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  • Bad experience with CPT

    • Advantages: inexpensive
    • Disadvantage: incompetent, cheeky answers to complaints

    I can only agree with the opinions here, although most of them are older. I only had bad experiences with CPT, both with the mattress (Hydrovital) and the customer service. The mattress smelled strongly of chemicals. The smell scared me off so much that I didn't want to keep the mattress. Instead of allowing me to return it, it went back and forth. Then when I wrote a bad review, CPT offered me a 50% discount if I delete it. Of course I didn't do that and didn't find the behavior exactly trustworthy. In any case, I won't buy anything there!


  • No shipping costs will be reimbursed for returns.

    • Advantages: inexpensive
    • Disadvantage: poor service, incorrect information about the product

    First of all for the "data administrators" from CPT: I can substantiate all of my information with email correspondence, photos of the mattress delivered and copies of the shipping covers. So don't even bother to have this rating removed.
    I'll start with the positive. The prices are really acceptable, shopping was easy, payment via PayPal and delivery was quick. As long as you think the delivered mattress is good and you don't want to withdraw from the purchase, you can probably recommend CPT.
    Now to the negative: The mattress was given as "approx. 16 cm high". But there was a roll mattress, which even after 48 hours of spreading it out did not exceed 12cm. I think that the 25% difference is no longer covered by the word "approximately".
    The start page literally says "100% free shipping", but in fact you have to pay a flat rate of € 4.90 for a mattress.
    There was no invoice with the delivery, only on request by email I was sent an invoice in the form of an email and an attached HTML text. Whether that would be legally useful for me at some point, I'll leave it open.
    The "Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100" advertised on the website cannot be verified either, as there was no marking on the mattress. Neither a test number nor an indication of the ingredients.
    As the mattress, as already mentioned, did not reach the height I expected, I could not use it in our double bed due to the different heights and rebuked my purchase by email. I also got a quick reply with instructions on how to proceed. I was asked to convert the roll mattress, which had meanwhile expanded to its full size, back to its original size and roll it up. Many customers might have given up here because it wasn't easy. But already wise from online purchase damage, I had left the original packaging completely, and with the help of adjustable tensioning straps I was able to persuade the mattress to fit into the packaging again within 2 days by tightening it several times.
    Then I should give the mattress to the nearest GLS shop, which, although I live in a city with over 20,000 inhabitants, was unfortunately 20km away. But I (had to) put up with that too.
    The purchase price was returned to me by return of post via PayPal, but without the flat-rate shipping fee of € 4.90. Upon request by email, I was briefly informed that the shipping costs were already included in the refunded amount. That was a bold lie, as I could clearly see with PayPal what I had paid and what I got back. When I asked again by email, I didn't hear anything for several days, even though the email traffic was always going within a few hours. The motto “hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing” was the order of the day.
    And of course the costs for the return delivery were not included in the remittance, which at least amounted to € 15.30 (by the way: I unfortunately only found out afterwards that returns can always be sent freight collect, no matter what the shop wants; that I would have done otherwise). To do this, I was finally informed after another reminder by email that I had to send the original shipping receipt as proof. Well, that's the first time I've heard that, but what the heck. So I made a copy of the receipt (I'm not stupid and give the only proof out of my hand) and send it to them.
    Since (mid-December) I haven't heard from them despite several emails from me.
    I have therefore now initiated a dunning notice from the dunning court.
    If they hope that I don't feel like bothering to sue for my rights because of the few euros, then they are wrong with me.
    Let's see if they let it go to the judge. 99% not.


  • Back pain, saggy!

    • Advantages: fast processing, fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses

    Satisfied at first, but then .....

    The mattress is worn out after only 3 months.
    Despite turning, turning and that regularly!

    The degree of hardness is also right, I noticed when I bought it.

    The mattress is the horror, I only wake up with back pain. She is only a few months old.

    The mattress tends to form pits, I just say hands off!

    Unfortunately I'll have to buy a new one again!


