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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood | Criticism / Review (Oscars 2020)

Story outline:

1969: The heyday of westerns in Hollywood is over. That brings the career of western serial hero Rick dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) to stumble. The fame of his hit series "Bounty Law" is fading more and more. Together with his stunt double, personal driver and best friend Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) tried Daltonto survive in the dream factory and achieve new fame as a movie star. As a film producer for him Marvin Black (Al Pacino) offers lead roles in several spaghetti westerns, declines Rick off - he doesn't want to shoot in Italy at all and he doesn't think much of the sub-genre either. Instead, he lets himself be burned as a villain actor in Hollywood and is regularly beaten up by younger, rising stars at the end of the film. While his own career is stalling, the new star director, made famous by “Dance of the Vampires” and “Rosemary's Baby”, is also moving next door Roman Polanski (Rafal Zawierucha) with his wife, the actress Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie), a. Meanwhile, want to cliff his old friend George Spahn (Bruce Dern) pay a visit to his western scenery town. The Manson family congregation has now taken up residence there. With Pussycat (Margaret Qualley) the stuntman has already made the acquaintance


Tarantino has delivered again. You know relatively exactly what to expect from a typical one Tarantino film to expect and yet he manages to fool the audience a little this time. When it became known that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood At the time the Manson murders would play, one could imagine the most absurd variants, but in the end everything turned out very differently.

Mainly it's just about Rick dalton, a movie star whose career is on the decline, and his loyal friend and stunt double Cliff Booth. The paths of the two cross the paths of the Manson killers from time to time.

As usual Quentin Tarantino with his script including great, snappy dialogues everything out of his all-stars. Above all, of course, the two main actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. While Brad Pitt With his tough and uncompromising manner, he has the most laughter of the audience on his side DiCaprio Above all, shine with very nuanced moments and at the same time serve a certain Hollywood film industry meta level like no other. In terms of staging, the film is also a stunner, the specially made streets of 1960s Hollywood and Los Angeles, as well as the cars that go with them, are beautiful.

In addition, I especially liked the scenes, when DiCaprio is on the set and we basically get a film in a film in a film and so breaks with the levels. The scene at the ranch of the Mason disciples was simply super exciting and then there would be the finale.

The last 15 minutes, which again throw all expectations over the pile and in my opinion comes close to a perfect ending to this film.

Hollywood, and the Academy in particular, loves films about Hollywood and the film industry. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood could become the night's biggest winners.

Jojo Rabbit | Criticism / Review (Oscars 2020)

Story outline:

Germany during the Second World War: The little one Jojo Betzler (Roman Griffin) is a staunch Nazi who is not only in the loving care of his single mother Rosie (Scarlett Johansson) but of course growing up in the whole empire. He has only just learned how to throw grenades correctly at the Nazi holiday camp and how important it is that many blond offspring are produced. Jojo can't wait to join the party himself and even has a special best friend: Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi) personally - well at least almost, because Yo-yo forms Hitler only one. But that's even better, after all, the guide is always there when you need it Yo-yo urgently needs advice. And he will soon need it very urgently. Because he finds out that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl: Elsa (Thomasin McKenzie). And confused Yo-yo powerful. Why is she not a monster, as all Jews are supposed to be? To find out the truth and write a book about it begins Yo-yo after the initial fear to deal with Elsa to entertain


Taika Waititi, the director with the unusual name, had already appeared on the radar of movie buffs with the fantastic vampire comedy 5 Rooms, Kitchen, Coffin. But since this film pearl from 2014, many years have passed and Waititi has earned the respect of the film industry in a number of projects as a director and screenwriter as well as the mainstream with films such as Thor3 won for himself.

For the first time, the New Zealand director is now also in the running for the coveted golden boy with a feature film. For the same 6 Oscars is Jojo Rabbit nominated. The bittersweet satire takes place at the time of WWII and has Adolf Hitler, played by Waititi personally, as an imaginary friend of the main actor - certainly an interesting trick and, above all, a risky one. You can quickly cross a line here and screw up with all parties.

