Where can I sell chemicals in bulk?

Where can I buy food additives (not in bulk)?

I occasionally want a pure food additive for a variety of reasons (pure potassium chloride for sports drinks, pure MSG for everything) but I can't find any decent places to get it other than amazon.com. Now I'm looking for disodium inosinate, and even Amazon doesn't have that. I assume I'll be looking for weird things like this in the future. So I wonder where people buy food additives (other than bulk suppliers).


Hey guys, since the question was asked, they have opened the Modernist Pantry which is specially designed to cater to this need . They supply chemicals for molecular cuisine in consumer-sized servings.

For $ 10 or less each, you can order small quantities of emulsifiers, gelling agents, foaming agents, and so on. Spherification kits, the Texturas products and the Molecule-R range are also available.

Not sure how helpful I can be, but at least from a chemistry lab I can tell you may run into problems trying to buy food additives in such quantities. Things like potassium chloride are easy to get hold of because they have many uses outside of food and aren't really harmful unless you swallow the bottle whole. Many compounds are either opaque, difficult to manufacture, or toxic in large quantities. You may find that many additives are used in very small amounts and if you try to buy them from ie. As a chemical supplier, they get pretty expensive. For example the compound you refer to as sold by Sigma Aldrich (one such supplier). I found them here at $ 32.40 for a crappy 5 grams, and they aren't sold to individuals like most chemical suppliers don't.

Of course, the more frequent a particular connection, the more lucky you will be. With that in mind, you may have success on eBay (although of course you are skeptical of everything you buy, especially what you ingest!). I know I saw a few things there, including food-related things like benzoate salts (preservative), sodium saccharin (artificial sweetener), or food colors. Don't forget to make sure that everything you buy is USP quality (which means it is specially certified for food use) as this, in my opinion, places certain restrictions such as unlike general laboratory use certainly.

You may also be successful in finding uses for that additive in question and finding stores to target it. As a rushed example, I found Sodium EDTA, available from a photography supplier that I saw listed the mixed sodium / calcium salt as an ingredient in some items. That of course depends on how useful the additive is!

Maybe someone else can help you from a different perspective.

See also @ Kryptic's answer.

Only as a supplement, if you want to buy things from chemical suppliers, you want Food chemicals . Pharmacopaedists (e.g. BP, USP, etc.) are also fine.

and some background information. You can get chemicals in various grades from manufacturers such as: B. for analyzes, reagents, etc. These are intended for laboratory work and for purity and cross-reaction. The ingredient and purity are of the utmost importance (e.g. 99.5% - 100% pure). Food (and to some extent pharmacopedic) quality specify for (the absence of) harmful chemicals that are biologically active (e.g. heavy metals) and a little negligent (e.g. 98% -100%) in relation are on the actual purity.

Khymos has a list of suppliers on its website, organized by region.

Most of these are more geared towards the molecular food additives (E400-E499), but some of them may sell other additives as well.

Furthermore, if the product you are looking for is in the Texturas collection, you can have a look at Adria Dealer List.

Since MSG was also specifically asked: Many Asian grocery retailers carry the original brand MSG from Ajinomoto, which is usually supplied in transparent plastic bags with a red print. Also look there for food grade lye (used to make ramen and other alkaline noodles), food colors, and sometimes flavorings.

Everywhere that gluten-free baking is offered, you will find odd gums and fillers (xanthan, inulin).

Check out hardware stores that stock canned food during the canning season - I have some unusual additives (preservatives and pH regulators) that grocers don't typically stock.

Some old-school food chemicals (e.g. Hartshorn, Kali) are offered in stores that offer German-style Christmas bakeries in season.

Have you checked out your local wholesale markets? A new, not that one is tailored to the organic-natural clientele that was opened here. One of the containers in your spice area? MESSAGE.

In this context, bulk also means "take how much you need out of the trash can" and not "buy by the kilogram".

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