  • Threats if one evaluates neutrally

    • Advantages: inexpensive
    • Disadvantage: Threat in the event of a neutral assessment

    I bought the 7 zone mattress: TOP (7 ZONES) AQUAFLEX K1 PREMIUM DELUXE PLUS MATTRESSES - 7 ZONES SELECTABLE on Ebay from CPT Traumland.
    I should have taken the normal one without the 7 zones. The 7 zone mattress is wavy on the top and bottom of the foam. The waves should therefore be the 7 zones. But you notice the waves through the cover. I just find it a bit annoying and also cheap. But because of the price I knew what to expect and I don't complain either.
    After I left a neutral rating on Ebay, Traumland contacted me. If I would change the rating to a positive one, they would pay me 15 euros. They wrote this to me twice. The third mail said the following:


    you have already written to us several times without any reaction. Since you do not contact us, we hereby withdraw the guarantee of your mattress and, in the event of damage, offset our damage against yours according to the BGB

    Mfg your TEam from CPT

    A really annoying company.


  • Traumland sends goods without an invoice / receipt

    • Disadvantage: bad service, bad advice, poor service


    I bought a mattress from the company mentioned above and wanted to return it, which is my right as a buyer. I wrote a few emails to the company about how to proceed because the goods are bulky and I had to repackage them. I have to bear the return costs, I agreed to that. But when I started to explain to them that they had sent me the goods without a receipt / receipt / invoice and I asked them to send them to me, they ignored my emails and no longer answered. According to the motto "What else does he want to send back without a receipt?" Yes, of course, if you don't add one, you save yourself some returns. Now I stay seated on the mattress. So from a company that supposedly supplied 150,000 satisfied customers, I expect goodwill.

    Goodwill is not required here. If you don't care, you've come to the right place.

    Have a nice day and thank you for nothing.


  • CPT Premium mattress

    • Advantages: Fast processing, inexpensive, fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses
    • Disadvantage: bad advice

    Who is not paused by the description and the low price. I read a lot of reviews regarding this mattress before finally ordering the CPT Premium mattress.

    Only 4 months ago I bought a ton of pocket spring core mattresses for almost € 350. After about 3 months the back pain came and I didn't know that at its best until then. I then set up an air bed to see whether it was on my back or on the mattress, sleeping on the air bed is not a fulfillment of life but it was initially painless. So what to do after the time you can't give the mattress back.
    Now I was really at a loss, buy another one and spend a lot of money again. Don't want to open a shop and collect mattresses. I decided on this one without further ado. So first of all 5 stars for the short delivery time, it was about 5 working days, but after 2 days it was there.

    Oh dear, I thought it should be, then I unpacked it and what can I say after 2 days of getting used to it, I can sleep through the night again. The pain is not completely gone, but I had to sit on the barrel mattress in front of the bed at night because I was in so much pain this is no longer the case. Took the H3 because I have 103 kg, I think the H2 would have been better for me, because the H3 is already pretty hard.
    But I think this is subjective. For me, an absolute buy recommendation for this product. Great mattress great price fast delivery what more could you want. Addendum: I've been sleeping on it for a long time, top no more back pain, I've been sleeping like a baby again. So buying is a must here


  • I can not complain

    • Advantages: Fast processing, inexpensive, fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses

    Hi first!

    I looked through quite a few forums, but too late ...... because I had already ordered the mattress.

    Aqua Flex 7 zones

    At first I was shocked and wanted to withdraw from the purchase.
    Well, but by then it was delivered and my neighbor had accepted it for me. (Shipping was really fast).
    Well, that's how it works!

    So I figured you would try to sleep on it for a night and form your own opinion.

    I have to say I slept like a baby: D Top!

    Can't understand the bad reviews here, I paid € 87 and that's really no money. My old one from the mattress shop cost 399 € and wasn't really any better.

    What do you expect for the price?
    In addition, you should buy them in the correct H number (weight) otherwise every mattress is modest ....

