Have you ever taken a road trip

Five good reasons for a road trip

Today I would like to rave about an affair of the heart in my column: traveling. Certainly I am not the only person who likes to travel to foreign countries, escapes from everyday life and duties and enjoys changes in the air. Fortunately, I have someone by my side who loves exactly that as well. So it happened that I was back from Iceland a few days ago. Iceland: cold, icy, barren, beautiful! Convincing someone with pictures of how beautiful a country is is easy. But today I want to explain to you in words why everyone should go on a road trip at least once in their life and swap expensive hotels, good restaurants and relaxing on the beach for an adventure.

First: you can see more in the car

When you drive many kilometers in the car every day, you can see so much of the landscape. Having your own car (or a rental car) has the advantage over bus companies that you can flexibly stop where you want and are not tied to a travel guide. In Iceland there are many tourists where well-known sights are. Often getting out of a coach, photographing the sight 50 times within three minutes and getting back on the coach. In places off the beaten track, however, you will find peace and quiet and no less idyllic nature. Although of course the famous waterfalls, geysers and hot springs are very impressive and definitely have to be experienced, I also found routes off the main road very exciting. So much untouched nature is probably rarely found anywhere else on earth. You realize how fascinating our world actually is, far from big cities and crowds.

Second: inns instead of hotels

A hotel certainly has its advantages. Fixed meals, a pool, chocolates on the pillows. In inns it's a bit like playing the lottery, unless you pay close attention to the reviews on customer portals. We were lucky and stayed in beautiful inns that could have kept up with hotels in terms of cleanliness. One was more luxurious than any hotel I've ever been to. However, with a bit of luck, the biggest advantage of the inn is the hospitality of the owner. You can of course advise innkeepers who are only interested in the money. They ask you the same question four times and still don't let you finish when you answer. They all try to appear polite, but thereby achieve the opposite. We had someone like that too. But we also got to know a family who shared insider tips for the region, patiently explained how the jacuzzi in the garden works and who served a lovely breakfast. In inns you are definitely closer to the people of the country than a hotel could ever offer.

Third, if you don't like the weather, keep going.

What was impossible in Braunschweig in the last few days was possible in Iceland: looking for better weather. While we can only hope that we have five minutes longer sun and five minutes shorter hail showers, you only have to drive a few kilometers further for a change in the weather in Iceland. When you set off, it rains from all clouds, but as soon as you have driven a few kilometers behind the next mountain, the weather changes suddenly. Bright blue sky and sunshine. That can be enjoyed. Preferably as long as possible, because you don't know whether a snow shower is waiting around the next bend. For me personally, this change is really exciting. It shows you once again how much power nature has and that humans have no choice but to adapt. Be it with thick clothes, a rain jacket and weatherproof shoes or just looking for better weather.

Fourth, these memories will last forever

In a world that is so materially disposed, that is constantly changing and in which one's own existence is dependent on so many external influences, experiences and memories are the only things that last. Of course, this also applies to many other things in life and a road trip does not lease this great effect for itself. Nevertheless, I think it is absolutely worth mentioning, because nowadays only what you have achieved is what counts and no longer what you experience. But experiences are worth so much more than objects or services. In my opinion, to live does not only mean to be successful in the job or to strive for wealth, but above all to find yourself, to develop and finally to be happy with it. For this development, experiences such as traveling to other countries are just as important as making friendships.

Fifth, seeing you again is the greatest joy

I can definitely recommend everyone to go on a road trip, but I cannot recommend it to the four-legged friends among us, such as my dog. For us, too, it was exhausting to sit in the car for at least 8 hours a day, for an active dog that would be a nightmare. That is why Jamie went on vacation to our favorite dog house, the Auehof, while we were away. There he could play all day long with his fellow dogs, do nonsense and cuddle the supervisors. So we both benefited from the ten days we were apart. Jamie has lived with me since he was a wee worm, so I've missed him a lot. That's exactly why it was a great feeling when we picked him up and he is now back next to us on the sofa. He is so relaxed, and after a successful holiday for all of us here, everyday life can now come back. We are ready!

Text: Annika Schwedhelm