But Waititi succeeds in this daring balancing act. If he still makes the audience laugh in one scene, the next moment the food may just as easily get stuck in your throat. JoJo Rabbit in some passages, despite the very tense and difficult chronological classification, can exude elements of ease and euphoria, for example when Scarlett Johansson Playfully explains the world to her son and on the other hand the tricky, desperate situation of some characters is made only too clear.

Scarlett Johansson it is also the one who embodied the most important character of the film for me and simply masters the said balancing act great. But also all other actors, regardless of whether well-known supporting actors such as Oscar winner Sam Rockwell, Rebel Wilson or Stephen Merchant or the newcomers Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie shine.

JoJo Rabbit is an extraordinary film with strong talents in front of and behind the camera.

The Irishman | Criticism / Review (Oscars 2020)

Story outline:

Frank Sheeran (Robert DeNiro) has worked for the mafia boss as a debt collector and problem solver for many years Russell Bufalino (Joe Pesci). Before he was a gangster, drove Frank the car of a butcher shop and before that he fought in Sicily against the Axis powers, among others, in Sicily, where he also learned the Italian language, not knowing that this should be his ticket to the world of organized crime. On recommendation Russels provides him with the union leader associated with the Cosa Nostra Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino) as his bodyguard. Respect develops between the two men, then a close friendship. The more years go by, the higher it rises Frank also in the ranks of the mafia and the more cruel the crimes he perpetrates.


To Marriage story is The Irishman the second Netflix production this year that goes on a big award hunt. Martin Scorsese, an old master of directing, a legend in Hollywood brought us a lot of great films - including big gangster episodes like GoodFellas and Casino.

And yet no studio wanted his latest project The Irishman finance, the risk after the cash poison was too great Silence the required 160+ million to be brought back in the end, but what a happy time for filmmakers around the globe, the streaming giant Netflix so it doesn't really matter if they make money or not. The market leader has been throwing out the money with full hands for years to finance a number of projects.

Scorsese invested the 200 million budget primarily in the trick technology to digitally rejuvenate its old stars so that they can play their roles at the age of 30, 50 and 70. Apart from that, I was wondering where exactly all the money went, because even if you buy the who's who of gangster films, I doubt gigantic fees for the three legends. De Niro and Pacino have also made a lot of nonsense films with significantly less financial power in recent years and Joe Pesci was already retired from acting and only came back for his friends.

And it is these three who have made this film the greatest attraction for me. You just soak up every minute with them and for my part I was happy to see such a film with these heroes again in 2019 under the direction Scorseses. Especially Pacinos Rolle brings some highlights with it.

Nevertheless, I have to say very clearly that The Irishman could not fulfill my gigantic hopes that had been built up over 1.5 years earlier. In the end I was missing something about the story and if I had no problems watching the 209-minute long film in several stages with interruptions, then that says something either about my attention span or about the length, pacing and tension of the film.

The Irishman does not have it in mine despite its good quality Top15 last year and it's not my favorite Oscar as Best movie.

Little Women | Criticism / Review (Oscars 2020)

Story outline:

The four March sisters Yo (Saoirse Ronan), Meg (Emma Watson), Amy (Florence Pugh) and Beth (Eliza Scanlen) grew up in a society dominated by rigid gender roles in the United States in the mid-19th century. Her father serves in the civil war, her mother (Laura Dern) takes care of the family, works and helps in the village wherever she can. The older the four sisters get, the more clearly they recognize the obstacles that stand in their way to assert themselves as women. At the same time, it also makes it clear to them how much they ultimately differ. While the proud Yo wants to become a writer and rejects the social role dictation as wife and mother, Meg follows her heart into marriage. Amy, on the other hand, wants to express her uniqueness through painting and studies in France. The four women are less interested in men. Only the neighbor boy Laurie (Timothée Chalamet), who lives in Yo and the March family in love, quickly finds a place with the Marchs.


