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Coronavirus victim: Disney closes popular film studio

Maybe the name Blue Sky won't even mean that much to you at first glance. But that will change if we throw just one film title into the ring, for which the film studio was, among other things, responsible in the past: "Ice Age". The story of the giant sloth Sid, the mammoth Manfred and, last but not least, the acorn-guarding "rat squirrel" Scrat has thrilled millions of film fans and families all over the world.

"Ice Age" loses its mother studio

Disney has not yet issued an official announcement about the end of Blue Sky. But the information from the USA is clear. In the meantime, the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” (THR) has received confirmation for an exclusive report from “Deadline”. "In view of the current economic situation, we made the difficult decision after a thorough examination and assessment to stop film operations in the Blue Sky Studios," a company spokesman told THR.

This makes Blue Sky Studios the first really large Hollywood film studio to be brought to its knees by the corona virus. Because the cinemas are currently closed in many important markets due to the pandemic, there was simply no income. Blue Sky Studios was part of 21st Century Fox until 2019 when Disney announced the takeover. In addition to the five “Ice Age” strips, other well-known films included “Horton hears a who” and “Rio”. The latest productions were "Ferdinand - Geht Stierisch ab!" And "Spione Undercover".

Blue Sky close, Pixar and Disney Animation remain

That Disney could part with Blue Sky Studios had been seen by film experts for months. Because with Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios, two other heavyweights in the Disney group are commissioned with the processing of modern animated films.

Disney wants to keep the rights to the Blue Sky films even after the studios are closed. For the 450 employees affected, however, it is likely to be a severe blow that ongoing projects are reportedly not continued. For example, the adaptation of the webcomic “Nimona”, which is planned for the beginning of 2022, will no longer appear despite the fact that production has already started.

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