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After the Laschet victory : Merz is losing support in the CDU

Friedrich Merz gets sidelined in the CDU after his surprising attempt to immediately take over the Federal Ministry of Economics, even with previous supporters. "The way he behaved, he shoots himself out except for his fundamental supporters," said a well-networked delegate.

Merz has become a sad figure, the CDU could use everything, but no "egoists". It was better "that he did not become," said a Merz supporter.

After his defeat by the new CDU leader Armin Laschet, he claimed the ministry headed by the CDU politician Peter Altmaier, as a price, so to speak, for supporting Laschet.

The long-time Merz supporter Thomas Bareiß, parliamentary state secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics, kept a distance in public: "I believe that the gap left by Friedrich Merz must now be filled by younger people," said the CDU politician to the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten". "He's certainly not done himself a favor personally", the CDU is now facing a turning point and a new era.

It was already clear to the then CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer that it would be important to closely involve Merz: In Hamburg in 2018, but also when he was defeated by the new CDU leader Laschet, he had almost half of the delegates to himself be able to win.

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Deep cracks in the party

Laschet won the runoff election with 521 to 466 votes for Merz, which reveals the deep cracks in the party. In order to put Merz at the forefront in the preparation for the time after the Angela Merkel era and to avoid a further split in the party, Laschet offered him a place on the CDU presidium.

Merz also wanted to become Federal Minister of Economics, although he had previously emphasized in his application speech that the CDU should not be a “mediation agency for government offices”. As in previous attempts, Chancellor Angela Merkel blocked this, as did Laschet.

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The third candidate, foreign policy expert Norbert Röttgen, had, unlike Merz Laschet, signaled his clear support. Since everyone had promised in advance that they would support the winner after the month-long election campaign in order to go into the election year as one, Merz ’- still public during the party congress - demand for ministerial office was seen as a gross foul play. "That helped Laschet," said the CDU.

Because after his renewed defeat and the subsequent behavior, the luster of the economic liberal, which polarizes again and again, could fade. “The new leadership with Armin Laschet has a lot of responsibility and it has a lot of potential for our country. In addition, she has a right to loyalty, "said the member of the Bundestag and human rights expert Michael Brand the Tagesspiegel. "Anyone who puts their own ego above the matter now harms the CDU, and also the country."

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Altmaier comments

Brand was a close friend of the Kassler district president Walter Lübcke, who was murdered by a right-wing extremist, and he accompanies the family during the trial. Laschet had praised Lübcke in his speech and emphasized: "We will not let our country be destroyed by right-wing terrorists and intellectual arsonists."

Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) said of the attempt that Merz wanted to replace him, the "Rheinische Post": "The Chancellor and the new chairman have said theirs." Fighting for their existence during this corona crisis, count on us. ”He was also rated as strengthened, although there was resentment in the Union about the many problems with the disbursement of aid for companies affected by the lockdown.

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