Do penis pumps really work

5 Tips for a Big Penis - What Really Works?

January 22, 2019 5minutes reading time
Last change: April 8, 2021

It's not just the size of the penis that makes sex fun. However, this statement is of little consolation for men who are endowed with a small limb. Because men who are equipped with a comparatively small penis may simply not feel comfortable in their skin. Surgical enlargement of the male member in Munich can help those affected to regain more self-confidence.

And penis length is also often a hotly debated topic in our society. Therefore, there are different methods that are said to supposedly make the penis bigger. Among other things, there is the possibility to have one's penis enlarged surgically in Munich, i.e. to have a penis lengthening or an operative enlargement of the limb carried out by a leading expert in male intimate surgery in Munich.

But when is a penis too small? - A study by Spiegel Online has found that the average penis length in Germany is 8-10 cm. Whether a shorter penis is considered too small is of course always in the eye of the beholder.

For some men, a cansmall limbnevertheless to onebig problem develop. You want a sustainable solution. And in terms of enlargement, there are certainly options available for thickening and lengthening the penis. This guide presents five methods to relax and enjoy sexuality again.

Penis enlargement through drugs - a question of side effects

One thing should be said in advance. The "Miracle pill“For the enlargement of the phallusthere is not any. Accordingly, taking a tablet and thus initiating an immediate and sustainable solution is not possible.

There is no shortage of advertisements on the Internet that target insecure men. Miracle pills or ointments promise an increase of several centimeters within a few days. Many a man is desperate to spend a lot of money on such stolen goods despite initial concerns.

The masculinity for the act to achieve a decent erection is still possible, as the drugs are aimed at better blood circulation.

Large member through the penis pump - use caution

As the name suggests, thePenis pump not on chemistry, but uses a mechanical effect. ToEnlargement of the penis this is inserted into the penis pump and then a vacuum is achieved by means of the pump effect.

This vacuum now ensures an increased blood flow, which benefits the erectile tissue. Thus, a small penis can indeed experience both elongation and thickening. However, these conditions are short-lived, which is why the penis pump is usually used shortly before the sexual act. If the penis pump is perceived as a sex toy, there should be no irritation during lovemaking.

It is often the case, however, that the penis pump is viewed by both parties as a "mood killer" when living out sexuality - which, depending on the situation, is quite understandable. It does not look very attractive when the man interrupts in moments of passion, because in order to fully enjoy sexuality, he first has to start the penis pump. In addition, isCaution announced! If the suction is too strong, blood vessels can burst, which can lead to thrombosis!

More volume through "Jelqing" - a special massage technique

Farless dangerous it turns out when the person concerned lends a hand - or his penis is pampered by the partner. It is not without reason that the Malay word “Jelqing” stands for “milking” in the German translation. Because theMassage technique definitely reminds of this well-known procedure.

As with conventional milking, the man's phallus is kneaded and stretched, which creates increased pressure in the erectile tissue. The walls of the erectile tissue begin to expand and thickening occurs. As soon as the genitalia can no longer increase in volume, the extension begins. With gentle milking movements, the blood is distributed lengthways and creates an expansion of the phallus.

The jelqingtakes a lot of time and empathy. But then after about 3 months it is imRealm of the possiblethat the penis tether (suspensorium ligamentum) has also stretched slightly and thus lengthened. A distinction is made between dry and wet jelquing (with the help of petroleum jelly, baby oil, cocoa butter, etc.).

Magnification through gel - the "combination method"

While the massage technique of jelqing requires a lot of experience, gently massaging and rubbing in with a gel is a lot easier to practice. TheGel method is also widespread because the combination of gel and massage is used as atwice as pleasant is felt.

The gels are withEnriched active ingredientsaimed directly at convincing erect masculinity. For example, Tribulus Terrestris, also known as the earth's root thorn, ensures better blood flow in the phallus and has a cell-renewing effect. Active ingredients like L-arginine ensure a better blood supply to the penis, which leads to a harder erection. However, for a small penis to benefit from the gels available in stores, it takes patience.

The gel must be very carefully distributed over the entire limb. The cream then has to be absorbed for three to five minutes so that the active ingredients can fully develop. In order to achieve a slightly more sustainable solution, the type of application must2-3 times a day over a period ofseveral weeks to be kept.

But the gel method also creates a small penisnot permanent to the imposing body of a manhood radiating self-confidence.

The penis enlargement surgery in Munich - the only permanent solution

The only method that alasting result in terms of penis enlargement, the surgical penis enlargement is performed under local anesthesia. In order to achieve the best possible result, the attending physician in Munich devotes himself to the points of penis enlargement and penis thickening in detail. These are two interventions that are carried out in one session. Whereby it is important for the aesthetic sensation to strive for a balanced relation between elongation and thickening.

The penis enlargement

In contrast to the aforementioned “jelqing”, the internal penis straps are not simply stretched, but gently loosened during the surgical procedure in Munich. These keep part of the phallus length “hidden” inside the body. Now the plastic surgeon can mobilize the entire penile shaft and move the visible part of the limb further outwards.

As a rule, a small penis gets one through this measureIncrease in length of up to5 cm. In order to get a coherent overall picture, a penis thickening is recommended after the penis enlargement (Increase in volume, or increase in circumference).

The penis thickening

An imposing penis that reflects masculinity is mainly achieved by increasing the circumference of the penis shaft.Two gentle processes are used here:

For penis thickening with hyaluronic acid the hyaluronic acid gel is inserted into the penile shaft tissue with a cannula and aesthetically beautifully modeled. Blood vessels and deeper penis structures are spared. The procedure in Munich takes place under local anesthesia. Depending on the anatomy, an increase in circumference of up to 2 cm can be achieved. The penis thickening with hyaluronic acid represents a temporary penis enlargement, since the body has broken down the hyaluronic acid usually after approx. 12 months. The autologous fat method is recommended for permanent penis enlargement.

In penis thickening with autologous fat the body's own fat is introduced into the penis shaft in a gentle outpatient procedure (lipofilling). Before doing this, fat is removed from the abdominal region or the hips or flanks with special cannulas under local anesthesia. During the procedure, the doctor in Munich prepares the fat and injects it into the penile tissue in the same session.

When it comes to sexuality, all that is required is a little patience. For this, the person concerned is rewarded with a sustainable solution to his too small penis. Small swellings and bruises recede after just a few days.After about 3 weeks hyaluronic acid and fat have attached themselves to the penile tissue. Then he canSexual intercourse or manual stimulation can be fully enjoyed again.


In order to achieve a short-term result, the first four methods can be an adequate means. Proper use is always important here, as otherwise injuries can be caused (e.g. penis pump). For a man, however, it is important to appear attractive in the long term in terms of penis aesthetics. A convincing andlasting result can onlysurgical penis enlargement offer in Munich. Here you can find out more about surgical penis enlargement.