine your fate are 1. Your choice of what to focus on. 2. The decision about what certain things mean to you. 3. Deciding what to do to achieve your goals.
    2. By adapting one of the following 5 elements you can make an immediately noticeable and powerful change in your life: 1. Belief or rule, 2. a question, 3. an emotional state, 4. a reference (in this context "reference" to something) 5. a value.
    3. Everything we do we either do to avoid pain / loss or to gain something.
    4. Our lives are not determined by the things we do every now and then, but rather by the things we do regularly.
    5. Focus on where you want to go, not what you fear.

The Robbins power principle - content

The book is divided into 4 parts / lessons that deal with different topics, each building on one another. It starts with the topic of "increasing decision-making power". How is that supposed to work?

How Tony Robbins increases his decision-making power

For example, Anthony Robbins explains in his book thatdecisions determine fate and not living conditions. Particularly interesting are the stories that he keeps tying up in his book (true stories, nothing is made up. Sometimes people are named that everyone has heard of before).

For example, he tells of 2 brothers who grew up in poor conditions. While one became homeless and addicted to alcohol, the other made it to the top of a large corporation.

In Anthony Robbins' opinion, most people fail short term Disadvantages to be accepted long term To achieve advantages. He regards the ability to make these decisions and to do without something in the short term in order to have more (of whatever) in the future as elementary.

Do you agree? To me that makes total sense.

For example: To get leaner, you could go on a diet and avoid many tasty (but unhealthy) dishes. The short-term pain of trying to resist the desire is probably familiar to everyone.

But who will ultimately achieve their goal? Everyone who's craving in those little moments short term can withstand him because of the long-term Effects are more important.

What will you choose next when you have to choose between short-term convenience and a (long-term) investment in your company? I'm curious!

Master your physical well-being with Tony Robbins

The second part is about mastering & optimizing your physical wellbeing. Advice on physical fitness in a personal development book?

Anthony Robbins explains in this section how not to just manage your generalphysical condition to improve sustainably, but also to feel better at the same time. With the following quote he justifies the importance of physical fitness for personal success: [eckosc_quote quote = ““ The difference between acting badly or brilliantly is not based on your ability, but on the state of your mind and / or body in any given moment "." Source = "Anthony" Tony "Robbins" url = "" pull = "false"]

What sounded strange earlier now probably makes sense: Those who feel bad cannot get their full performance. To prevent this, he gives concrete advice on how to significantly increase your physical well-being, which in turn has a positive effect on decisions and interpersonal relationships.

There are more than enough clinical pictures in our society that can be prevented by certain habits, which is why I find this section very useful.

The improvement of interpersonal relationships

While the second part deals with the control of physical health, the next deals with the control of interpersonal relationships.

You are probably just remembering the hackneyed saying "Your network is your net worth" one when it comes to relationships related to (financial) success. However, we must not limit our lives to business goals, we also have relationships with your partner, family, friends, colleagues and neighbors that determine our lives.

Do you know a wealthy person who, despite all the money, is incredibly unhappy? Then you know what I mean.

For Anthony Robbins, after actively controlling emotions and physical health, there is nothing more important than learning to control interpersonal relationships (regardless of whether they are romantic, family, business or social in nature).

The third lesson will enable you to develop quality relationships, first with yourself and then with others.

Achieve financial mastery with the Robbins power principle

Then it's about getting your financial situation under control. Together with the reader, Anthony Robbins will first get to the bottom of the causes of the lack of money and then give suggestions for improvement and tips to change your own situation for the better in the long term.

Do you remember the first part, which was, among other things, about the short-term waiver as a prerequisite for better results in the future? The same model is explored again in this section in relation to finance. He conveys the basic concept of various investments to build up wealth very well.

The last and fourth part will be about mastering time. However, it should not be about planning your time, but about taking time for the important things and making time a "friend" rather than an "enemy".

Who Should Read The Power Principle?

• Anyone who wants to make the right decisions
• Everyone who likes to take their fate into their own hands
• Self-employed and sole proprietorships whose company is person-dependent

Where can I buy the book “The Robbins Power Principle”?

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Tony Robbins The power principle - a conclusion

The book is in our opinion one of the best known, if not one of the best books in the field of NLP & personal development. The suggestions and tips in this book can be implemented and are easy to remember thanks to the many stories and anecdotes. You can tell that Anthony Robbins knows what he is talking about, but he also consciously says that he is not omniscient.

Our only criticism is the length of the book, which is partly based on repetition. The book has a little more than 540 pages, but this keeps getting longer and you think, "Yes, okay, I got it, get to the point!". The same content could have been put on around 300-400 pages, but this is only secondary.

It is particularly characterized by the fact that it treats the respective explanations very clearly for a guide, and is often conveyed on the basis of experiences / stories - highly recommended in the area of ​​personality development!