Is it humid in Dallas TX

Climate and climate table for Dallas

Climate table Dallas

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January 12.3 ° C0.4 ° C69,0 %5.9 h5.0 T
February 14.9 ° C2.7 ° C66,0 %6.3 h5.0 T
March 19.9 ° C7.6 ° C64,0 %7.3 h6.0 T
April 24.6 ° C12.6 ° C66,0 %7.9 h7.0 T
May 28.3 ° C17.0 ° C70,0 %8.3 h7.0 T
June 33.3 ° C21.1 ° C65,0 %9.9 h5.0 T
July 35.8 ° C23.4 ° C60,0 %10.7 h4.0 T
August 35.7 ° C23.1 ° C60,0 %9.8 h4.0 T
September 31.0 ° C19.4 ° C65,0 %8.2 h6.0 T
October 25.8 ° C13.2 ° C66,0 %7.4 h5.0 T
November 19.3 ° C7.4 ° C67,0 %6.1 h5.0 T
December 14.2 ° C2.4 ° C67,0 %5.6 h5.0 T

Interpretation of the Dallas climate table


The daily temperature is an annual average of 24.6 ° C. Above-average temperatures are thus reached in April, May, June, July, August, September and October - the highest daytime temperature is 35.8 degrees. There are a total of 6 months in which it is more than 25 ° C. Compared to the other 152 locations in the USA, it is 5 ° C warmer in Dallas on an annual basis. The average night temperature, however, is 12.1 degrees less - namely 12.5 ° C. Temperatures that are colder than the annual average can be observed in April, May, June, July, August, September and October - the lowest value is 0.4 degrees. Compared to the rest of the US, it is 4.1 ° C warmer on average at night.

Hours of sunshine

The sun shines an incredible 7.8 hours a day in Dallas each year. However, this value is exceeded in the months of April, May, June, July, August and September. The highest annual value measured is 10.7 hours of sunshine. It is also interesting that the sun shines more than 7 hours a day for a total of 8 months. After all, the sun shines here on average 0.4 hours longer than in the rest of the country.


The humidity in Dallas is relatively comfortable all year round. It is neither too dry (at more than 25 degrees less than 35% relative humidity) nor too humid (at more than 25 degrees more than 75% relative humidity). The annual average is 65.4% - this value is only exceeded in the months of January, February, April, May, October, November and December. The highest annual value is 70%.


In Dallas, it rains an average of 5.3 days per month over the year. However, in March, April, May and September it rains more - most of the measured rainy days are given as 7. An interesting aspect becomes apparent when you compare the other places in the USA with Dallas: The number of rainy days is 2.7 days less here.