Deep well water is considered hard water

Drinking well water - what you should consider

Drinking well water and thus living self-sufficient in water, so to speak - that is the desire of many people. In fact, well water cannot simply be declared as drinking water. It may be necessary to treat the water before it can be used as drinking water. A domestic well therefore needs regular care, maintenance and water analyzes so that drinking well water is really fun and, above all, there are no health consequences. Because the operator himself is responsible for being able to drink the well water. No waterworks takes responsibility here. Anyone who is not connected to the public drinking water system must be responsible for the safety of their well water themselves - especially if others use this water.

What do I have to pay attention to so that I can drink my well water?

A clean environment is the best prerequisite for choosing a location. It is also important to get professional support when setting up your own well system. Because even minor mistakes can result in major contamination of the well water. And the dream of drinking well water would be over.

Comply with limit values ​​for well water and have safety

As soon as the well is only used by the well operator and his family, there is an obligation to examine the microbiological parameters. In order for you to be able to drink the well water, this examination must be carried out at least once a year. The health department defines the exact scope of the necessary analysis parameters in the chemical and physical area according to certain factors. These must be examined at least every three years.

If you pass your well water on to third parties, all analyzes are to be carried out at least once a year.

Control is the key to drinking calm well water

In both cases, regular maintenance and care of the well system is worthwhile. This is the only way to ensure that drinking the well water does not lead to any health problems. Water analyzes for well water can also be carried out in addition to the rhythm prescribed by law. This is recommended in any case so that all users can drink the well water. Because germs, pathogens and also toxic heavy metals in drinking water are not interested in the legally prescribed control rhythm. From a purely logical point of view, it would therefore be possible to absorb toxic substances from drinking well water for a long time, in spite of legally prescribed analyzes. This can be a danger, especially for children or people with health problems.

Can you drink well water? Please only with regular analysis!

House wells are an important and, above all, economically sensible part of the water supply, especially in rural areas. In order to be able to drink well water, however, the regular water analysis should be firmly entered in the appointment calendar. Here you can have your well water tested online!

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