Why Snapchat Filters Are Bad

Snapchat filters & effects

What is Snapchat Here an exciting app has established itself on the market that gives the sending of images and videos a whole new dynamic. In the beginning, the app was especially popular with teenagers, but has now gained a similar status as Instagram. Many reputable institutions, newspapers, television programs or even sports clubs can now be found on Snapchat. Even so, this is still an app that you can use to share funny photos and videos with your friends. To spice up the snaps, users can access various Snapchat effects and filters. The best Snapchat tips are here!

This is how the filters and effects work

Basically, the Snapchat filters and effects differ in the point in time at which they can be used before a snap is sent.

Snapchat effects are moving real-time effects that adapt to the user's face. Even before taking a snap, the user can see the effects of the effect on his display.

It is different with the Snapchat filters. Similar to Instagram, these are used in post-processing of a photo or video. After a user has recorded a snap, they can use a filter, for example, to change the color of the snap or add a time to the snap. Short texts can also be written or the snap can be decorated with colorful doodles.

How are filters activated and applied?

The Snapchat filters are activated in the settings. The settings menu is called up with a downward swipe on the start screen. The user name can now be seen on the display. There is a small gear in the upper right corner. By tapping the gear, the user gets to the settings, where he activates the filters under "Manage".

The Snapchat filters are activated in the settings © Preis24.de

To apply a filter, the user first takes a snap as normal. It can be a photo or a video. Once the snap has been recorded, the various filters can be accessed by swiping to the right. This includes color filters such as retro or black and white, but also the display of the time or the speed of the user when taking the snap. These filters in turn can be combined with the stickers, the text function or the painting function.

You can access the various filters by swiping to the right © Preis24.de

Calling up the Snapchat effects: This is how it's done

To activate the real-time effects, the user focuses on a face with a camera, which can be the front camera or the camera on the back of the smartphone. To focus, the user presses and holds the corresponding area for a long time until a grid is placed over the selected face. The selectable effects then appear on the lower right edge. If an effect is selected, it adapts to the movements of the face. Some effects change with certain facial movements.

The most popular Snapchat effects: tricks and tweaks

The app doesn't make it easy to name some popular effects, because the range is constantly changing. New Snapchat effects replace old ones, and so it can happen that your personal favorite effect is soon no longer available. In the past, for example, this was an effect that made rainbows shine from the users' mouths, or one that turned them into terrible zombies. At the moment, a Snapchat effect that provides users with a dog mask is extremely popular.

Despite this programmed transience of the Snapchat effects, there is a possibility to reactivate your favorite effects. All users have to do is find out from what date their favorite filter was available. If you then change the system settings of your smartphone to the same date, the desired Snapchat effect is available again.

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