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Product overview Vorwerk bakery

We offer our customers a wide and varied range of baked goods and confectionery items. Whether savory or sweet, for the big or small hunger, as a balanced breakfast or as a snack in between - we have something for every taste.

Our products as well as our ingredients are subject to strict controls. We want to deliver the best offer to our customers without having to forego quality, taste and a healthy selection of ingredients. We not only want to satisfy you with our products, but also enable you to enjoy a balanced diet.

We would like to invite you to browse through our range! Make your own picture of our wide range of products or search specifically for an article and its associated nutritional values.

Our bread range includes a wide range of different types of bread. Here you will find mixed rye breads, mixed wheat breads, grain breads and also sweet breads or baguettes.

Due to our regional ties, you will find many regionally known varieties in our product range. In the bakery, however, we also like to be inspired by new experiences and therefore enjoy experimenting with new combinations of ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Our range of bread rolls is wide-ranging and leaves nothing to be desired. Regardless of whether you are hungry for a normal wheat roll, a nutritious grain roll, a sweet milk roll or a hearty cheese stick. You are sure to find the right thing here.

It is not said for nothing that love goes through the stomach. Our love particularly relates to our sweet confectionery items. As you can see for yourself, our range is so large that in addition to our cake, we also had to set up the Danish pastry and pastry sections. After all, who likes to forego the sweet delicacies in life such as apple pie, Danube wave, fruit strudel or lemon roll?

In addition to our normal sliced ​​cakes, fruit cakes and cream slices, you will also find delicious Striezel and Strudel as well as our seasonal items for Christmas or Carnival. The handcrafted printen, cinnamon stars and dominoes at Christmas time or the coins, ice cream cones and almonds in carnival time characterize our special artisan baking art. Take a look through our wide range and find our well-known poppy seed strudel or our sophisticated bailey cream roll.

Danish pastries and pastries
Our Danish pastries and pastries are perfect as food for the nerves or for a small, sweet snack in between. This includes all small, hand-made items such as donuts, nut corners, tree cakes, pork ears, raisin snails or our much sought-after Heidesandtaler and Dorstfelderecken.

Snack items
What is a good baker without a sandwich? This section also leaves nothing to be desired. We offer everything your heart desires, from half-filled rolls to filled croissants and baguette rolls. Not only when it comes to the choice of rolls, but also when it comes to toppings, we focus on a variety of flavors. In addition, some of our branches also offer other snacks such as tarte flambée, wraps or salads.