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The 12 best amusement parks in Germany in 2021

Amusement parks advertise with spectacular roller coasters and attractions for the whole family. Many parks are still closed due to Corona measures, but the first are now starting the season. Here are the 12 best adventure parks in Germany.

  • Heide Park and Wildparadies Tripsdrill open, also start in Europapark. Hansa-Park is to follow on June 18

  • Corona rules: limited number of visitors, online booking in advance, mask and test obligation

  • New theme world around aviation pioneers in Phantasialand

Corona rules in the amusement parks

The federal states regulate the conditions under which amusement parks are allowed to open. Requirements and hygiene regulations are coordinated with local authorities, according to the Association of German Leisure Parks and Leisure Companies (VDFU). Amusement park fans should generally expect some changes. The Visitor numbers are limited, Guests shouldn't expect spontaneous excursions to the parks, but rather Book online in advance or reserve for the day in question. This usually also applies to tickets or season tickets purchased earlier. Mask requirements and the recording of visitor names are also part of the hygiene concepts of parks. Currently, access is only possible with negative corona test result, for vaccinated and convalescent people to be possible.

In order to adhere to the distance rules, rides and attractions more loosely occupied some remain closed and shows are canceled. Visitors should inform themselves about the exact measures, opening dates, current prices and overnight accommodations necessarily in advance information on the websites of the respective amusement parks.

Hansa-Park Lübeck: Driving fun with a sea view

The Hansa-Park in Sierksdorf near Lübeck is one of thelargest amusement parks in Germany and is - thanks to its location directly on the Baltic Sea - probably one of the most beautiful. Guests can look out over the sea from numerous rides, for example from the roller coaster "Der Schwur des Kärnan" or from the Hansa Park landmark, the 100 meter high Holstein Tower. As a new "exclamation mark", the "Highlander" now towers over the Bay of Lübeck120 meter free fall tower, Part of the subject area Britain.

The rides are embedded in twelve imaginative themed worlds. Coaster fans are enthusiastic about the dark roller coaster "Fluch von Novgorod" with a 97 degree drop and an acceleration to 100 km / h in 1.4 seconds.

There is also a lot on offer for smaller visitors, for example the "Barcos del Mar", eight motorcycles including dinghies that take off in a circle and already fromCaptains from 90 centimeters in height can be controlled. At the start of the season, the new area "Awilda's world"with a water slide and free fall tower for the little ones.

info: Season start planned on June 18, exact corona regulations have not yet been determined

Website of the Hansa-Park in Sierksdorf near Lübeck *

Heide Park Soltau: season started

As the first German amusement park the Heide Park in Soltau started the season after the administrative court of Lüneburg decided that the park may open - subject to conditions. Until further notice, all visitors over the age of 15 can only enter with one valid, negative COVID test as well as ID. Vaccinated and convalescent people are exempt from the test. After registering, visitors can also be tested at the drive-in test station. Access to the park is only possible with a daily online ticket, there is no box office. A mask requirement is part of the hygiene and safety concept. More information at Heide Park *.

The Heide Park in Soltau has been attracting visitors for all ages for 40 years. Little adventurers tame dragons or fight as ghostbusters against flying slime ghosts. In Peppa Pig Land with three rides, everything revolves around the pig girl from the cartoon series. New is "Peppa's balloon ride": In eight colorful gondolas the fans can ascend like in a hot air balloon.

Big looping fans have the choice betweenseven roller coasters: In the Wing Coaster "Flight of the Demons" passengers have nothing below and nothing above them, they sit to the left and right of the rail of the wing roller coaster, which robs you of any orientation with its maneuvers. The Dive Coaster "Krake" takes you from a spectacular height over the lake, perpendicular to the shipwreck. Modernized shows "Colossos", Europe's fastest and highest wooden roller coaster. The new motto:" Battle of the giants. "

infoopen subject to conditions. Adventure hotel open, camp from 28.5.

