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Surrealism - the basic idea

Halsmans, photo, Dalí Atomicus, 1948

Philippe Halsman photographer QS: P170, Q704572, Salvador Dali A (Dali Atomicus) 09633u, marked in the public domain, details on Wikimedia Commons

Who were the Küntlers Salvador Dalí, Joan Miro, Rene Magritte and Max Ernst? What was that common in your art?

Surrealism emerged in the early years of the 20th century. Surrealism artists witnessed the time after World War I. The communist revolution was raging in Russia. Sigmund Freud founded psychoanalysis.

I believe in the future dissolution of these apparently so contradicting states of dream and reality in a kind of absolute reality, if one can say: surreality. After conquering it, I strive, sure not to reach it, but too unconcerned about my death not to at least weigh the joys of such possession.

André Breton

One of the forerunners and theorists of surrealism was the French artist Andre Breton. In 1919 he founded a branch within Dada with other artists. Dada was a style of modern art that ran almost parallel to surrealism. Andre Breton and his colleagues dealt with the supernatural in their works of art. Then in 1924 Andre Breton wrote the Manifesto of Surrealism and Surrealism was born as an independent art style. Surrealism then quickly gained popularity. However, the term surrealism first appeared in 1917 in the writings of the French author Guillaume Apollinaire.

Photography, André Breton (French poet, writer and most important theoretician of surrealism, 1896-1966) and Leon Trotsky (Russian revolutionary, politician and theorist, 1879-1940) in Mexico, 1938

Clear lines ... and yet incoherent?

Surrealism painting can be recognized by two features:

  1. The motifs (objects, people, etc.) of the pictures are drawn very precisely and precisely. There are clear and distinct shapes and colors.
  2. The motifs don't seem to go together. Often they stand against each other in an unnatural way. Likewise, the motifs can also be severely alienated. Often there are objects or forms to be found in surrealist painting that cannot be found in reality.

An important working method of Surrealism artists was to draw very quickly. This method arose from the idea that the artist is as little preoccupied with his rational thinking and considerations as possible in his works. His art, surrealism, should as far as possible express the unconscious and supernatural in the artist.

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