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Liver pain: this is how you recognize liver damage

In many of those affected, liver damage is discovered late - because the liver does not hurt when it is damaged. It is all the more important to pay attention to the first warning signs of the disease. These physical signals should be taken seriously.

Persistent exhaustion and fatigue are often the first symptoms of liver damage. However, this is tricky, because most of those affected do not see the cause of their tiredness in organ damage - and they do not look for it there either. Many blame the persistent exhaustion on their job and let the doctor examine them far too late.

These symptoms could indicate a diseased liver

Other, unspecific symptoms should also make those affected sit up and take notice. For example, if the liver is damaged, water can build up in the abdomen, causing the core of the body to swell. This is often misinterpreted as ordinary weight gain or a beer belly.

According to the German Liver Foundation, other signs of liver disease are:

  • Yellowing of the eyes
  • Pain in the upper right abdomen
  • dark urine
  • white discolored nails
  • itching
  • Prone to bruising
  • spider-like visible veins (liver asterisks)

What are liver asterisks?

If the liver is already clearly damaged, small liver asterisks often appear on the skin. This is a star-shaped vessel enlargement that consists of a small artery in the middle and small veins arranged around it. Liver asterisks are mainly found on the head, neck, chest and arms. It is often first noticed on the face at the pressure points on the glasses.

Who belongs to the risk group

It is all the more important to have your liver values ​​checked regularly. The test is not part of the standard tests as part of the health check-ups, but those who belong to the risk group get paid for the examination.

In addition to people who are overweight and have high alcohol consumption, this also includes patients who take medication on a long-term basis. Anyone who has used drugs in the past or received a blood transfusion before 1992 belongs to the risk group for hepatitis C. The viral infection is one of the main causes of liver damage.

Good treatment options if diagnosed early

In Germany around 50,000 people die each year as a result of liver cirrhosis, around 8,000 from liver cancer. Many deaths could be prevented if the liver disease was discovered early, say experts. Treatment options for hepatitis and fatty liver have improved significantly. Nevertheless, it is important not to let it get that far at all. Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the biggest risk factors.

Alcohol is allowed in moderation

According to doctors, this does not mean complete renunciation. Women are therefore allowed to drink a quarter of a liter of beer or an eighth of a liter of wine per day. Men can take about twice as much, but the line should be drawn here. Because whoever drinks more over a longer period of time not only risks reversible fatty liver disease, but also liver cancer that is difficult to cure.

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