Homepage of the Heide Park in Soltau *

Movie Park Bottrop: excursion into space

The Star Trek roller coaster is the highlight in the "Federation Plaza" theme area in Movie Park Germany. There everything revolves around spaceship Enterprise, space and warp speed. The other rides also let visitors inFilm and television worlds dive in - for example from SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer or Abraham Van Helsing, the vampire hunter.

In the "Santa Monica Pier" area, a jet ski rondel turns, and from the Ferris wheel you can enjoy the view of the 45 hectare park. The water rafting "Mystery River" became "Excalibur - Secrets of the Dark Forest." On behalf of the magician Merlin, the passengers now go in search of the legendary sword.

In the "Adventure Bay" themed area, the whole family can experience a rapid off-road ride. With the little dog heroes from the TV series Paw Patrol it goes on an air-cushion boat tour, in the tower of the puppy watch and in the new "Skye's High Flyer". And the waterway "Bermuda Triangle" became the mysterious "Area 51", in which visitors in the boatAlien research tour start. A new family roller coaster is planned to open for the park's 25th birthday in the 2021 season and work is in progress on it.

Video: Ride on the Star Trek roller coaster in Movie Park *

info: closed

Homepage of the Movie Park in Bottrop *

Fort Fun: Wild West in the Sauerland

Drive through the Sauerland forests on the "Santa Fé Express", glide over the park with the "Wild Eagle" hang-glider or look for gemstones at the gold panning facility: Fort Fun Adventure Land - one of themWestern town in the middle of wooded hills - is equipped with numerous, sometimes wonderfully nostalgic attractions. In addition to amusement park classics such as roller coasters and white water tours, Fort Fun has a summer toboggan run. For smaller children, for example, there is a ladybird run and a playground.

TheThunderbirds In the Indian themed world, you can do real aerobatics, eight gondolas turn and roll over in the thunderstorm rumble. The waterway was redesigned: Los Rapidos now rushes through Mexico's wild waters.

If you want to stay longer, you can spend the night in stylish Canadian log cabins on the site.

Info: closed

Homepage of Fort Fun in Bestwig (waterfall) in the Sauerland *

Phantasialand: Mayan ruins in Brühl

Mexico, Africa, China and Berlin are only a few steps away from each other in Phantasialand. The park in Brühl near Cologne has six exciting themed worlds to offer. In "Klugheim", the mysterious village in a rocky landscape, two whizspectacular roller coasters to bet: "Taron" and "Raik", who together hold six world records. The “Chiapas” wild water ride in the Mexico themed area, which is steeped in legend, also provides a thrillRuined city of Palenque is inspired. Visitors cruise through a Mayan temple in dugout boats before descending a 53-degree slope ...

Palace buildings and artistic shows can be admired in "China Town". The “ghost rickshaw” is Europe's longest underground ghost train. TheVirtual reality attraction "Crazy Bats"takes passengers on a trip through a literally cool castle with three cheeky bats. With VR glasses they experience a specially produced animated film on the roller coaster, while the specially composed soundtrack runs on headphones. Children from 1.20 meters tall can be unaccompanied ride along.

If a single day in the amusement park, founded in 1967, is not enough, you can now stay in three hotels. The offer in Phantasialand is still through one new theme world grown: Rookburgh combines industrial history, memories of aviation pioneers and futuristic elements in "steampunk style". A special roller coaster races through the "factory halls" behind brick facades and the new hotel complex "Charles Lindbergh": Im Coaster F.L.Y. the passengers fly with them lying down.


Phantasialand Homepage *

Belantis: pyramid & temple near Leipzig

The "Curse of the pharaoh " waits in a pyramid south of Leipzig: At 32 meters high, it rises up in the Belantis family amusement park. From the top above the burial chamber, take the boat into the rapids. "Belanitus Vengeance" is not feared by any of the brave Indians who climb into the giant swing pendulum. Then Olympus beckons: In the "flight of the gods" you can control the wings yourself, and to the summit of the "Pillar of Athena" you have to pull yourself up on ropes with muscle strength. Here you have an overview of60 attractions and shows in eight themed worlds on 27 hectares of the former Zwenkau open-cast lignite mine. For example in the "Kingdom of the Sun Temple" the roller coaster "Huracan", whose mini version "Huracanito" can also be used by the little ones from the age of three, as well as the mini top spin Anca. Belantis belongs to the Spanish group Parques Reunidos, as do a total of 60 parks worldwide, including the Movie Park in Bottrop.


