How do you know real love

The ultimate love test: These 9 questions will tell you if you are in love

Finally there is a man in your life that you really like.

But how do you know if this guy is true love or just a little crush?

I have developed these 9 very simple questions for you from my own experience and research with experts from the dating field.

Take the time to answer this love test honestly and in the end you will clarify your feelings - all without spending a lot of money on a love guru ...

Have fun!

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The ultimate love test: These 9 questions will answer you if you are in love!

1. How often do you meet your crush in everyday life?

The test begins with a very simple question, but one that has a lot to offer.

If your crush doesn't have any real roles in your everyday life, everything indicates that it's just a crush.

In order to truly love someone, it is important that you get to know them and spend time with them. If it's a guy from the office who also works in another department, it'll be really hard to get to know him.

I also had a crush at the university a few years ago, but they had a different major. I knew him from the cafeteria and even thought he was so great that I thought of him in the evening before I went to sleep.

I never dared to speak to him and over time my paths got lost. Then I admitted to myself that it was just a crush ... I didn't know anything about this person.

2. Do you only have contact via the mobile phone?

Do you also know such flirts that only take place via the app and never lead to a real meeting?

If you have really serious feelings for a guy, then you'll do whatever you can to hang out with him outside of the dating apps or messengers as soon as possible. The other way round too ...

I call the fast and impersonal contact via mobile phone the "Liebes-IBU". Works quickly, makes you feel better, but doesn't solve the real problem.

Especially when you start writing to the guy, he will try to impress you and wrap you around your finger. You are flirting with each other and you will be showered with compliments.

However, if there hasn't been a meeting for weeks or months, better book it as a crush ... Nothing serious will develop out of this!

3. Have you already broken up with your last relationship?

You should really take the time to answer this question ...

Often we are burdened with old relationships, especially those that have given us heartache and grief.

We talk to each other afterwards, we are free again and ready for something new, but unfortunately you often fool yourself.

An old relationship can drag on you for a long time. If the ex then calls back, you meet him at a party in the evening or you see a new woman on his Insta profile ...

Are you hurt and still angry about his behavior?

You don't have to care about your ex-partner or the former relationship. Only when you really let go of your emotions can you get 100% involved in a new love. Before that, you can think a guy is great, but you can't really love him ...

4. Do you have common interests?

When you fall in love with a man, you should also ask yourself whether you can be in a relationship together.

If you answer the question clearly with no, then book the guy as a nice flirt, but let it be.

Are you unsure of this question?
Do you have anything in common?

A relationship can only work if you work as a team. Common interests and goals form the basis for being able to stay together in the long term.

5. Did you introduce him to your friends?

Have you told your friends or family about him?

Talking about a new guy is not that easy. I always took the time to introduce a man to my friends / family until I was sure.

As soon as you start talking about a guy with others, it's clearly more than just a little flirtation.

This person is important to you and you want to share your feelings of happiness with your loved ones.

6. Have you slept together yet?

Now it's getting controversial ... The less you mean the man, the faster you'll go to bed with him (assuming you're the guy for it).

Once you're in love with a man, you want the first time with him to be very special.

You wait until everything is perfect and the crackling between you is unbearable.

He, too, wants to show you that you mean more to him than just a one-night stand and he won't want to push you.

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7. Do you confide in him intimate details from your life?

Depending on how intense your feelings for him are, your conversations will change quickly ...

The small talk, which is still superficial at the beginning, will change to the point that you share things from your life with him that are important to you.

You want to know his opinion on a certain topic and you are looking for his support.

However, if you keep the intimate details back, your feelings are simply not big enough to trust him.

8. Is there a quality of his that you can no longer do without?

Is it the way the guy pushes your hair behind your ear or how he wakes you up in the morning with a sugary message?

If the guy shows a trait or behavior that you just can't do without, then you know it's more than just a crush.

You just can't get him out of your head and think about him every free minute.

9. Do you feel hurt when you disagree?

One big difference between real love and a little crush is how you react to a difference of opinion or a minor argument.

How close do you let something like that get to you and do you feel hurt afterwards?

It is normal not to always agree. The more you feel for him, the more hurt you are.

The guy often doesn't really think about whether what he's saying hurts you or hurts you ...

Don't take it angry with him, especially in the beginning.

Really take the time to answer the questions and think about what your answer means.

A little flirt here and there will do you good when you're not in a relationship ... A few compliments and appreciation may be just what you need right now.

Maybe there is more to your crush than that.

The problem is, often a man doesn't know and doesn't understand until you talk to him about it.

In the first step, get clear about your own feelings and in the second step try to interpret his feelings through his behavior. In this way you give yourself and him the clarity of where your relationship can develop.

With this article I want to tell you about my experiences and I hope you enjoyed my contribution.

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See you soon!

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