    The mattress adapts well, and only the heavier parts of the body sink in ..... that's how it should be ... or not?

    on the 2nd day my girlfriend was there and she was immediately enthusiastic.

    I am very satisfied and can really recommend them for this price anyway.



  • Musty smell

    • Advantages: fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses
    • Disadvantage: bad service

    Strong musty smell- request by email at cpt- I should spray the mattress with febreze! Aha?


  • Maybe the mattresses should be tested :-)

    • Advantages: inexpensive, fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses
    • Disadvantage: poor service, reduced goods cannot be exchanged

    Neither with goods nor with customer service had good experiences.


  • Editor's note

    We were asked by the manufacturer to remove some of the opinions written here because they contained untrue statements of fact. In particular, the statements of several users were disputed that the mattresses would tend to wear out quickly and to form cavities more quickly. Since we cannot prove these statements, we are forced to remove them from our portal.

    We also had to remove some positive opinions that violated our Terms of Use because they were evidently written out of commercial interests.

    Best wishes
    Your team from


  • answer

    Perhaps the mattresses should be checked :-) I'm sure something will come to light.


  • answer

    Hello test reports team,

    the manufacturer is Breckle, but this is about the seller, who tries to delete negative reports. CPT itself writes "We have unlawful reports, comments and users warned." The goal is not just to warn, but to delete it in order to shine with 5 star reports. Indeed
    these are anything but credible for me.

    For me everything is very dubious anyway, because 100% free shipping within Germany is advertised with a seal on the home page. Under Expiry and Shipping I read about a flat rate shipping cost

    No matter how many parts you buy, you always pay only € 4.90 shipping costs (valid for Germany).

    Second, advertises with pollutant tested according to Oeko Tex Standard 100, but without specifying the test number and test institute, this is worthless and invalid.

    Contact 0900 phone number .....


  • My purchase from CPT

    • Advantages: fast processing, inexpensive

    Hello, I happened to see this forum and would like to share my experience.

    About 4.5 years ago I bought an Aquaflex cold foam mattress 140x200 for 89 euros from on Google.

    Basically, I was pretty happy too. The cover only had a one-sided zipper, so it was quite difficult to take it off and wash it.

    The company has changed that in the meantime, the mattresses now all have a three-sided zipper. Is optimally removable and washable at 95 degrees, but a few more words.

    The lying comfort was very satisfactory. I like it a little tighter and that's why I chose H3. I knew that the slatted frame should not be more than 3cm apart, because cold foam mattresses could otherwise push themselves through if the distances were too great and could be damaged.

    Half a year ago I bought a new Aquaflex because the old one gave in so slowly. Didn't turn the old one regularly either, but who does that :.) even though I knew it. Of course you don't have to turn mattresses so often for 500 euros, but the price difference must come from somewhere.

    I had researched and read in Google that the mattress should be turned every 14 days, also of higher quality, as it supports the longevity.

    I also find it logical that if only one side is loaded, the mattress has a hollow faster than if you turn it every now and then.

    The driver's seat in my old Opel is no longer so great after 5 years.

    Here are my order details or confirmation, as one or the other is apparently often questioned here.

    CPT GmbH Service Team Auf der Kaiserbitz 16 51147 Cologne

    Heinrich-Heine-Platz ++

    D-30890 Barsinghausen

    Invoice no .: 14099

    PACKAGE NUMBER: 50199708xxx
    Dear Sirs and Madames,
    According to your order, we will charge you the following order:
    Customer no .: 219042004 / **** traumland **** - 51907_XTC_441831
    Item No.
    VAT rate
    AQUA FLEX K1 Premium Comfort Mattress 140x200
    Degree of hardness: H3 (0-115kg / per person)
    (19 %)
    89.95 EUR
    89.95 EUR
    89.95 EUR
    4.90 EUR

    Total gross
    94.85 EUR

    Total excluding taxes.
    79.71 EUR
    15.14 EUR

    VAT Amount:

    15.14 EUR

    After a more detailed inquiry, I was informed that the supplier had been changed because the Breckle quality was not that great and there were still too many complaints.

