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Google Drive becomes Google One: With up to 2 TB of storage

Panagiotis Kolokythas

Google is renaming its paid cloud storage service to Google One and attracts with low prices for lots of storage.

The paid version of Google Drive will in future be called Google One. There are also new services and, above all, a more attractive price structure. Google has now announced this in a message. The start of Google One should take place soon, associated with the change of existing Google Drive users to Google One. You can register with your email address on the Google page and you will be informed when Google One starts up.

The most important innovation in Google One is the introduction of the option to share your Google One access with up to 5 family members. Each of the users receives their own private online storage space. Otherwise, Google One, like the previously paid Google Drive, includes access to Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive (including Google Docs).

The free Google Drive variant offers around 15 gigabytes of online storage space, which you can easily increase by participating in various regular promotions. The paid version of Google Drive started at 100 gigabytes so far. This also corresponds to the minimum storage space that Google One will offer in the future at the usual price of 1.99 US dollars per month (or 1.99 euros / month or 19.99 euros / year).

Alternatively, Google Drive also offered 1 terabyte of online storage space for 9.99 euros / month (or 99.99 euros / year). This option does not apply to Google One. Instead, you can choose from 100 GB, 200 GB ($ 2.99 / month), or 2 terabytes. The latter is available for an attractive $ 9.99 per month. All users who already have a 1 terabyte subscription for Google Drive will be automatically switched to 2 terabytes when Google One starts. Those who need more storage still have a choice: 10 terabytes for US $ 99.99 / month, 20 TB for US $ 199.99 / month and 30 TB for US $ 299.99 / month.

As a bonus, subscribers to Google One also have the option of contacting so-called Google experts with problems that may arise when using Google products. There should also be discounts for Google One members, such as reduced hotel prices or Google Play credit.

Google One cheaper than Onedrive, iCloud, Dropbox?

Google is now undercutting Microsoft's prices for online storage space on Google One. In addition to the Office apps, subscribers to Office 365 Personal receive a total of 1 terabyte of online storage space at Onedrive for 69 euros per year. This corresponds to a monthly price of 5.75 euros per terabyte. However: With Office 365 Home you get a total of 5 terabytes of online storage space from Microsoft in addition to the Office applications for 99 euros per year, which corresponds to a monthly terabyte price of 1.65 euros. The bottom line is that Microsoft makes the better offer here. Google Docs is very nice, but inferior to the Office classics Word, Excel & Co.

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Apple's iCloud offers free 5 gigabytes of storage space. If you need more storage space, you can choose from 50 GB (0.99 euros / month), 200 GB (2.99 euros / month) and 2 terabytes (9.99 euros / month). From 200 gigabytes, the memory can be shared with the family. So in terms of price, Google One and Apple's iCloud are the same.

The free version of Dropbox offers 2 gigabytes of online storage space. For 9.99 euros / month (8.25 euros / month with annual billing) you get 1 terabyte. So Dropbox is more expensive in terms of pure online storage space. By the way: With Dropbox you can use a trick to increase the free storage space to up to 20 gigabytes.

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