Yesterday I got you "Marriage story" of Noah Baumbach presented and today his wife Greta Gerwig follows with her new directorial work Little Women, another adaptation of a Louisa May Alcott fabric.

Little Women is the last film among the nominees that I saw and at the same time for me the weakest participant in the field. For me, the cast that has been remembered most positively. Saoirse Ronan at the top can't go wrong anyway and, as usual, delivers very strong. Even if it wasn't my favorite performance of all of her Oscar-nominated roles in recent years, I give her a chance, because despite her still young age she has been nominated so often and always got nothing. At some point it has to Academy as in Leonardo DiCaprio buckle and reward these many outstanding achievements.

Her fellow actors with Laura Dern, Timothee Chalamet, Emma Watson and my 2019 breakout star, Florence Pugh, are also very good. But apart from the acting, the film left me cold. The aspects of the story that were interesting for me, such as the framework around the difficulties as a woman to publish a book, remained very superficial and only integrated into the plot a few times. Instead, 80% of the playing time revolves around everyone-with-everyone who has nothing fresh to say.

I was also negatively surprised by the sometimes confusing narrative structure Gerwigscausing me to lose my thread for a moment more than once. So I have to say the negative feedback regarding not being nominated Gerwigs contradict in the directing category, although I was sure beforehand that one was right, because Gerwig is super talented and female directors are criminally underrepresented in award shows. But instead my choice would be if then rather on Alma Ha'rel (Honey Boy) or Lulu Wang (The Farewell) attracted attention instead of Gerwig.

Overall, I liked her last directorial work Lady Bird I could have swapped little women out of all the candidates much better in all respects.

Marriage Story | Criticism / Review (Oscars 2020)

Story outline:

Director Charlie (Adam Driver) and actress Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) were the dream couple in the New York theater scene for ten years, but now they hardly have anything to say to each other - it's time for the separation. Nicole wants to move back to her family in Los Angeles and has already accepted a role in a TV pilot there. Especially her little son Henry For the sake of (Azhy Robertson) the two want to bring the breakup peacefully over the stage. But then lawyers come into play - and the nicely arranged consensus turns into a bitter argument about where Henry should live in the future.


In Marriage story Noah Baumbach tells in a drama about how a married couple who has grown apart are getting divorced. The two spouses play Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. Both play this strong script so well that Netflix can call another award contender its own.

The script is fascinating: because actually here two people separate who have primarily felt love for each other and despite an actual agreement on a divorce without a mud fight, which everyone is happy with, both protagonists become part of the legal system in America and their advisory lawyers bit by bit the control over it was torn from under the fingers.

Little things that say nothing about the suitability as a parent are suddenly taken out of context and exaggerated in order to score points in court and in the process more and more limits are exceeded. Even in the worst arguments, our two main characters always let it shine through that they both really only want the best for everyone and still feel love for one another.

Some scenes are so painful to watch as a spectator, for example when an expert is at Drivers Figure is at home to see if he's a good father. The supporting actors are also interesting characters and well woven into the story. Whether it Scarlett Johanssons Is a mother who is actually a big fan of her son-in-law, or whether it is the three lawyers who all pursue the same goal, but each pursue such different approaches that one cannot make a classification into "bad" or "good", but simply has to question this system, which in principle does not allow one to divorce in "dignity".

Marriage story is a surprise this year and the script and lead actor are good contenders for an Oscar.

Joker | Criticism / Review (Oscars 2020)

Story outline:

1981 in Gotham City: Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) leads a bleak life. When he's not whirling around sales signs on the streets of Gotham City disguised as a clown or being beaten up by teenage thugs, he takes care of his sick mother at home penny (Frances Conroy). Stain Insanity just gets worse from the constant humiliation. He is now even swallowing seven psychotropic drugs at the same time. His life takes a dramatic turn when he is told by his colleague Randall (Glenn Flesher) was given a revolver. Persecuted despite his unstable mental health Arthur his career as a stand-up comedian continued and ended up with his great idol, the late-night talker Murray Franklin (Robert DeNiro).


