Trump then won the election

This is how Donald Trump's surprise victory came about

Donald Trump is the next US President. Everything important at a glance and a closer look at the individual results.

the essentials in brief

  • Donald Trump has won the election as the next President of the United States. With 306 electoral votes, he exceeded the 270 votes necessary for victory. Hillary Clinton has 232 electoral votes.
  • Hillary Clinton admitted her defeat first in a telephone conversation with Donald Trump and then in a public address.
  • In terms of absolute votes, Clinton is well ahead of Trump. According to the final result, it received over 2.86 million votes more than its Republican counterpart.
  • Clinton was her surprising weakness in various contested states doomed, especially Florida and Pennsylvania with 29 and 20 electoral votes respectively. Trump also secured the "swing states" Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Iowa. Clinton could only claim Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Maine and New Hampshire.
  • The Senate and House of Representatives retain a Republican majority. In the Senate in particular, the Democrats had hoped that they could overturn the majority.

The short analysis

Contrary to most forecasts, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. He secured several contested states, where experts had assumed that Clinton would win.

With Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio Trump conquered the "swing states" with the most electoral votes. Added to that Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia and Iowa. Clinton only got the upper hand in Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire and Maine. However, the extraordinary electoral system in Maine meant that Trump won one of the four electors there.

Trump's strategy of primarily mobilizing members of the white lower class was a resounding success. In the "Rust Belt" states, where many industrial workers have lost their jobs, it did better than previous Republican presidential candidates. This applies in particular to Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin - three states the Democrats had been counting on. Trump triumphed in all three states, even in Wisconsin, which was not even considered a "swing state". Pennsylvania and Michigan have never voted Republican in presidential elections since 1988, and Wisconsin since 1984.

With Ohio Trump secured another state of the old industrial belt, which the Democrat Barack Obama had won in 2008 and 2012.

Hillary Clinton's strategy was shipwrecked not only in the “Rust Belt”, but also in the south. She lost in the greatest swing state, Florida, as well as in North Carolina. The Democrats had hoped to deal an early knockout blow to Donald Trump with victories in these two states. That didn't work. Obama captured both states in his 2008 election. Clinton did not succeed in mobilizing African American voters in the region to the same extent as Obama.

The county-level results

The comparison with 2012

Six states that still voted democratically in 2012 went to Donald Trump this year. All of the big swing states are part of it, and Wisconsin is even a state that was considered firmly in democratic hands. Trump brought a total of 99 electoral votes into the red camp - and thus secured victory.

In 2012, Barack Obama received significantly more votes than Hillary Clinton in most of the contested states and in Wisconsin. Only in Arizona and Georgia were the Democrats able to slightly improve the result of the last election. However, it was not enough: Donald Trump also won in these two states.

Who voted how

As expected, there is a clear difference in the voting preferences of different population groups. For detailed analysis.

The results from all countries in the overview

The results of the congressional elections

The Democrats had hoped to conquer the Senate, but the Republicans can hold their majority in both houses of Congress. For the first time since 2008, you control the entire executive and legislative branches at federal level. For detailed analysis.

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