What are radios


It is called radio or radio technology when signals are transmitted wirelessly with the help of special waves. So you don't need a cable connection. These waves are called radio waves or radio waves. You can only make them visible with measuring devices. They are vibrations from electric fields and from magnetic fields that we cannot see. Scientists therefore also speak of electromagnetic waves.

The radio transmission simply goes through the air without a cable connection and sometimes over very long distances. That makes them very versatile. We know radio waves from radio transmission, i.e. radio and television. Cordless telephones and cell phones also use radio technology or computers in the WLAN network. They are needed for radar devices as well as for the sensors of the parking aid in some cars.

What do you need for radio transmission?

Signals have to be converted for radio technology. These can be, for example, simple beeps, the position of the levers on a remote control, but also entire films. For this purpose, a uniformly oscillating shaft is changed with technical devices according to a certain process. You then either change the height of the wave crests or the distance between the individual wave crests. This is also called modulating.

The modulated wave is now forwarded to a transmitter. This transmitter then emits the signal as an electromagnetic wave into its surroundings. A receiver can then receive this radiation somewhere via an antenna. The modulated wave must now be converted back into the original signals. To do this, of course, the receiver must know the method used to modulate the transmitter. In the case of a remote-controlled car, for example, the receiver on the car and the transmitter on the remote control must match exactly.

  • Even without a cable, you can access the Internet with a computer. The so-called WLAN or WIFI are radio connections.

  • Such cordless telephones work with radio signals.

  • A television team transmits its recordings to the broadcaster via satellite.

  • Remote-controlled cars are operated via radio waves.

  • Nowadays, even car keys open the doors of vehicles by radio.

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