When did the last Mughal emperor die?



Even as a prince, Shahangir (Selim) was viewed as completely unsuitable for the successor, and little decisive happened during his reign.

He married Nur Shahan, the daughter of the Persian Itimad-ud-Daulah, who had made a career at the court of Akbar. Very soon, Nur Jahan was pulling the strings behind the scenes to bring your family to power. She married off the daughter (Mumtaz Mahal) of her brother Asaf Khan to Sha Jahan and her granddaughter to Sharijar, who was patronized by her.

Shahangir had four sons from his first marriage: Kushrau, Parwis, Khurram (Sha Jahan) and Sharijar. After Kushrau had planned a murder of his father, the latter blinded him, but whether intentionally or unintentionally in such a way that he could later partially see again and became a rival of his favorite son Sha Jahan, who later (presumably) had him killed.

All this divided the family and the future emperor was supposed to murder another brother (Sharijar) before he was safe on the throne.

The art of Mughal painting flourished under Shahangir, and luxury prevailed at court.

It is said of Shahangir's nature that it was partly barbarically cruel and then again just and meek. His constant vice was his alcohol and opium addiction, a family flaw from which his son Parwis also died. Shahangir lived until 1627.


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