What is Corfu Greece known for?

Corfu vacation

Agios Georgios: Most popular holiday destination on Corfu, but should not be confused with the beach of the same name, the “Agios Georgios Beach”! The resort is located in the south of Corfu, about 35 kilometers from the airport. One reason for the popularity of the tranquil holiday destination is without a doubt its direct location on Issos Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It was not for nothing that it was used as a location for the film “007 - In tötlicher Mission” a few years ago.

Glyfada: The picturesque village is located on “Gyfada Beach” of the same name, on the west coast of the island. The bay is also one of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the island and is ideal for families due to its gently sloping water. In the village there is everything you need for a relaxing holiday. or is also ideal as a starting point from or to Corfu town, which is very easy to reach by car. The most popular hotel here is the LTI Lotus Grand Hotel.

Roda & Acharavi: The two neighboring Greek villages are located in the north of the island and were mainly created for summer tourism. The holiday resorts offer almost everything for the perfect vacation, so there is a multitude of bars, taverns and shops. The Roda Beach of the same name extends over several kilometers and is divided into several sections, from very touristy to natural paired with crystal clear water.

Kavos: Just 30 years ago a small fishing village, today Kavos has developed into a party mecca. Young Brits in particular flock here in droves in the summer months to celebrate long parties and enjoy the beautiful beach during the day. The average age is well under 30 years. For this reason, a vacation for families or those looking for peace and quiet is not recommended in Kavos, but if you are in the mood for wild parties, Kavos is exactly the right place for you.

Corfu town: The island's cultural and tourist center combines the past and the present in a fascinating way. In the center you will find the old town with its narrow streets and beautiful squares, you will find a lot of history paired with modern cafes, restaurants and shops. However, Corfu Town prefers to leave the matter with the beautiful beaches to the other places on the island, which is why a pure beach holiday in Corfu Town is not recommended.

Dassia: This holiday resort is ideally equipped for tourism and is located in the east of Corfu, only about 13 kilometers away from Corfu town. Along the green promenade of the "Dassia Beach" of the same name, there are a large number of taverns and bars where you can indulge yourself with Greek delicacies. The beach itself is a pebble beach, which even locals like to visit because the water is crystal clear and very calm. In addition, the beach is very spacious, so that it is not too crowded even in the summer months and thanks to the many old olive trees that stand on the beach it offers enough shade.