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Horoscope 2021

Do you want to hold on to the tried and tested or move into a new world with reforms? The astrologer Ute Flörchinger shows where the stars point us. It can only get better. The great annual horoscope for 2021.

The times are on system change. Urgent reforms will begin in 2021. This will have a particularly strong impact on the global monetary system and the economy. The upheaval will come, but with a Saturn year we are on the threshold between the desire to hold on to the tried and tested and the urge to change. There will be a glimmer of hope in the Covid-19 pandemic: If from February 9, Saturn enters into a positive aspect with the mythological healer Chiron for the first time, this could increase the chance of the beginning of the containment of the pandemic or of finding a cure . In general, the signs for a medical breakthrough are good in spring, June and the end of November. But even then, we will probably still feel the global effects of the pandemic until around 2024.

Let's look back on 2020: In January and spring in particular, very powerful cosmic cycles came to an end or will end on December 21, 2020. The result is that there will be a breakdown and a reorientation that will result from it. The corona crisis will probably stay in our minds for a long time as the trigger for the turning point. From an astrological point of view, Covid-19 is a "means to an end". Under the existing constellations, there could have been more armed conflicts or global natural disasters. Astrological cycles are the beginning of a new era. From astrological point of view, we will change from an earth epoch to the air epoch on December 21, 2020. Qualities such as flexibility, creativity and networked thinking will become increasingly important in all areas of life. Even if this new air epoch will now be valid for 200 years, we will feel the change in the form of crises, especially in the next three to four years. For the last 200 years we have been strongly influenced by the element earth, which has clearly manifested itself in our art and culture, but especially in the economy, the manufacturing industries and the financial world. The banking and insurance industry was able to establish itself strongly in the earth epoch that is now coming to an end. That is why this elemental change from earth to air will be felt as an upheaval in the economy and in the financial sector in 2021. In the early days of the air, new means of payment such as crypto currencies could become increasingly important. 2021 will be shaped by the main theme that there will always be conflicts between traditional, existing norms, structures and the need for complete upheaval. The preserver Saturn is in conflict with the renewer Uranus. We will feel these conflicts particularly clearly between January 9th and 27th, but also in February, June and finally in December 2021. In general, however, the idea of ​​freedom and the need for renewal will predominate.

In addition, the year from March 20th is under the reign of Saturn. Much will be checked in these phases. What can continue to exist? What do we still need? What can be renewed? The Corona crisis showed us where grievances can be remedied. The population will no longer adhere so rigidly to rules, but will try to enforce their right to freedom more. It is to be feared that there will be unrest around the world if the government rebels and takes to the streets. 2021 has the potential to be a year of uprisings around the globe. In addition, due to the strong emphasis on Aquarius, 2021 can also be a year of technical innovations or failures. Jupiter is together with Saturn in the technical sign Aquarius and in a strong tension aspect with Uranus, the troublemaker and ruler of Aquarius. This harbors the potential for disasters due to technical failures such as plane crashes, Internet outages on a large scale or the like. At the same time, this constellation with its powerful energy is also an ideal prerequisite for technological breakthroughs. 2021 will be exciting, and the first two months will show where the journey will lead.

PS: In the periods from January 30th to February 21st, May 30th to June 23rd and from September 27th to October 18th, 2021 Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in retrograde. That is almost three times three weeks a year in which special care is taken with contracts and negotiations of all kinds. Therefore the advice, with retrograde Mercury, not to make any important decisions and contracts or to review them if necessary.

The motto of the year for the Capricorns could be “First the pleasure, then the duty”, because the otherwise disciplined Capricorns are asked by some important constellations to focus on inspiration and joie de vivre. The dry spell of the last two years is now over and only those born at the end of Capricorn may struggle with health problems or become involved in power games. But even these rocky times you will be able to master with your stamina. 2021 will be a Saturn year, in which Saturn will place great value on discipline, order and compliance with rules, but the Capricorns are also under the positive influence of Neptune and Uranus. These innovation planets especially urge you to renounce overly strict structures and rules. You are encouraged to be open to new ideas. Especially if you work in the fields of marketing, communication or social affairs, you will be able to use these inspirations. For all Capricorns, it is true that you will have extremely good financial constellations. Jupiter provides abundance, and Saturn helps you manage it skillfully and wisely.

The Aquarius will be the most exposed sign of the zodiac in 2021. They will emerge from the shadows of recent years and take on more responsibility to show what talents lie dormant in them. As freedom-loving and original as you are in other times, it is now important for you to find a balance between freedom and discipline. Otherwise, Uranus, the ruler of your birth, ensures that the house blessing can hang a little wrong, as you are not yet so familiar with the new energy between freedom and responsibility and will sometimes rebel too much against existing rules as a result. You are torn between renewal and preservation. Aquarius born up to the end of January can also suffer health problems, as they can be affected by the tension between Uranus, the planet of the nervous system, and Saturn, the planet of the supporting apparatus and the bones. For all Aquarians, however, it is true that in love there will be animating and harmonious aspects almost all year round. In addition, the opportunity has never been so great to turn ideas into face value. The new air epoch, which begins on December 21, 2020, will support you so that you can fully develop your potential in the course of the year and also make full use of the royal constellation in your sign.