The joker is considered one of the most popular and best opponents in pop culture. Stars like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill have already portrayed him. This year Joaquin Phoenix got a chance in Oscar-winning footsteps Heath Ledgers to kick and directed by Hangover director Todd Phillips to embody the clown Prince of Crime. Regardless of the actual quality of the film, those involved had to constantly explain themselves and face the allegations that their film could serve as a trigger for mentally unstable people, for example, for rampage. Many critics punished the film for that too.

I find this attempt to dictate to artists what they are allowed to do and what is not always difficult.Unstable people with mental health problems could feel triggered by anything and everything. You could put one in a line of text Katy Perry Reinterpret songs more or project their problems onto everything possible. To censor all media because someone could feel attacked is nonsense. Especially when you have a huge problem with gun laws that might need to be resolved, but that's a discussion for another day.

Because joker has turned out to be a technically excellent film that is very open to both of them Scorsese Film Taxi driver and The King of Comedy served and not just the main actor in both films, Robert DeNiro, a key role in joker there, but also initially with Martin Scorsese planned as a producer. And even if that didn't work out in the end, you can feel his influences on every corner. Gotham looks even more like a New York of the 70s / 80s than ever before, the script offers many parallels to his works and the character of the Jokers is only counted in the comic universe by its name, because it is just as good a Scorsese Figure could be.

Joaquin Phoenix dominates this movie. Its performance makes the film. Once again, he is completely absorbed in his role and has become similar to Christian Bale Without further ado, she starved 23 kilos for this role. That this extreme weight yo-yo is obviously not healthy for the body is clear, but frankly it has its role Arthur Fleck really helped.

This emaciated, ill-looking body and the bad posture contribute to the fact that we as spectators are equally frightened and feel certain sympathy for him, especially when he has to serve as a punching ball for an entire society and a corrupt system that bridges the gap between poor and rich only makes it bigger. Figures like Arthur Fleck In such a society only eat shit and since everyone feels unfairly treated or left behind at times in life, this automatically reaches many viewers.

For this role as it is laid out here, you need a strong actor and Joaquin Phoenix‘Acting is absolutely brilliant once again and has been demanded by millions of fans since its release Oscar nomination seems more than deserved to me. He's the big favorite for the award this year.

The combination of grandiose, beautiful pictures of a dirty city and society, as well as one that is in top form Joaquin Phoenix develop with every minute a stronger, mesmerizing pull, which with accentuated peaks of violence leads to a finale that has a very special vibe and one swims on a wave of this mood. Me has joker Loved it and I hope there is more than 1 billion dollars in spite of the incredible no Continuation.

Le Mans 66 | Criticism / Review (Oscars 2020)

Story outline:

Henry ford ii (Tracy Letts) took over his grandfather's family business in the early 1960s. In order to establish American cars in the market dominated by European manufacturers, he revised the company concept with the help of the young visionary Lee Iacocca (Jon Bernthal) and the former racing champion and engineer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon). Together they created the Ford GT40, which was to beat Ferrari in their own race at Le Mans in 1966 - something that no American model had wanted to achieve before. With the British racing driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) they are working on the revolutionary racing car, but the cooperation between the stubborn heads turns out to be more complicated than initially thought. But they all have the same goal: Ken Miles is said to be the first to cross the finish line at Le Mans in 1966 with the Ford GT40.


After the outstanding Loganwho did it 2 years ago on mine # 1 on the top list managed, director James Mangold first had a stone in the board with me. For his follow-up project Le Mans 66 or. Ford v Ferrari in the original, leaves James Mangold the well-known waters of the comic book adaptations and dares for the first time to a biographical material.

Although his regular actor of the last few years is not there, Hugh Jackman, but therefor the even bigger Matt Damon and Christian Bale, who once again show what they can do. Especially chameleon Bale goes as usual completely in his role of the ingenious but difficult Ken Miles on who together with Matt DamonsCarroll Shelby as an underdog takes on the fight against Ferrari.