    According to a statement by an employee on the hotline, the volume weight was increased to a weight for H2 to approx. RG28 and H3 to approx. RG30, or whatever that means and, as mentioned, the reference changed from one-sided to three-sided.

    I have washed the cover about 4 times and everything is fine.

    In the past, there were mostly problems with the H2 version, because the weight was not that high. So I'm glad I chose H3 back then.

    It has now lasted for almost 4 years, which I think is really good for the price and that's why I bought it there again. Of course, because of the positive changes, I hope that the mattress might make it a few years longer this time.

    So it has lasted for almost 4 years, so I think the price / performance ratio is really okay.

    After the reports here, I immediately asked for the valid Ökotex No. and it was confirmed to me that the company was in an ongoing certification process and had applied for its own confirmation number at Ökotex in Hohenstein. Apparently you do that when you have several suppliers and you cannot specify all of them. You will be sending them to me in the next few days.

    I am curious and will write them in here as soon as I have them.

    If I have forgotten something, please write to me.

    Greetings from Barsinghausen


  • Editor's note

    We have blocked or shortened a few of the reviews submitted for your dream country, because the provider informed us through his lawyer that in his opinion the now deleted opinions and comments are untrue or otherwise violate applicable law.

    We have also contacted a few authors of testimonials to dispel the allegation of false statements of fact. These reports will remain on our side at least until the deadline set.

    Best wishes
    Your team from


  • answer

    The well-known behavior of Instead of satisfying the customer, it is better to go to work to delete comments and reports from rating portals that do not please.

    In my opinion, positive reports are not written by customers, but written by themselves ... and then applauded by CPT GmbH.

    Other review portals have partially deleted the positive reviews because some things were inconsistent.

    Such as the report from SLG from Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 2:11 p.m .:

    "The mattress was delivered yesterday by a very nice supplier via GLS.
    Our opinion is:
    Our backs probably had to get used to the good comfort and ergonomics first. That took about 3-4 days but since then we've been sleeping better than we have had in a long time. "

    Well delivered yesterday and they are already sleeping 3-4 days later ......... such nonsense should be deleted here too!

    Ebay even threatens a lawyer if the rating is bad. Therefore, 296 are negative or neutral ratings for this seller, processed by buyers.

    The company advertises with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, but without a test number and test institute, see for yourself: this is worthless and misleading.

    The certificate that was sent to me by email at that time (to be called up again here: had test number 09067112 and is invalid. see Simply enter the verification number and the invalidation is confirmed.

    Ehi Siegel .... verified online shop and trusted shops provide security and honest customer ratings.


  • answer

    Test reports as a portal are worthless with these processes.
    Potential customers are deceived with a system:

    Here are only the 'reports' that are removed on other portals for a good reason and not at the request of a lawyer - untruthful reports from actual customers can be deleted.


  • answer

    I looked again at various internet archives.
    This 'company' has now managed to polish itself from the traffic jam 'Poor' and 'Satisfactory' to 'Good' by means of threats.
    If you are interested in the actual customer opinions, you should use the web archive, also on the subject of EHI seal abuse (search reference: March 2011). Google alone is of little help, the cache is regularly overwritten. I could like to set links ...

    This is about the rating of a retailer and not about any products. In that case I got to know both as questionable - and for me has meanwhile also become implausible.


