Are tarantulas poisonous spiders

Tarantulas: Frugal pets with a need for rest

Tarantulas are easy-care pets and also suitable for beginners. If you are looking for an animal you can touch, the hairy eight-legged creatures are completely wrong.

Tarantulas don't need a lot of space or attention. They only need food every few weeks and otherwise want to be left alone. The hairy eight-legged creatures are uncomplicated - but not suitable for everyone.

How much space does a tarantula need?

Tarantula expert Volker von Wirth has written several specialist books about animals. The chairman of the German Arachnological Society owns around 30 tarantulas. "Compared to other terrarium animals, tarantulas need much less space," he says. Because the animals only have a small radius of movement in nature, the terrarium does not have to be particularly large: "For a medium-sized tarantula with a body length of around five centimeters, a terrarium measuring 30 by 20 by 20 centimeters is sufficient."

Why can't the terrarium be too big?

So the home of the spiders is about the size of a shoebox. The spiders shouldn't be given as much space as possible out of a misunderstood love of animals, confirms the tarantula breeder Matthias Koehler from Kreischa (Saxony): "The animals need contact with the outer walls."

What care do tarantulas need?

Von Wirth describes tarantulas as frugal: "Most species need a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees with high humidity." Often no extra heat lamp is required for this, the high humidity can be achieved by spraying with water in the morning. The maintenance effort is low. The animals only need to be fed every four to five weeks with a few crickets or crickets.

Are all species equally suitable as pets?

This is confirmed by the veterinarian Kornelis Biron from Düsseldorf, who specializes in the treatment of reptiles and exotic animals. "Spider keeping is not at all time-consuming," he explains. In general, tarantulas are also suitable for beginners, depending on the species. “However, there are species that are more difficult to keep because they eat poorly or are very aggressive. This takes a lot of experience. Other species have significantly fewer demands and are therefore better suited for beginners. "

Can you touch the spider?

What all owners must be aware of: A tarantula is not a cuddly pet. “If you keep tarantulas, it is mainly because you want to observe their natural behavior and enjoy it. Spiders are not about building a friendship. People don't care about spiders, ”says Biron. You shouldn't take the spiders out of the terrarium - that means sheer stress.

Are tarantulas poisonous?

The bites of the poisonous tarantula are usually not dangerous to humans. In general, bites are very rare, explains the Arachnological Society. And if it does, there are usually only brief reactions such as burning, reddening, swelling - similar to insect bites.

Do you need a permit to keep it?

If you want to keep tarantulas, you must first find out whether this is possible without any problems in your state, advises von Wirth. In some countries, according to the Dangerous Animal Ordinance, the keeping must first be approved by the authorities.

Where can you buy tarantulas?

Von Wirth recommends reptile or tarantula fairs for purchases. There are experts on site, so that it is guaranteed that the animal lover gets exactly the species he wants.

What does a spider cost?

The cost of a spider is between 50 cents for a young of a frequently bred species and up to 500 euros for an adult female of a rare species. Even spiders need veterinary treatment in an emergency: “Many people don't go to the vet with their tarantulas because they don't know that there are people who are familiar with it, ”says Biron. His tip: “Many colleagues who treat reptiles are also familiar with spiders. There are also lists of appropriately trained veterinarians on the Internet. "

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