What should there be a pill for

The pill

When taking the pill for the first time, it is taken on the first day of the menstrual period. It protects from day one. A distinction is made between single-phase pills and two- and three-phase pills.

Single phase pill

This type of pill contains the same amount of estrogen and progestin in each tablet. It is taken daily - usually 21 days. Thereafter, the intake is interrupted for seven days. During this time, withdrawal bleeding usually occurs. Protection against pregnancy is also provided during this break. On the eighth day, the first pill of a new pack is started, even if the withdrawal bleeding continues.

There are also single-phase pills that are taken without breaks, although some pills no longer contain any active ingredients, depending on the preparation. They serve to avoid mistakes in taking. The withdrawal bleeding usually occurs while taking the ineffective pills.

Two- and three-phase pill

These pill preparations have a different composition of estrogen and progestin in one pill pack for the first and second half of the cycle. Here the intake is precisely prescribed, i.e. the pills must be taken in the correct order so that they can work safely.

When do you take the pill?

The pill is taken every day at the same time of day - with the exception of the pill break. For example, in the morning after breakfast or in the evening after eating. So that the pill is not forgotten, it is advisable to make taking it a ritual - like brushing your teeth every day.

NoteDuring the first two to three months, the physical change can lead to intermenstrual bleeding. If this lasts longer than three months, you should see your gynecologist.