Are all NASA recordings fake?

NASA astronauts without helmets: Photo was taken during training on earth

06.01.2020 – 12:58

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A black and white photograph is circulating on social networks. It shows men in space suits who do not wear helmets. Because the environment at first glance resembles the surface of the moon, the claim is made that one can breathe on the moon. Skeptics see in the picture a proof that humans never landed on the earth's satellite and that all recordings of the moon missions on earth were taken (

EVALUATION: The picture shows astronauts preparing for the Apollo 16 lunar mission on Earth. The difference to images of the moon can be clearly seen on color photos.

FACTS: The photo was taken on February 6, 1972 and shows the moon rover and the crew of Apollo 16: US astronauts Charles Duke, John Young and Thomas Mattingly (from left) prepared for their mission in the Kennedy Space Center on the east coast of Florida in front.

The recording can be found on the official profile of the US space agency NASA in the Flickr image service ( On a color version of the picture with a larger detail, vehicles, plants and buildings can be seen in the background (

On April 16, 1972, Apollo 16 took off with the aim of landing on the moon. The crew should examine a plateau on the earth's satellite and use an ultraviolet camera for the first time (

The astronauts landed on the lunar surface on April 21, 1972, European time. During the subsequent inspections, the men wore their helmets (

If you compare color photos from training ( and moon landing (, the different nature of the surroundings is clearly evident.

The press reported not only about the moon mission, but also about the training of the Apollo 16 crew in the simulated lunar environment (

Around 50 years after the first moon landing, Apollo 16 crew member Charles Duke described conspiracy theories as absurd. If you had faked the moon landing, you would have done it once - but not several times, said the now 80-year-old astronaut (



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