How can you use the TeamViewer software

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TeamViewer is remote maintenance software that enables desktops to be shared between two computers. If you need technical help on the computer but the helper is not there, it is difficult to communicate the problem over the phone or via chat. TeamViewer offers a solution here, offering not only remote maintenance with remote screen sharing, but also video conferences and data transfer. In the following we explain to you what TeamViewer is and what it can do.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer was developed in 2005 by TeamViewer GmbH of the same name. The tool supports Windows, macOS, certain Linux distributions and Android. Furthermore, iOS and Blackberry can be controlled remotely. In the field of remote maintenance tools, TeamViewer is one of the most popular and common ways of establishing a connection between two computers.

In summary, TeamViewer is a way of sharing your desktop with other external entities. If you have technical problems, you can contact the company's own support team, who will then gain access to your computer and fix the problem - just as if they were sitting in front of the device themselves.

Thanks to these functions, TeamViewer is also ideal for teamwork when the group members are not in the same place. Projects that are handled by employees at different company locations can thus be implemented within virtual teams. Above all, the file transfer tool, with which you can transfer files, images, text, folders and screenshots, makes collaboration here easier.

The special thing about TeamViewer is that no router configurations are required and that, depending on your choice, you can share the entire desktop or individual application windows with another user. The software also works behind security systems such as firewalls without endangering the PC through extended access. TeamViewer is available free of charge for private users.

How does TeamViewer work?

Each TeamViewer instance gives you a unique 9-digit ID number that is linked to the computer. This actually never changes, even if you update or reinstall TeamViewer. So that another TeamViewer user can access your computer, they need this ID number. There is also a temporary password that you can change at any time and that the other user needs to access your PC.

Like a telephone call, your TeamViewer ID corresponds to the telephone number. All computers and mobile devices around the world are identified by a unique TeamViewer ID. In addition, TeamViewer promises an encrypted connection and thus prevents third party access.