Belantis homepage *

Holiday Park: Flying high near Speyer

In the Holiday Park near Speyer there is a choice for Action fans and connoisseurs: the up to 120 km / h fast roller coaster "bigFM Expedition GeForce", the catapult roller coaster "Sky Scream", a free fall tower, a water ski stunt show, a Viking wild water ride or the area "The Beach"where visitors can try their hand at the controls of a lifeboat.

The little guests also feel at home in the park in Haßloch in Rhineland-Palatinate. in theMajalandthey can explore the colorful flower world of the cult bee on the back of the grasshopper Flip or experience the first tickling in the stomach in the twelve meter high children's free fall tower "Blumenturm".

Has restarted DinoSplash, a rafting adventure in raging waters with rapids and waterfalls, past landscapes with lifelike dinosaurs.

In addition, it beckonsIndoor hallwhich houses a family roller coaster, carousels and a giant slide, among other things.

Holidaypark homepage *

Tripsdrill: Classic in Swabia

Alreadymore than 90 years ago opened Germany's first adventure park Tripsdrill in Cleebronn between Stuttgart and Heilbronn. The "Altweibermühle" became an excursion destination with over 100 attractions - from the catapult roller coaster "Karacho" to the new oneAdventure playground "Sawmill", which invites you to climb, slide, sandel and splash around with around 250 elements - right next to the" Mammut "wooden roller coaster. Its trains are designed as saws and slide through a sawmill. In the waiting area, parts of historic sawmills from all over Germany have been rebuilt.

Other attractions also match the tradition of the region: The high-altitude flight is based on the story of the tailor from Ulm. And in grandmas nostalgic white bathtubs the whitewater shooting tour leads through a medieval castle. The park, which is open all year round, also belongs to the parkWildlife paradise with birds of prey and otters as well as special overnight accommodations in tree houses and shepherds' wagons. The wilderness paradise has reopened despite the corona lockdown.

Two new roller coastersthat cross each other several times have started: With "Volldampf", the family rollercoaster in the steam locomotive style of the "Swabian Railway", it goes downhill even in reverse. And "head over heels", a hanging roller coaster with four flaps, was inspired by the heroic stories of the "Seven Swabians".

infoAdventure park closed. Wildparadies open, access only with a dated online ticket and proof of a negative corona test (except for children under 6 years of age and those who have been completely vaccinated and those who have recovered). Drive-in test possible on site with registration

Adventure Park Tripsdrill Homepage *

Europa-Park Rust: start of the season

Germany's largest amusement park, the Europapark in Rust, starts from May 21st as part of a model project with initially a very limited number of visitors. Hotels and camping resorts should also open, but not the Rulantica water world. The prerequisite for admission is a dated ticket (only online in the ticket shop, tickets that have already been purchased can also be converted there). Visitors aged six and over need one negative corona test result or have to prove that they are vaccinated or recovered are (detailed information at Europapark *). On-site testing options are only available to a limited extent in exceptional cases.

Visitors also have to bring one Photo ID and a medical mask. Mask requirement is valid in all covered areas, waiting areas as well as during the use of the attraction and in outdoor areas if the minimum distance of 1.5 m cannot be maintained.

The park in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland offers over 100 attractions and shows as well as six hotels for more than 5.7 million visitors per year in normal times. On an area of ​​95 hectares, a European tour starts in 15 themed areas, 13 spectacular roller coasters promise thrills. One is a trendsetter here tooVirtual reality experiences: In the "Alpenexpress Coastiality" guests with special glasses disappear into an animated 3-D world and at the same time feel the wind, centrifugal forces and curves of the real roller coaster ride. The dream of flying should come true in the gondolas of the "Voletarium" on a fantastic trip across Europe.

