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The retail trade in North Rhine-Westphalia had a day of ups and downs yesterday. First the Higher Administrative Court of Münster ruled in its favor, then followed the reaction from Düsseldorf with an adapted protection ordinance. The first reactions from the shops soon became obsolete, they have to wait a little longer. Zalando wants to shorten the wait for online customers, the fashion retail chain has started a new campaign including video. In Great Britain, the owners of the DIY chain Kingfisher were able to celebrate twice. Satisfaction prevails because of the good figures from last year, which were also boosted by online trading, and then also because of the decision by the British government to postpone the introduction of an online tax for the time being. The successful figures could also challenge you in Germany, because the good values ​​are now almost part of daily business for online retail, now the Federal Association of E-Commerce is showing the position of the industry in the German economy.

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DHL wants to increase sustainability
Deutsche Post's parcel service, DHL, has set itself new sustainability goals for the next few years. With an investment volume of seven billion euros, the focus is primarily on converting the vehicle fleet to e-vehicles and converting the buildings towards climate neutrality, reports various media. The time frame for the realization of the goals is 2030. The proportion of electric vehicles should then be 60 percent, according to the current status this would be around 80,000 vehicles. In aviation, the target value for the sustainable fuels to be used is at least 30 percent. The annual CO2 emissions should decrease from around 33 million tons to 29 million tons by 2030.

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Digitally equipped for a new start in retail
A first step back to normality: With Click & Meet, shopping at agreed dates is possible again. Telekom supports this with the online reservation of MagentaBusiness POS. This makes it child's play to book shopping appointments - even without your own website. The solution is available free of charge and can be deployed quickly. More

Back and forth for retail in NRW after court ruling
The joy in retail in North Rhine-Westphalia had a short half-life. On Monday morning, the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Münster lifted various corona restrictions such as customer limits per square meter or the requirement to book an appointment. According to the judgment of the court, the design of the restrictions violated the constitutional principle of equal treatment. In those cases in which there are no reasons for further differentiation of the provisions for the various branches, the country exceeds its leeway. Prior appointments were no longer necessary. The first shops reacted within a short time and opened. But only a few hours after the judgment came the reaction from the Ministry of Health in Düsseldorf and an adjustment and tightening of the Corona Protection Ordinance. The online track with Click & Meet must continue to be used. The requirements now also apply to stationery stores, bookstores and garden centers.

Zalando starts a spring campaign with heroes
Zalando has launched the new spring campaign under the heading "Here to stay". The online fashion retailer wants to focus on people who represent their beliefs without restrictions. It is about "basic values ​​such as diversity, inclusion and the advancement of women", as it is called by the company. The couples portrayed in photos present their common values, with "Here to stay" it should be made clear that these values ​​will continue to develop over the long term. Another component of the campaign is a film with actor Luc Bruyere about heroes of society.


Amazon wins sales partners at record speed
Amazon has again set new record numbers for the connection of new sales partners. This is the result of an investigation by Finbold. This year around 3,700 new partners joined the internet giant's network every day, the total for this year being 295,000. The analysts assume that around 1.4 million companies will join by the end of the year. The USA made up the largest share of the new providers with around 26 percent, followed by India with 10.1 percent, while the figure for Germany was 6.6 percent. The great reach and popularity of the Amazon platform lead to the great growth, further reinforced by Corona, because the companies need platforms with a high level of awareness for their start in e-commerce, says Finbold. But they also warn that the connection to Amazon is no guarantee of increasing sales. Strategic considerations on how to deal with Amazon in the future are essential.

Kingfisher is two-pronged
After a successful year 2020, the Kingfisher Group wants to continue on the path with sales via the fixed stores on the one hand and online trading on the other. In the opinion of the management of the DIY chain, stationary sales are still very important for e-commerce, reports Internetrailing. The turnover of the electronic trade increased in the past year by 158 percent and now make up 18 percent of the group turnover, an increase of ten percentage points. The figures for Click & Collect jumped up by 226 percent, they now account for 78 percent of online retail. Overall, customers picked up around 92 percent of all orders in stores, including products that were to be delivered to their homes. The subsidiary B&Q have now expanded their delivery services to include deliveries on the day of the order. Due to the growth of the online business, new concepts for the stationary shops are now being considered, including downsizing the sales areas.

Great Britain leaves decision on online tax open
The UK government has not yet taken a decision to introduce an online tax and is now planning to postpone it. At the beginning of February there were first reports in Great Britain about the introduction of such a tax of two percent. The government wanted to align the conditions for stationary and virtual sales. According to a report by Fashion United, the government wants to wait until autumn to make a decision. The reason for this is to wait and see whether the USA will support OECD drafts for reforming global tax regulations in the digital sector.


E-commerce as a growth engine
According to a new study by the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel e.V. (Bevh), which was carried out by the Copenhagen Economics Institute, the importance of online trading for the German economy continues to increase. The share of the gross domestic product (GDP) is around 100 billion euros at 2.9 percent, the number of employees is 1.256 million. The association draws a comparison here with the auto industry, where 1.283 million people work, the share of GDP comes to a value of 4.9 percent. For every 100 new jobs, 66 more new jobs would be created in the vicinity, the study continues. The association sees an ever closer complement to online and offline trade, a clear separation is becoming increasingly rare. E-commerce offers particularly good opportunities for small and medium-sized companies, with their share of sales being around ten percentage points above the average.

H&M launches app for clothing advice
In January, H&M announced the development of a virtual changing room, and in Great Britain the fashion retail chain has now launched an app for clothing advice. Fashion United reports that men could use the digital tool to get advice on choosing their clothes. In advance, a profile of the customer is created with information on, among other things, body and dress size, followed by tips for the right clothing. Chat can also be used to communicate with personal stylists. When the app will be introduced in other countries is still open.

Seminar for all questions about payment transactions
On March 25, a full-day online seminar by Ibi Research will be devoted to questions of payment transactions from A to Z. The topics include the basics and content of Payment Services Directive 2 as well as the effects of real-time payments / instant payments. In addition, the topics of ISO 20022 migration, activities abroad and programmable money are on the agenda. The institute at the University of Regensburg issues certificates of participation or advanced training.


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