That the arms race did not only take place between Russia and the USA and inevitably was only about weapons or space, attests to this Le Mans 66 impressive on its long playing time of 160 minutes. Driven by cracked egos of old white men, a battle for the title of best automaker in the world ensued in the 1960s. Can the Americans from Ford succeed in breaking the superiority in the racing business with the Italian Ferrari, or do you have to admit defeat and admit defeat?

Swiss chard succeeds in getting to the bottom of this question very impressively, albeit for a long time, and stages an exciting film about racing. As with Rush from Ron Howard, which I can only recommend as an insider tip at this point, it succeeds Le Mans 66 to establish a balance between gripping racing scenes and character drama around them.

It's not just about cars. Above all, it's about characters, the philosophy of racing and the power skirmishes of great egomaniacs who put the greatest obstacles in their way. Le Mans 66 takes with the Oscars an underdog role, but definitely deserves it.

My top 15 from 2019

Another year around and my annual one Top list of movies and films from streaming sites a la Netflix must of course not be missing. The Oscar films of the last award are excluded, as always, in order not to dilute the list. This year, for example The Favorite, A Star is Born, Green Book etc. I saw more than 100 films in the cinema this year and put together a mixed list of the best films of the year for me.

Honorable mentions who just barely made it onto this list include: Glass, Escape Room, Mid90s, Creed 2, Detective Pikachu, Rocketman, Godzilla 2, Long Shot, Late Night, Doctor Sleep, The Irishman, Shazam.

Breakout Star 2019

I thought about adding a little paragraph this year Breakout star of the year to dedicate. It could have been just as good Keanu Reeves who continues to make a terrific comeback in his Rekeanussaince, but I decided on the just 23-year-old Florence Pugh.

Within 12 months she attracted attention with 4 very different projects and has already received a lot of praise for each of these films. I always find it fascinating how Hollywood works and suddenly hitherto unknown actors behind the scenes, how the hottest iron in the oven is suddenly due to agreements. As if the casting directors meet once a week for a sky call and agree on a person to book for each project for the coming year.

Florence Pugh does it - SPOILER - twice this year on mine Top list. With the wrestling biopic over PaigeFighting with My Family”She piqued my interest Ari Aster's "Midsommar", she won another leading role in a hotly anticipated film. Next month starts with Little Women the new film by Greta Gerwigwho hangs on the lips from half Hollywood anyway and which has already received a lot of positive reviews. As if that weren't enough, it starts shortly afterwards Black Widow, Scarlett Johanssons Solo Marvel film. Plays there Florence Pugh her sister and within a year not only manages to play in the Indi hits of the most sought-after directors, but also to make the leap into the mighty Marvel blockbuster cinema. I'm excited to see what the coming years have in store for this talented actress.

# 15 Star Wars IX - The Rise of Skywalker

J.J. Abrams is back in the director's chair after the popular with critics but highly controversial with audiences The Last Jedi to take control again and complete the Skywalker saga after a whopping 9 parts. Abrams was probably the safest choice here, because he was with Episode 7, who took it to the top of the annual ranking for me in 2015, has already proven that he doesn't like Rian Johnson is super brave with the brand, but despite the great parallels to the original trilogy, a solid one Star Wars movie can turn. Disney that was probably coming for now Episode 9 Quite right, so as not to further fire the last big criticism of the franchise. In addition, he had the mammoth task of Carrie Fisher after her death to integrate as dignified as possible and to complete her role satisfactorily.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker With the best of intentions, it's not perfect, nor is it the best part of the new trilogy, but it's still a solid ending that I really liked. So there is sometimes exaggerated fan service, scenes that only make sense for the optics but by no means in terms of content, supporting characters that you now really rely on the silent staircase of irrelevance after two missed opportunities, as well as one or the other unnecessary diss Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi and a constant backward row and justification for the decisions of the predecessor. One notices very clearly in this trilogy that, strangely enough, there was no uniform concept for the overarching story. I think it's cool that the directors had almost a free hand, but somehow everyone involved should know where character X is in Episode 7 is and where it is in Episode 9 should be and not make a 180 ° turn for every film.