In Germany, locomotive drivers Lukas and Jim Knopf invite you to a family tour through Lummerland. In the France themed world, theDark roller coaster Eurosat“Modernized and designed the quarter around the silver ball in the style of the Parisian“ Moulin Rouge ”. The "Pirates in Batavia"are back in the Dutch themed area, redesigned after a fire. Over 100 figures, including monkeys, crocodiles and snakes, are used on the boat trip through the exotic port city of Batavia. In the Scandinavian area," Fjord Rafting "takes you past roaring ones Waterfalls in a mystical cave full of special effects and in the giant swing "Vindjammer".

A trip with "Octopus Snorri" gets you in the right moodWater world "Rulantica"In the Nordic style at the gates of the Europapark: 25 attractions, including 17 slides, tunnels, torrents and a wave pool. The operators have invested around 180 million euros in the new water world, which includes the hotel"KrønasårA large outdoor water playground "Svalgurok" with ten slides should also open seasonally in the warm months.

info: Season start from May 21 for Europa-Park, Adventure Hotels, Camp Resort, Europa-Park Camping and YULLBE. Rulantica water world closed until further notice. New: Long-distance trains will stop twice a day in Ringsheim near Europapark from June 1, 2021.

Homepage of the Europa-Park in Rust *

For little fairies and explorers: Playmobil FunPark

"Play, move, experience" is the motto inPlaymobil FunPark in Zirndorf. Whether pirate ship, knight's castle, Wild West or farm - children should be active themselves in the Playmobil worlds in XXL format. There are no electronic rides or roller coasters. But a "magical fairy land": Through the rainbow you go into the magical realm, where little fairies and elves can groom Playmobil unicorns.

Little explorers go in search of the golden crystal in large magic shells or use the opportunities for climbing and balancing. The enlarged Pirate world offers play and climbing fun with two new ships and a lagoon. For the 20th anniversary in the 2020 summer season, the new"Kingdom of the Mermaids" opened on the previous sand and mud playground. There, little visitors can immerse themselves in a crystal grotto and colorful coral worlds and style mermaids.

Info: closed

Homepage of the Playmobil Fun Park *

Legoland: Adventure in Günzburg

With wild eddies, Legoland attracts visitors to the Bavarian town of Günzburg at the start of the season: in the themed area Ninjago World launches the new "Lloyd's Spinjitzu Spinner". At the push of a button, visitors can whirl, spin, roll or jump through the air like ninja heroes in its eight gondolas.In the Ninjago ride "The Ride", too, passengers themselves become active using hand gesture technology.

Many attractions revolve around the famous building blocks. A five meter tall one Pharaoh made from 250,000 Lego bricks watches over the topic of Egypt, for example, where teams compete in an interactive pyramid rally. Little adventurers go in Jeep on safari, to life-size elephants, gorillas, giraffes and lions made from thousands of Lego bricks. The models can move and make animal sounds. The heart of the park is the "Miniland", in which cities and landscapes are recreated from Lego.

Overall, there is in for families with children between the ages of two and twelve ten themed worlds over 50 attractions, from pirate water battles to electric car driving school. in the Legoland holiday village For example, guests can stay overnight in the Pirate Island Hotel - in rooms with sleeping boats.

info: closed

Homepage Legoland *

Allgäu Skyline Park: World record in Wörishofen

The Allgäu Skyline Park has grown by a third in just a few years. In the extensive area on now 35 hectares with Lakes and lawns on the A96 Munich-Lindau near Bad Wörishofen there are now more than 60 attractions. In the Category pure adrenaline include attractions such as High Fly, the giant overhead swing 33 meters high. According to Skyline Park, this has now been reopened world's highest carousel with a 150 meter tower. At an altitude of 100 meters you can now travel up to 50 kilometers per hour in the new "Allgäuflieger".

The view over the park can all also be from a traditional one Ferris wheel enjoy from. For smaller visitors, the Kids Spin gondola roller coaster and a crane and excavator landscape were added, as well as a whirling breakdancer and a cult ghost train with 18 gondolas.


Homepage of the Allgäu Skyline Park *

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