  • answer

    oh no ............. that's new information. Breckle mattresses are no longer sold because there have been too many complaints. Ms. Eder from Breckle certainly doesn't like to hear that :-) I thought the mattresses were so valued and positively rated by over 250,000 customers. My invoice number was in the 4-digit range, your 5-digit number and 250,000 satisfied customers ..... does something notice anything ????
    Your described one-sided zippers .............. that was a drill cover that is used for manufacturing purposes :-( was sold to me as washable by Cpt.
    Now to turn the mattresses ................... my new mattress has been on the slatted frame for over 2 years and does not need a turn to remain stable.
    You buy cheap mattresses and then have a chat with the expensive hotline (0900 number) ???
    I understand ........ Volume weight is important, but that should already be visible on the homepage.
    Your mattress with the low RG of 30 will not give you long pleasure, because an RG below 40 is the lowest quality, if you can still speak of quality.
    Now to the certification of the mattresses. So you bought a mattress with an Oeko Tex certificate ... which is still being tested ??? Are you missing something ... are you okay ???
    How can a company like CPT advertise mattresses with certification if the mattresses still have to pass the strict test criteria ???? What if carcinogenic dyes are detected ???? For this reason, have you already washed the cover of your half-year-old mattress 4 times ???

    Since, according to you, the company is in a state of upheaval with regard to mattresses ... the customer service should also be refined.
    Oh ... there are the ugly terms and conditions ................ such as B. Reduced goods are excluded from the guarantee. There is probably no mattress at CPT that is not reduced.
    That's it for me today and I would appreciate an authentic review more ... but it was nice to read new things from you.

    Ps. On the homepage of Cpt is advertised with 100% free shipping (little seal) within Germany .... € 4.90 is not free shipping for me.


  • answer

    Every opinion that you as a consumer write on is important to us. Therefore, we always defend your opinion against resistance from third parties and never delete an opinion from without having exhausted all possibilities to receive it.

    If we object to an opinion, we are obliged to check it. To do this, we contact the author (as in this case) and ask him to provide us with evidence to support his claims. With the help of our opinion author, it is then possible for us to defend statements in a legally reliable manner.

    If this does not succeed, we are legally obliged to remove the unsubstantiated claims from In these cases we will always inform you about deletions and report who has questioned the statements.

    Best wishes
    Your team from


  • Aqua FLEX K1 Royal

    • Advantages: reliable, inexpensive, fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses

    At first I decided on a HYDRO Vital 100x200cm for 49.95 € because I thought this would be enough for me. It was delivered that same week.
    Unfortunately I had to find out that it wasn't what I had imagined.
    I wanted to inform CPT by e-mail that I would like to withdraw from the purchase. After a correspondence about 3 mails I was convinced to choose another model.

    I then sent the HYDRO Vital back to CPT and ordered an Aqua FLEX K1 Royal or something similar in 100x200cm.
    This mattress was also delivered very quickly and looked much higher quality.

    The mattress has been in use for around 3 months. I sleep better than on my old one, but that's because the old mattress was totally worn out.

    In terms of quality, the mattress from CPT can keep up with that from the discount furniture store. Back then ... I paid € 85 for my mattress.

    But I also have to say that the mattress at CPT was set from € 119 to € 69.95. For the regular price I would not buy this mattress for 119 € I expect a little more.

    At the price of 69.96 € and the smooth process, I would award a good.

    It's a shame that you don't have half stars to choose from, I would have liked to give 3 1/2 because 4 with (almost perfect) would have been too much of a good thing.



    • Advantages: friendly, fast processing, inexpensive

    My mattress purchase from CPT.

    I was looking for a 160 x 200cm mattress.
    In most forums you can read that cold foam mattresses are probably ideal.
    The mattresses adapt to the body and still keep their shape.

    So I entered 160x200 7-zone cold foam mattress as the search term on Google.
    And I promptly landed on the website of the CPT company.

    Furthermore appeared in the search with some articles about the company CPT. These were very positive and promising.

    So it went on the side of CPT. There I decided to buy a # 7 ZONEN PREMIUM WATERCELL wellness cold foam mattress for € 159.50. The company CPT advised me to use hardness grade 2 for a height of 176cm and 75kg.

    The mattress arrived within 2 working days.
    Delivery took place via GLS. The mattress was packed in thick-walled plastic film in such a way that no traces of transport could be found on it.

