What is the national fruit of the USA

Did you know that the US even has a National Peanut Day?

It's September 13th. However, there are no school days on that day. That would also be absurd, because the peanut plays a particularly important role in everyday school life: Traditionally, most American children have peanut butter on their lunch break. By the time they left high school, all students ate an average of 1,500 of the sandwiches. Delicious! The Americans' love for peanuts goes deeper and so it is understandable that they have set up a kind of memorial day for their favorite legume. Two presidents had peanut fields, some still grow in the White House's vegetable garden, and states like Georgia have become famous for their peanut fields. The fruit shapes the country's gardens, landscapes and cuisine. There are even six places that have the peanut in their names: Peanut, California; Lower Peanut, Pennsylvania; Upper Peanut, Pennsylvania; Peanut, Pennsylvania; Peanut, Tennessee; and Peanut in West Virginia.

A legume that shapes the nation

The most famous cartoon characters in the States? The peanuts! Favorite spread? Peanut butter! Every year, Americans eat as much of it as can be smeared on the Rocky Mountain Plain. Hottest round table discussion? What the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich should look and taste like! Favorite Cookies? With peanut! One of the most popular types of ice cream? Switch peanut! Undisputed favorite snack? Peanuts. A public holiday is only appropriate. The newspapers and radio stations traditionally remind of the date with reports and fun facts. But the national holiday remains July 4th.