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Real's time in Rastatt is over: now comes Kaufland

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While the last shopping is being done inside, the turning point is already heralding in the entrance to the Rastatt Real-Markt. Shortly after 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, an employee hoists the red Kaufland flag, making it clear: The times of Real in Rastatt are over.

Remodeling will take place until Wednesday night: the new Kaufland store is supposed to open at exactly seven o'clock.

The 144 employees will all be taken over by the Heilbronn-based group and are looking forward to the new start: "We are very excited," was the message over and over again at a small farewell party on Saturday afternoon.

The anticipation of the new opening can be felt everywhere.
Damir Nezovic Deputy Store Manager

The deputy store manager Damir Nezovic describes the past few days as a “rollercoaster of emotions”: “On the one hand, they were of course marked by a certain pain in saying goodbye, and on the other hand, the anticipation of the new opening is palpable everywhere,” he says in an interview with BNN.

Nezovic is pleased that the company has finally invested in the Rastatt location in the stone scaffolding, which has a long food retail tradition.

New operator wants to invest millions

In the past few days, the conversion of the market in the former non-food area began. The first Kaufland shelves were set up behind barrier walls and the floors were renovated.

In the outdoor area, things really got going on Saturday lunchtime. Large-format banners will soon point out the new owner, who has also bought the building and plans to invest several million euros in the Rastatt location over the next few weeks.

The area of ​​the previous beverage store is to be rented out

Until Wednesday morning, when the doors open again at seven o'clock for the "soft opening", only the roughest work will be done. The shelves are exchanged, the weighing and cash register systems are converted to the Kaufland system and new freezers are installed.

The previous beverage store will no longer exist in this form, it will move into the main building. The part of the building of the former beverage market is to be rented out.

Small farewell party for the Real team

Meanwhile, the employees are excited about this Monday when they come to work for the first time as Kaufland employees. "It will look very different here: We are very excited," reports Diana Wagner at a small farewell party on Saturday in the former fruit and vegetable area.

There are no more goods here, only the scales remind you of what used to be here. Diana Wagner was active in the Rastatt Real store for 25 years. She is looking forward to the new Kaufland time and is certain: "It will be exciting".

In the final spurt, customers were looking for bargains

There is also anticipation among many customers who went to the Real market for the last time on Saturday. “We're still hoping for a bargain,” says Mareike Wagner. But there is not much left on the shelves. Moritz Hübner meanwhile doesn't even make it into the market. Because the doors are closed at 4 p.m. sharp.

The employees gather for one last photo, but walk with a laugh but also a little sadness through the now almost empty market, in which some of them have been working for decades.

Extensive renovation work by the end of July

"It will never look like this again here," says Damir Nezovic. While he and his colleagues hurry towards the exit, the craftsmen pour in through the back entrances. You now have three and a half days to turn a Real store into a Kaufland store. The renovation work should be finally completed by the end of July.

What employees and customers can expect can already be seen in Ettlingen. Kaufland also took over a Real branch there a few weeks ago. In Rastatt, this Monday, employees will enter the new store for the first time. Customers have to wait two days longer: they can come shopping from Wednesday.