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Rukmini, (Sanskrit रुक्मिणी rukmiṇī f. ) by gold / gold jewelry (rukma m.) Characterized, the gilded, golden, name of Kṛṣṇa's wife, Rukmin's sister; "the one who wears gold jewelry", the one who shines gold. Name of the daughter of Bhishmaka, king of Vidarbha; the medicinal plant Eurphorbia thomsoniana (Svarnakshiri).

About Rukmini

According to the Harivamsha, she fell in love with Krishna and sought marriage. Rukmini arranged for Krishna to kidnap her so that she could escape from her fiancé, King Shishupala. So Krishna fought with Rukmini's brother Rukmin, who was a friend of Kamsa, so that he could take her with him afterwards.

They married in Dvaraka. Krishna and Rukmini had many children, ten sons and one daughter. The firstborn son was Pradyumna, followed by Charudeshna, Sudeshna, Charudeha, Sushena, Charugupta, Bhadracharu, Charuvinda, Sucharu and the mighty Charu and then the daughter, Charumati. When Krishna passed away, Rukmini and seven of his other wives sacrificed Krishna on a stake.

The spiritual name Rukmini

Rukmini, Sanskrit रुक्मिणी rukminī f, is a spiritual name and means Those who wore gold jewelry, or: the one associated with Rukmini, wife of Krishna, was originally supposed to marry Shishupala (also according to the will of her brother Rukmini), but loved Krishna and asked him to save her. Together with Balarama, Krishna abducted her and married her. Both son is Pradyumna. Rukmini can be given to aspirants with Krishna mantra.

Rukmini should mean that it exudes something valuable. It is adorned with gold. She has many good and great qualities. And she uses these great, golden qualities to do good.

Rukmini was a woman who loved Krishna very intensely. She was supposed to marry someone else, but she was so inflamed in love for Krishna that she let go of everything and Krishna saved her.

That is to say, Rukmini represents that you hold God most important. Even if others want you to do something else. You should follow your love for God and for the spiritual life.

You should make God and the spiritual life your most important. God will always be with you and God will save you when necessary. You can develop your good qualities because you have so many talents, so many great luminous abilities in you. Use them to serve God, to do good.

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