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AI Article Generator - How Well Does Artificial Intelligence Write?

There are a lot of artificial intelligence article generators out there. You are trained to write in different genres. They also support different languages ​​(but mostly generated in English and then translated). Are the bots delivering readable text? Can they replace the human content writers? This article tries to discuss more information about AI text generators.

What is an AI text generator?

The AI ​​text generator involves the use of machine learning techniques to generate readable text or content. Most of the time these text models are based on GPT-2 from openai. They are, so to speak, a further developed version of GPT2. In the future, GPT-3 could also play a bigger role, whereby such huge amounts of data are involved that the current hardware is not sufficient for efficient use. At least if you want to work with the full model.

In most cases, it is enough to write a few words about the subject and then the AI-powered tools will generate all of the related text. The text can be a novel, poem, or any subject of your choice.

After generating your text, you can then fine-tune the text if necessary. If you are satisfied with the generated content, you can use it as it is. However, these tools are still improving their services. Most of them still offer gibberish content.

Our text generator in German is pretty good at that.

AI text generators

There are several websites in English that offer such services.

1. Inferkit

This is a web-based text generator that can be used to write messages, recipes, poems, songs and much more. He can write texts of any length. To generate text, you can add a sentence or subject of your choice. Then the web-based system does the work for you. Inferkit Docs uses a neural network to generate text. However, you have to pay for the text generation.

2. Deep AI

This is another web-based AI-powered tool that you can use to generate text. Deep AI is powered by an unattended language model that generates text segments. You can enter a word or phrases to generate text. The platform will then provide you with coherent sentences related to the submitted words or phrases. In addition, Deep AI can predict text for partial sentences and complete incomplete paragraphs.

3. AI Writer

AI Writer is online software that generates text in seconds. In order to be able to use the platform, you must register. Then you can enter a subject or a heading. After entering the heading of your choice, AI Writer will automatically generate a text. The text may not be perfect, but you can fine-tune it to make it readable. The platform can be used by blog writers, researchers, and many others in the writing industry. AI Writer comes with a price tag. There are different subscription plans. The basic plan is around $ 19 a month.

4. Zyro AI Content Generator

Zyro generates texts by choosing a category related to your content. Categories that you can choose from include health and living, arts and design, sports and entertainment, and many others. You can generate SEO friendly content. You can use the platform for free, but if you want to access more features you can pay a subscription fee. There are different plans with different functions.

5. WordAi

This is a web-based platform for text generation. The platform automatically rewrites paragraphs and sentences. It's actually a simple old school text weirdo. To generate text, you can type in your sentences and the platform will then rewrite each sentence. She can paraphrase the sentences to make them readable. Some of the features include spell check, grammar fixation, article rotation, and more. It supports four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. In the trial version, however, you can only use it for free for three days. After that, you can pay a monthly or annual fee.

6. Article Generator

This is an online-based tool for generating text. It automatically generates text. To generate text you need to enter the keyword. Then the tool collects relevant and fresh text. For those who write blog articles, the article generator can be used to create content. So far, the platform only supports English text. The tool can be used free of charge. However, if you want additional features, purchase the premium key.

7. AI Text Generator

AI Text Generator is a web-based platform for text generation. This platform generates text using Natural Language Processing (NPL) and AI. To generate text, enter the keywords and sub-keyword and then click 'Create Text' to generate the text. It takes less than 30 seconds to create the content. There is an option to listen to the generated text. You can also rate the article and post it on social media platforms like Facebook.

8. Articoolo

Articoolo is an online based platform for writing articles from scratch. It's an AI-powered tool that allows you to write content like a human. It understands the meaning of the keyword. To generate the content, you need to enter a keyword, then the tool will generate the content. It supports 6 languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, French and German. Articoolo can also rephrase written articles by rephrasing them. You can create your first article for free, but after you have to pay for article generation.

9. Article Creator

This platform is online based. It generates articles from the given keyword. You can generate SEO friendly articles that are readable. To generate text, all you need to do is enter a keyword. You can choose the number of items you want. The platform can be used free of charge.

10. Article Forge

This platform automatically rewrites articles. She behaves like a human being. Article Forge uses algorithms to generate articles. The algorithm researches the topic, reads many articles, and then creates the new article in its own words. You can generate SEO friendly content. As such, the platform can be used by bloggers. To generate content you have to enter a keyword and within 60 seconds you will receive your text. You can use the platform free of charge for the first five days as part of a free trial version. You can then register to use the services.

Final thoughts

The AI-controlled article generators have the chance to replace human content authors. Some of them produce authentic items. However, some platforms still need to be improved. Other platforms produce nonsense that cannot be used. Some platforms produce better content that has yet to be scrutinized to make it readable. Therefore, there is still a need to further develop the platforms.

AI Article Generator - How Well Does Artificial Intelligence Write?