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Annie - The Musical


We are happy that Kevin can be part of this new great production in the role of Oliver Warbucks.

His scheduled game dates are:
October 03 - 07, 2018 Capitol Düsseldorf
October 23/24, 2018 Wizemann Stuttgart
January 25/26, 2019 Wizemann Stuttgart
March 1st - 3rd, 2019 Wizemann Stuttgart

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With Uwe Kröger, Kevin Tarte, Isabel Dörfler and many other well-known stars:
America's most popular orphan "Annie" enchants musical fans of all ages

New Stuttgart Off Broadway Theater Company plays from September 20th at the Wizemann

It's the first time the story of America's Favorite Orphan "Annie"? exactly 40 years after its successful start on New York's Broadway and 20 years after its German premiere? will be made available to a large audience in a new version as a German professional production: The Stuttgart Off-Broadway Theater Company (STOBTC) will bring the play to the stage in autumn 2018, the venue is the Wizemann in the city of Stuttgart, with many well-known and popular musical stars.

A special feature of this new Broadway adaptation by the Stuttgart producer Christian Million is that explicitly children play for children, because the theater company recruits its young ensemble mostly from a pool of young artists who are already in the two private “Stage Academy” musical theater schools von Christian Million have gained their first stage experience in Stuttgart. For example, three of the future "Annie" actresses were on stage in the successful musical "Mary Poppins" in the Apollo Theater in Stuttgart until the beginning of 2018 and act in the children's role of "Jane Banks". A total of five children's casts have been set for the upcoming 65 shows in Stuttgart, in the "Annie" adult roles in Stuttgart, popular and well-known musical stars such as Uwe Kroeger and Kevin will be alongside the playful children between the ages of six and 13 Tarte, Isabel Dörfler and Dorothea Baumann shine. In addition, young up-and-coming actors from the "Young Academy Education"? a school for the performing arts in Stuttgart-Vaihingen also under the leadership of Christian Million? stand on the stage at the Wizemann in the city of Stuttgart. The company's live band is responsible for the music and is made up of excellent, experienced professional musicians who, according to Million, “will present all legendary musical songs with passion”.

Heartwarming story for the whole family

The Stuttgart Off-Broadway Theater Company has set itself the task of “promoting and maintaining a special form of theater, especially in the Stuttgart region, with the musical,” says STOBTC managing director Alexandra Bode, who has been in promotes young talent in the field of performing arts and runs a “Stage Academy” school. “The profits generated by the Theater Company will flow into new productions and projects and will also benefit non-profit organizations,” Bode continued.
With "Annie" the company tells the heartwarming story of the eleven-year-old orphan girl of the same name who lived in a New York orphanage during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Annie firmly believes that her parents will come and take her at some point. In order to escape the cruel director of the home, Miss Hannigan, she tries to escape from the accommodation, which ultimately fails. One day Grace Farrell, the assistant to billionaire Oliver Warbucks, comes to the orphanage who wants an orphan to spend Christmas at his home. Annie is selected and soon enjoys the luxurious life at Warbucks, which she is getting closer and closer to through joint ventures? even if Annie is still looking for her parents. Warbucks promises to support them in this and offers a high reward for those who find the parents. But that calls the malicious home manager on the plan, who tries with the help of two accomplices and a devious trick to get rich through Annie….

Advance ticket sales for the 65 shows have already started!

The Stuttgart premiere for the touching family musical is on September 20, 2018, the main actors on stage are: Uwe Kröger, Kevin Tarte and Hannes Staffler as “Mr. Warbucks ”, Isabel Dörfler, Maryanne Kelley as“ Miss Hannigan ”, Oedo Kuipers and“ DMJ ”David Michael Jonson as“ Rooster ”and Dorothea Baumann as“ Lily ”and Joana Fee Würz as“ Grace ”. The director is Rainer Niermann, the choreography is in the hands of Andrew Hunt. Producer Christian Million is also responsible as musical director, Peter Sommerer takes care of the stage design, Alexandra Bode and Patrick Schenk are responsible for production. In addition to Stuttgart, the musical will also be performed in the Düsseldorf Capitol Theater, and in October 2018 there will be a guest performance with a total of eight shows. All information about the "Annie" musical, ticket sales and the performance dates in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf can be found at www.annie-das-musical.de.

Caption: The girls and boys who will be on stage in “Annie - the Musical” from September onwards were selected in special castings and are already looking forward to many small and large viewers!