But why did I like it The Rise of Skywalker yet? Leading actors Daisey Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac still work very well. Not only are the actors great, but their characters and onscreen chemistry are big pluses too. Finally have Rey and Poe couple of scenes together and promptly corner each other with their different beings, which brings some good dialogues especially in the first third. The most interesting character of the new trilogy also remains in the third part Kylo Ren, the Adam Driver the necessary acting class. Every scene with him is a highlight.

Also Leia gets her dignified farewell. You notice all the time that you have worked with archive material and tricks and that not everything always looks smooth, but I was satisfied with the way it was implemented. Better than not having them with you at the end of the series. Rest in Piece, Dear Princess. The supporting roles, on the other hand, are consistently ignored and remain at the top of the list, which is a shame, but in view of what everything had to be done, the really important protagonists are just about forgiving.

The last third, the grand finale, gives us everything we love as fans Starwars: Battles and conflicts in multiple locations, lightsabers in action, emotions and lesbian kisses.

# 14 We

We respectively Us is Jordan Peele's long-awaited second film project. The director, who actually achieved fame with his comedic talent, offered us a phenomenal directorial debut two years ago with Get Out, which combined horror, thriller and comedy elements and not only made a good film, but also social criticism. It deservedly led to, along with many other awards, to Oscar for the best script.

We goes in a similar direction and can with a strong cast, especially Oscar winnerLupita Nyong’o stands out here with a very multi-layered performance and a complex story. The script is full of ambiguities, hints, twists, tributes, and cool ideas.

On my second visit to the cinema, I even liked the film a lot better than when I watched it for the first time, and lengths in the first act didn't seem so bad to me. I was able to concentrate much more on the said details and interpret them even more.

We is another film that lives immensely from discussing it with friends, exchanging possible solutions and also consulting the internet for interpretations and details that you missed in the cinema. I had a lot of fun with it and also upgraded the film for myself. Still, I have to say that We although wants to tell a lot more than it still at Get out was the case, but it also brings with it a number of logic holes, which I also noticed negatively. These inconsistencies do not destroy this awesome film for me, but make it less round than Jordan Peeles First work.

# 13 John Wick 3

Wow, who would have thought that the third installment in a series would raise the bar that high for the franchise? In John Wick 3 we get so much more than the usual signature gun-fu. Keanu Reeves gets rid of his opponents with the help of knives, books, dogs, horses, swords, pistols and basically everything else.

Everything is well choreographed and stylishly staged, as one is used to. Also newcomers like Halle Berry or Asia Kate Dillon, who gave me their role in the grandiose series Trillions Excited week after week, worked well.

Part 3 not only continued seamlessly from its predecessor, but this time also makes an absolute deep dive into the lore of the "John Wick“World, which until now has often only been hinted at. I find this world very exciting and always wanted more lore, but in the end it was almost too much for me, too overloaded and still a coin and rule is taken out of my pocket when it fits well into the script. In general, the grand finale was tiring at some point.

Yet all that in spite of me John Wick 3 very much liked and in the western market there is apart from Mad Max: Fury Road no better action movie. After a successful weekend at the box office, the makers also announced part 4 and even a spin-off for the ballerinas seems to be planned. I'm curious.

# 12 All of a sudden, family

Instant family as it is called in the original is here representative of the good and solid comedies this year like Long Shot, with Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen, or late night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling. There Long shot and Late night but are already on the screen of many film fans, I chose Suddenly family Decided to draw some attention to this film that otherwise has been under the radar this long year of filming.

At first glance it is a conventional Hollywood adoption story, but on closer inspection it is more and better than that. The director Sean Anders processes his personal story here and offers us not only a script with high quality gag density, but also many emotional moments that give the film meat.

Of course there are also some clumsy gags, but these are offset by some biting comments and smart jokes. Illuminated Sean Anders also the adoption process and the associated hurdles, which makes our characters understandable and real across the board.

