What is the best novel about Buddhism



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Yukio Mishima: The Golden Pavilion. novel

Kein und Aber Verlag, Zurich 2019
ISBN 9783036958071, hardcover, 336 pages, 22.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the Japanese by Ursula Gräfe. The young Mizoguchi stutters and is avoided by his peers. He feels alone until he becomes a novice in a famous temple in Kyoto ...

Arnulf Conradi: Zen and the Art of Bird Watching

Antje Kunstmann Verlag, Munich 2019
ISBN 9783956142895, hardcover, 240 pages, 20.00 EUR
[…] The moment in which you see the bird has something unique and at the same time something meditative - this is what Zen and the art of bird watching tells. The book begins in Antarctica ...

Marcus Braun: The last Buddha. novel

Hanser Berlin, Berlin 2017
ISBN 9783446256781, hardcover, 208 pages, 20.00 EUR
[…] In 1995 the Dalai Lama recognized a six-year-old boy as the eleventh Panchen Lama, the second highest dignitary of Tibet. China's government withdrew the boy and installed ...

Cesar Aira: The Little Buddhist Monk. Novella

Matthes and Seitz, Berlin 2015
ISBN 9783957570826, hardcover, 94 pages, 14.00 EUR
[…] Translated from the Spanish by Klaus Laabs. An almost invisible little Buddhist monk longs to escape his homeland South Korea and get to know the western world, from ...

Jaroslav Poncar: Burma / Myanmar. Travel photography from 1985 until today

Edition Panorama, Mannheim 2013
ISBN 9783898234634, hardcover, 320 pages, 78.00 EUR
[…] hard to access. In recent years the country has been undergoing a cautious process of democratization and is increasingly opening up to tourism, which shows many people ...

Young Moon Jung: Moon drunk

Edition Delta, Stuttgart 2012
ISBN 9783927648432, paperback, 191 pages, 17.50 EUR
[…] Translated from Korean by Philipp Haas and Lee Byong-hun. Whenever I had time, I went up the hill and watched everything from up there. The river and ...

Tim Parks: Sex is forbidden. novel

Antje Kunstmann Verlag, Munich 2012
ISBN 9783888977732, hardcover, 320 pages, 19.95 EUR
[…] Translated from the English by Ulrike Becker. Sex is forbidden in the Dasgupta Institute. So what is the incredibly attractive Beth Marriot doing here? Why does a young woman whose irresistible ...