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Gato Mikio Manufactory

The Gato Mikio company was founded in 1908 in Yamanaka Onsen by Kaga as the Wareto wood workshop. Yamanaka Onsen is located in Ishikawa Prefecture in western Japan, roughly level with Tokyo. Lacquerware (lacquerware, urushi), wooden products with an elaborate varnish, have been produced in the prefecture for 450 years. The Gato Mikio manufactory uses the advantages of the traditional production of Yamanaka lacquerware, in which the high-quality, selected woods are precisely ground with the potter's wheel. In this way, Gato Miko has created exceptionally beautiful Japanese tableware made of wood, which has won many design awards. The same craftsmanship is used to produce the wooden tea caddies, bowls and tablets specially developed for green tea.

Craftsmanship perfection and stylish, modern design are the outstanding features of Gato Mikio products. With unique, sophisticated design products, this manufactory has achieved an excellent reputation worldwide. Gato Mikio is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end lacquerware in the world and one of the most well-known in the world.

2015: Design Plus Award, Frankfurt, Germany
2014: International award for lacquerware manufacturer, Ishikawa
2013: President Award Ishikawa Design Exhibition
2012: German Design Award, Silver / Jury Prize 51st Japan Craft Exhibition
2011: Design Plus Award, Frankfurt, Germany
2010: Ishikawa Design Award
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Each item is unique, hand-finished.