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Entrepreneur's declaration: Download the form here

According to the Hessian Ministry of Economics and Transport, the entrepreneur's declaration serves to improve enforcement. It is intended to draw the client's attention to the requirements of the EnEV and thus support the energetic modernization of the building. It is also intended to contribute to EnEV-compliant building measures in existing buildings.

Entrepreneurial declarations include required if changes are made to external components (facades, windows, etc.) on or in existing buildings,

With the entrepreneur's declaration, the entrepreneur can present the quality of his work and prove that he has fulfilled his obligations with regard to the requirements of the EnEV for modified or built-in components or systems. Because he is also responsible for compliance with the EnEV requirements in addition to the client and the other parties involved in the construction. The Failure to issue an entrepreneur's declaration is an administrative offense.

The owner's declaration must be kept for at least five years and presented to the lower building supervisory authority on request. However, it is advisable to include them permanently in the building documents, for example as a document for a later energy certificate or as proof of quality for buyers, tenants and other authorized users of the building. Because of this, the VFF recommends adding the following note to the company declaration: "The present entrepreneur's declaration must be kept for at least five years and presented by the owner / client to the competent authority under state law on request. Please ensure that the above declaration is properly stored."

The EnEV stipulates that the enforcement authorities can randomly check whether the adjustments to the requirements of the new EnEV have actually been made.

For new buildings
Even with a new building, the client should always have an entrepreneur's declaration drawn up. It is valuable to confirm that the planned or better system technology or insulation has actually been installed. It serves the person authorized to provide evidence of thermal insulation as a basis for creating the energy certificate for the completed building (Section 16 (1) EnEV). This is because the provisional energy certificate created in the planning phase often has to be revised, as the construction process results in a different design of parts or system components, which has an impact on the energy certificate.

Entrepreneur's declaration outer shell
For the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthermal outer shells, the state guild association of the roofing trade of Hesse, in consultation with the Hessian Ministry of Economics, has drawn up a model of an entrepreneur's declaration and recommended its use. The entrepreneur's declaration can be used to certify the EnEV-compliant design for all areas of the outer shell (windows, walls, roof). The entrepreneur's declaration is made available as a downloadable PDF file that can be filled out and saved on the right. Entrepreneur declaration

A simple entrepreneur's declaration on the limitation of the heat transfer coefficient when installing, replacing and renewing components for the first time can be downloaded here: simple entrepreneurial declaration