    After unpacking the mattress, I left it for a day so that the cold foam could fill with air. After 1 day the mattress had reached the desired size of 160x200cm and a height of 16cm.

    The 7 zones could be felt directly. It struck me straight away that one sings in easily but the pelvis is still well supported ...
    With my old mattress, it was unfortunately the case that I sank too deep and mostly had back pain the next day.

    I have used the mattress every day for the past 3 months. So far, the sleeping comfort is still like on the first day.

    I have also tested the cover unintentionally. After breakfast in bed, the cover met with a glass of orange juice ☺.

    Then, thanks to the zipper, the cover was removed from the mattress and put in the washing machine.
    After washing and spinning in the machine, the cover still had the same shape and could easily be pulled back over the mattress.

    I am completely satisfied with the 7-zone mattress from CPT and will probably buy from CPT again in the future.

    Greetings from Bavaria


  • Cheap and good

    • Advantages: competent, friendly, reliable, inexpensive, fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses

    So now I get in touch and describe my purchase from the CPT company.
    In short, I was looking for a mattress for our guest room. The requirement for the mattress should be that it has a 7 zone core, a removable cover and of course not too soft and that it retains its shape even after sleeping on it several times.

    Why CPT! That was probably more of a coincidence.
    I searched the internet for mattresses in a price range from 80 to 180 € and found 4 companies. But since I couldn't cope with the offers, I wrote to all 4 companies and the first thing I received from CPT was a satisfactory answer with a recommendation for a product from their range. (the old saying first come, first served) ...
    The product a 7 ZONE WATERCELL cold foam mattress 100x200 in H2 for 89.90 added to the shopping cart and paid via PayPal.
    Then, to my astonishment, I had to find out that the goods were delivered the next day via GLS. I have not selected express delivery. TOP.
    So now down with the packaging and off to the slatted frame with the mattress. The good thing has been doing its job there for about 7 months and had already had a lot of backs on it in the time from the mother-in-law to the student (2 months student exchange from the daughter).

    What struck me during that time, unfortunately the mother-in-law still likes to visit;) and there were no other complaints. In the end, I slept on it for 2 nights and I have to say that the 7 zones make it very comfortable to lie on. The mattress has not lost its shape either. I have already washed the cover twice for reasons of hygiene and I did not notice any changes in the material there either.

    Conclusion: The mattress completely fulfills the dwarf for me and I can only recommend it at a price of 89.90 €. So that there are no misunderstandings here with a mattress for e.g. € 580, as I have in my bed, it cannot be compared. But that shouldn't be like comparing a VW Polo with a BMW 5 series.

    I hope I could help.

    Greetings Marco M.


  • answer

    Very interesting report.

    it is always nice to experience satisfied customers.

    Unfortunately, the 250,000 satisfied customers write far too seldom because they are just satisfied.

    We have unlawful reports, comments and users warned.

    We do not know the positive reporters because we have written to hundreds to give their opinion in public forums.

    This is just as legal as producing bad reports.

    Various other public forum users also pay for creating these reports, see

    In our opinion it is even more questionable.

    Since comments are often made that have questioned the seriousness, we now write to our customers in a targeted manner.

    These may supplement the reports by stating your individual order or order number.

    We have also informed our customers if they would like to write a public report, possibly even copying the original invoice.

    We want to prevent the permanent positive rapporteur being put down here.

    There are always a few outliers who think they have to make others bad.

    I am actually surprised that these couple have not yet taken a position here.

    Since the wrong degree of hardness is often chosen, here is a little help.

    Mattresses are offered with different degrees of hardness. These are not standardized, but, strictly speaking, at the discretion of the producers, who usually offer two levels

    Degree of hardness 2 or degree of hardness 3

    If you want to order a mattress with the right degree of firmness, the customer's body weight is usually taken into account.

    This gives you an approximate value, which, however, further depends on the mattress model and how you feel.