The cast around Rose Byrne, Mark Wahlberg and Isabella Moner / Merced is not only great, but embodies their characters credibly. Also minor characters like comedian Iliza Shlesinger can always set highlights in the film. Especially on Suddenly family I liked the fact that even if, as is typical for these films, “characters from the past” have to appear, there is no clear black-and-white separation of the characters and the complex, different facets that are shown in such fates are shown times belong to it.

Instant family came to our cinemas in January and has stayed in my memory until now because it's a really nice, warm-hearted film about family that you can only like.

# 11 Toy Story 4

Creating a film series that is practically perfect across the board is roughly equivalent to finding a unicorn. Such franchises can be counted on one hand and how Pixar it succeeds after an increasing, grandiose trilogy to revive this series after 9 years and with this fourth part effortlessly to connect to the usual quality is like witchcraft.

The "How to train your dragon“Trilogy, which also produced a very strong film this year, could have been here at this point as Toy Story 4, not just because it was the best animation series of the last decade, but because it could very well have been the best animated film of 2019.

But in contrast to How to Train Your Dragon, after Toy Story 3, nobody really yelled for a sequel. The conclusion was too good, the story arc spanning the films too perfect. But how Pixar themselves always asserted, they would not dare to do it out of pure greed for profit Toy story dig up, but only if they had a very good story and idea. And what can I say: in this case you should be right.

Even if some characters don't get as much to do in the fourth part as they used to, the multi-faceted stories are over Woody, Bo peep, Forky and antagonist Gabby Gabby all the better. They are deep, modern, clever and heartwarming. Typical Pixar speaks Toy story Not only children, but all age groups and despite the extremely funny humor, the film tickles out one or two tears in other places.

In terms of tricks, no one in the animation area fooled this team - as usual, everything was simply grand. In the end, you can just take off your hat when a film studio manages to deliver four masterpieces at the same time.

# 10 crawl

In the Flop15 I got under my criticism too 47 Meters Down 2: Uncaged Already indicated that an animal horror film made it into the list of the best films of the year for me. Here he is: Crawl. It shouldn't work on paper. Family struggles to survive against alligators in their home, staged by Alexandre Aja, director of Piranha 3D. But the trailer already spoke to me and I had the hope that I would not be disappointed in the end. And it wasn't. Crawl was even better than I hoped.

You get a first-class staged, superbly crafted action horror film that is successfully anchored in the setting of a natural disaster. Alexandre Aja uses the film's almost only location, the family home, more like a character and not just like a conventional set. You learn in the course of Crawl Knowing the premises and architecture of the house well, can understand the plot well. The story seems more natural and authentic.

That got me a little bit Don't breathe (2015), who also handled it that way, even if the premise was different. Crawl with increasing playing time, the tension also increases properly and some very strong moments, which are skilfully underlined by the strong sound design and the, in my opinion, successful CGI alligators.

In contrast to most of the representatives of this genre, I was neither disliked nor completely indifferent to the characters. I was quite interested in the loose trappings of the characters. For me it was Crawl this year one of those surprises that you didn't have on your screen 12 months in advance.

# 9 Midsommar

With his feature film debut Hereditary - Das Vermächtnis hat Ari Aster set a bold mark last year and delivered one of the best horror films of the last decade. For me it was Hereditary also the best film of 2018 and beyond any doubt. Now 2019 stood with Midsummer directly to his second work and the entire film world was excited to see whether he would be able to build on this success and this high quality or whether he would become a one-hit wonder. Fortunately, we actually seem to have found a new hope among the directors in Ari Aster.

Midsommar is fantastic even if he is weaker than all in all for me Hereditary is. The biggest shortcoming for most viewers will be the length of 2.5 hours, in the Directors Cut even 3 hours. A very long time in which, to be honest, not much happened. Midsummer relies on building up an oppressive atmosphere and triggering this discomfort in the audience. But even if not that much happens at first, it is developed Ari Aster here a fascinating suction effect, which then shakes the last bored visitors in the cinema awake and leaves them disturbed in the last third.

About the virtuoso staging Asters