February 20–20. March

The fish are subject to strong ups and downs in 2021. Neptune, your ruling planet, can inspire you on the one hand and make you appear particularly charming on the outside. But it can also cloud you, especially if you were born between March 9th and 13th, and let you see a lot through rose-colored glasses. You can also be confronted with health issues in 2021 if you do not allow yourself the necessary peace and quiet. Finding balance should be the main learning task of the fish in 2021! Because at the same time as the influence of Neptune, you will be inspired by the free spirits Uranus and Lilith, especially in the first half of the year, and you will feel the urge to pursue new thought impulses and the desire for further training. In addition, Pluto will provide you with powerful energy and courage, especially if you were born March 15-17, so you might want to be in public at times. It is worth paying attention to these cosmic energies in 2021. This year you have the chance to make influential friends or to become a patron yourself. If Jupiter, the planet of fortunate coincidences, also supports you from mid-May to the end of July and from the end of December, this will ensure a harmonious end to the year.

“Off to new shores” can become your motto in 2021. If you have had the feeling of running into walls for the past two years, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. This phase is over. There are still small obstacles for the Aries born around April 15th, 16th and 17th, but everyone else has a free ride. In 2021 you will get to know many extraordinary people, as the so-called king constellation will prevail in the area of ​​encounters. This connection between Jupiter and Saturn supports you almost consistently in all your plans. Especially between mid-March and the end of April you will appear eloquent and you will be able to negotiate very skillfully. This will also exert a special attraction on the opposite sex. October should also be your month in love matters. On the other hand, you should take advantage of the opportunities that arise professionally in January, as this will be the most important month for your career planning. But even if you can't access it in January: Jupiter will rain lucky stars for you almost continuously in 2021, whether in love, with finances or at work. With confidence and perseverance, Saturn will support you throughout the year.

You will have the chance to break out of your routine and deadlock in 2021. This may be a bit too much of a worry for the security-loving Taurus, but this year you will have cosmic tailwinds from almost all sides, as long as you don't stick to your old structures. You should take the opportunity right at the beginning of the year, because from January 7th, Mars will strengthen you in your energy and there will be a need for renewal both in your job and in your private life. In the professional area in particular, you will be under the influence of the so-called royal constellation, so that in 2021 your determination and perseverance will also have a positive effect on your career planning. In June and July there will possibly be a short dry spell, as Saturn will give you the chance for structure, but this can also be experienced as a restriction in your personal development. These two months would be ideal for a vacation or a private retreat. At this time and in the months of October to December you will have a magical aura in love affairs, and Venus, the ruler of your birth, will ensure you cosmic support in the areas of partnership and finances.

The air epoch beginning in December 2020 will support the twins as a typical air sign, so that you can finally make your dreams come true. In addition, Saturn and Jupiter in the friendship sign Aquarius will have an additional strengthening effect in 2021. The only prerequisite is that you don't get bogged down too much and that you implement your plans in a structured manner, which will probably not be easy for you as a versatile twin. Especially in the professional field you will be asked between May 14th and July 28th not to build castles in the air and to remain realistic in your wishes. Nothing will stand in the way of your career planning for the rest of the year. Otherwise, you will almost always have good chances in all areas of life in 2021, with love being the focus in January, April, May and October, as the two love planets Venus and Mars will throw harmonious aspects into your area of ​​partnership. On the other hand, from August 10th to September 15th, the house blessing can sometimes go wrong if you overdo it with flirting. But ultimately it can be said for 2021 that you will get many opportunities, both professional and private. You can realistically assess your wishes, separate the wheat from the chaff and you will implement your goals.

The emotional Cancer will find a lot easier in 2021 than in previous years. The cosmic disturbances that have burdened you in the past 24 months have been a thing of the past since December 2020. Only the Cancers born from July 16 to 21 are still under the tension-filled influence of Pluto. All other Cancers can breathe a sigh of relief, because the constellations in 2021 will help you to romantic encounters and also to strengthened dynamism and assertiveness in all areas of life. Right at the beginning of the year, from January 10th to the beginning of March, you should seize the opportunities that arise, because then you can feel the constructive and strengthening influence of several important planets, including the two love planets Mars and Venus. All kinds of contacts and negotiations, both professional and private, can be experienced as particularly enriching. In addition to January and February, your best times should also include June and July, because during these months Jupiter, the planet of happiness, will empty its cornucopia especially for those born at the beginning of Cancer. In addition, Saturn 2021 shows its positive side and prevents you from slipping too much into emotions, but rather it makes you structured, offers you security and gives you a clear perspective, especially in financial matters.

