How important is Germany for the EU

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Europe is a big, a successful political project. For centuries our continent was marked by armed conflicts. After the greatest catastrophe, World War II, it was initially a project of peace, freedom and democracy - and thus extremely successful.

Peace and prosperity have become a matter of course for many today. Many ask about the benefits that the European Union brings to them now and in the future. One thing is certain: membership in the EU has paid off, especially for Germany.

More jobs

Europe offers German companies a large, uniform market. German companies export almost two thirds of their products to the EU. The internal market and the euro secure sales markets and jobs for the German economy - and thus the prosperity of our country. The euro has established itself as the second most important currency alongside the dollar and has strengthened Europe's role as an economic power. Even a strong D-Mark could never have achieved this importance.

More competition - low prices

Europe offers more competition, a greater variety of products and lower prices. Whether on the phone or when traveling by air: After the end of the national monopolies, many services have become significantly cheaper for citizens.

More consumer protection

Europe offers consumer protection. Whether labeling regulations for food or product standards for children's toys: the EU protects consumers. The extension of the warranty obligation to two years also goes back to the EU.

More freedom of movement

Europe makes it possible to travel easily and to live, learn and work abroad without major restrictions, to do research together and to develop new ideas. As a land of ideas, Germany thrives on exchange and competition with other European countries.

More safety

Europe offers strict controls at the external borders and common regulations in visa, asylum and immigration policies. Europe is the key to fighting cross-border crime effectively. Financial control and the fight against fraud have been strengthened within the framework of European cooperation.

More environmental protection

Europe offers cross-border environmental protection. Pollution does not stop at borders. The European Union is therefore committed to the preservation of a rich flora and fauna, healthy food and as little noise as possible. And it is the world leader in climate protection.

More energy security

Europe offers a common strategy for energy security: our dependence on energy imports will continue to grow. It is important that the EU speaks with one voice to the raw material suppliers. Research into renewable energies is also more efficient together.

More hearing in the world

Europe offers the opportunity to be heard more internationally with a common foreign and security policy. Even the large EU member states are too small to assert their interests alone. Only together can the EU carry out peacekeeping and peacebuilding measures worldwide.

Preserve our values

Europe, with its shared values, offers the world a benchmark for human rights, democracy, social cohesion and equal opportunities. They also have in common the clear rejection of extremism, hatred and violence. In a world where human rights are still not self-evident, we can only defend these values ‚Äč‚Äčtogether.