What is the most thorough CrossFit workout

Trend sport: How dangerous is Crossfit?

Crossfit is the workout of the hour. What's behind it? And how dangerous is the high-intensity training? Crossfit trainer and doctor Adrian Gyimesi provides information.

Crossfit is the toughest workout in the world. Is that correct?

How hard a training session is is a matter of opinion. Due to the principle of constantly alternating training stimuli and the short but intense units, it is definitely harder

as a classic fitness workout.

Is It More Effective Than A Workout In The Gym?

Yes, in relation to common goals for fitness customers, such as looking better and getting fitter, without a doubt. The advantage of Crossft compared to training in the gym lies in the close-knit support and constant progression through changing, coordinatively demanding loads. In addition, the group format makes it much easier to overcome your weaker self.

Is it also suitable for beginners?

In Crossfit, all exercises are adapted so that top athletes can train alongside beginners. We are talking about scaling here.

For example, a squat can only be done with the

body weight or additionally with a barbell

be completed on the back. The aim of this is that too

sporty newcomers regardless of age and gender

Can do crossfit. After all, you always have to

start somewhere.

What is behind the Crossfit abbreviation WoD?

The workout of the day is the culmination of every training session.

A classic example would be 9 deadlifts, 12 pushups, and 15 box jumps. This course is then repeated as often as possible for 15 minutes.

Is that not dangerous?

If the exercise is carried out correctly by the competent supervision of a reputable Crossfit gym, Crossfit can be started without any prior knowledge. In my experience, injuries seldom result from accidents.

Often one's own abilities are overestimated. Our

In such cases, the body can take incorrect and excessive loads

Compensate until the weakest link in the

Chain reports. For example, tendons or

Bursitis on the shoulder. In addition to a

Thorough care on the training area is therefore that

Participants are asked to take responsibility for themselves.


Dr. med. Adrian Gyimesi is co-founder of Crossfit Turicum and a doctor at the Balgrist University Hospital. In the 2012/13 season he was also a team doctor at GC Zurich.