    This rough rule of thumb often does not meet the needs of the customer, because body shape, height, age, state of health and living / sleeping habits as well as especially the choice of mattress type also play an important role.

    A mattress or 7 zone cold foam mattress should support the regeneration of the body in connection with the suitable slatted frame.

    The best way to do this is by letting the spine take on the naturally given double S shape.

    The height of the mattress or 7 zone cold foam mattress plays a role that should not be underestimated.

    The higher it is, the easier it is to avoid compression, which occurs when the mattress filling can no longer yield to the pressure of the body lying on it. It should be at least 14 cm core height.


  • "Dream mattress" from dreamland

    [...] I bought one. I have to admit that the mattress was cheap and it was delivered quickly. And, those are the only positive events. And then it started: from night to night, my sleep has turned into a nightmare. I could hardly sleep because of severe back pain. And the highlight was a few days ago: I couldn't get out of bed. I was paralyzed in the back.
    After my complaints, I only got one answer: "The withdrawal period has passed". And then heroic silence.
    The 10 year guarantee! In what situations? If you buy a TV and it doesn't work properly, there is a guarantee! And .. if the mattress doesn't work properly ???


  • Sleep well

    • Advantages: friendly, fast processing, reliable, inexpensive, fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses

    After my divorce I bought a 30 Euro Ikea spring mattress for my new apartment.

    It was very, very soft, but that didn't really bother me.

    I am a sturdy guy with a healthy back

    Logically I didn't bother with mattresses, I just wanted something to sleep on.

    Later, through my girlfriend, who already had an Aquaflex mattress, I first noticed the difference to a really comfortable mattress and myself

    also bought one in the shop
    1140200 in 140x200 for 99.95
    RG 13090 bought on January 14th, 2011 (for the doubters)

    I sleep very well on it, even today and that was a good two years ago.

    Of course, I've also read the reviews here. There the talk is mainly of hollows.
    I don't notice a hollow
    So I honestly looked for a hole ... I just can't find one.

    I (still) have no back pain or anything and think the mattress is a - square, practical, good for every day mattress.

    No matter what anyone thinks, I am very happy with the mattress


  • answer

    I don't understand your mentioned RG ..... please correct it, or don't you know it because the low RG of Cpt is not given :-)


  • Wellness at an affordable price

    • Advantages: competent, friendly, fast processing, reliable, inexpensive, fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses

    My search for a mattress really took me a while, but the search was worth it !!!
    Even though I'm only 26, my back has been causing me real problems for a good two and a half years.
    My sleep was restless and in the mornings I felt exhausted. Who should be able to cope with everyday life without energy, let alone learn and concentrate?
    The logical conclusion was that I urgently needed a new mattress. Since I'm a student, I don't have too much budget, which is why I set myself a limit of around € 130. Unfortunately, I had to find out that it is not that easy to find something that suits me individually.
    After all, I didn't want "just any" mattress, but a mattress that would let me sleep peacefully and protect my back.
    I came across CPT by rummaging around in some rating portals and forums.
    I think it's really important to be able to exchange ideas. To inform yourself and to inform other people about good or bad products.
    Since I had already heard from a friend that this type of mattress was very good, I decided on the 7 ZONE PREMIUM WATER CELL wellness cold foam mattress 100x200
    Degree of hardness: H3 (order number 337001616)
    I have included the order number because you hear very often that reviews are fake.
    So far, I can really say with enthusiasm that my complaints have decreased significantly and my sleep has become deeper.
    I don't wake up as often at night as I usually do. I can't yet say what it will look like in a few weeks' time, whether the mattress will retain its comfort and continue to offer stability. I am very confident!
    If this is not the case, I will speak up again :)


  • Negative experience

    • Advantages: fast delivery of the vacuum-packed roll mattresses
    • Disadvantage: unfriendly, poor service, useless money spending

    I was also tempted to order by positive reviews.
    It was already clear to me that I couldn't get a high-tech mattress for this money, but I hadn't expected this foam at all.