The Lions will be challenged in many ways in 2021. In the area of ​​partnership you stand in a rollercoaster of feelings between limitation and freedom. Saturn in your partner area gives you the seriousness for a solid bond on the one hand, but also acts like a cosmic TÜV that will put relationships to the test. This will especially affect the lions born by August 4th. At the same time, Jupiter ensures unexpected happiness for all Leo, so that there can be an ups and downs in love almost continuously in 2021. Professionally, you will also have to do with the freedom-loving Uranus all year round, who can incite you to rash actions so that you cannot see clearly enough and on a whim you could endanger your career. However, this aspect is very useful if you work in a creative field, then you will be bursting with ideas and new impulses. In addition, Leo-borns have the following bright spots: April, June, July and September are good months to negotiate and conclude contracts. Thanks to a harmonious constellation of the lunar nodes, you will be able to make some very interesting contacts in 2021 and count on the generous support of your friends throughout the year.

Virgos count astrologically as a mobile earth, that is, they are realistic, reliable and structured, but as a mobile or flexible sign, it is easier for them to get involved in changes. Therefore, as a Virgo, you now benefit from the fact that an epoch change will take place from earth to air. You will be able to act like a bridge builder in these turbulent times. You can maintain the necessary earth structures, such as food supply, health issues, but you are open to innovations and you will adapt to the necessary restructuring in 2021. For those born between August 28th and September 7th, Uranus, the planet of changes, is also in a positive angle to the sun, which allows you to particularly benefit from this desire for renewal and inspiration. Pluto will also empower you and give you purposefulness so that 2021 will be a year when you are ready to take on new responsibilities and feel like you are in control. You can benefit from this power especially in the professional field. In addition, from mid-May to the end of July you will have an extremely happy time in love affairs.

For those born in Libra, a time of manifestation and fortune lies ahead. Harmony and enjoyment are right at the top of your agenda, and things will steadily improve for the Scales in 2021. Perhaps you will dare to make a fresh start in your career in 2021? Especially birth dates up to October 7th can hope for cosmic support, because Saturn will be at your side as a reliable helper. For all Libra, it would also be a good year for training and travel, as Jupiter will inspire you almost all the time and you will feel the urge to explore new horizons. In love, the beginning of January, the whole of April and October are particularly to be emphasized, because during these times Venus, your birth ruler, will delight you. In October, Mars will also provide crackling eroticism.A special feature applies to Libra in 2021: If you are concerned with family planning or new creative projects, you can count on cosmic support this year, as you will have the so-called king constellation in the field of creativity and children. This constellation will support you in all matters of creativity, fun, but also starting a family. Things that you have dreamed of for a long time will be crowned with success in this phase.

2021 will be a very multifaceted and turbulent year for Scorpios. Especially those born up to November 6th will experience a variety of cosmic influences, both constructive and nerve-racking. The beginning will be made by the cosmic examiner Saturn, who has tension aspects in store for you all year round. The house blessing can often hang wrong, as this constellation will particularly affect the Scorpios in the family area. In addition, the freedom-loving Uranus will also cause unrest in the partner area, so that a feeling of private burdens can quickly arise. Relationships will be on trial especially in January and February. But there are also positive outlooks for the Scorpios: Pluto, the ruler of your birth, gives you a charismatic aura that you can use in a targeted manner in 2021. Especially when it comes to negotiations and professional contacts, you can score with this energy, but you can also use this aspect for yourself in the private sphere. Jupiter, the planet of happiness, also alleviates any private tensions for you from mid-May to the end of July, so that you can enjoy the summer months. Neptune will support you all year round in your creativity, but also in the art of enjoying life.


November 23–21. December

Those born in Sagittarius can count themselves among the cosmic children of happiness in 2021. Especially in love matters, you will have excellent chances of finding your soul mate all year round. When Lilith moves into your partner house from July 19th, the eroticism won't be long in coming. But also from a professional and financial point of view, with the exception of a short period from late May to early July, you can bask in success most of the year. In January and February the stars will be particularly favorable for lucrative profits and negotiations, so that you should not miss this opportunity and concentrate more on your career. Only your health could suffer from too much nervousness and tension in 2021. In February in particular, it would be advisable to approach things a little more carefully and to allow yourself a little more rest according to the motto “hurry with a while”. With constancy and structure, you will be able to look forward to a year of positive twists and happy coincidences thanks to Saturn in positive connection with your personal lucky planet Jupiter. Before those constellations dissolve at the end of December, you can use the so-called king constellation for yourself in 2021 and bring yourself a big step closer to your personal goals.

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