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Avicii (* September 8, 1989 as Tim Bergling in Stockholm; † April 20, 2018 in Muscat, Oman) was a Swedish DJ, remixer and music producer in the field of electronic dance music. He celebrated with the song in 2011 Levels his worldwide breakthrough. In 2013 he released his first studio album True, his first single wake me up advanced to number one in the singles charts in over 20 countries. His second album followed in 2015 Stories with the song Waiting for love, which reached number one in over five countries. The EP was released in 2017 Avīci (01) With Without you as a lead single. Tim Bergling was recognized in 2012 for his work on the song Sunshine with David Guetta and 2013 for the song Levels nominated for a Grammy.

After appearances on the world's largest festival stages (including the Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland) and two concert tours, Bergling withdrew from the limelight in 2016 for health reasons.



Tim Bergling was born in Stockholm in 1989 as the son of manager Klas Bergling, born in 1945, and actress Anki Lidén. In addition to his biological brother David Bergling, he has two half-siblings, Linda Sterner and Anton Körberg. Anton, who is a son of Tommy Körberg and works as an actor and musician himself, encouraged him to make music at the age of eight. Together with his childhood friend Otto Knows, he attended the Östra Real Gymnasium in Stockholm, where he also met his future DJ colleague Alesso. At the age of 16, he began making house music in his bedroom using his computer and guitar.

2007 to 2010: musical beginnings

In order to be able to share his music, Bergling created a Myspace profile at the end of the 2000s. Because the name Avici was already taken here, he simply added another "i" to the name and called himself Avicii. This is derived from Avici, the deepest level of the Buddhist underworld.

At the age of 19, he moved his equipment into a one-room apartment, where he produced various demos with Otto Knows and Lucas von Bahder. Inspired by the music of Laidback Luke, Steve Angello, Tocadisco, Daft Punk, Eric Prydz and Axwell, he sent them to various blogs and record labels. The demos also included a remix of the theme music for the C64 game Lazy Jones, which the German record label Strike Recordings signed under the title Lazy lace published. Another recipient of the music was Laidback Luke's forum, where he shared each of his new songs. He is said to have sent in up to five songs a week and got support from Luke. In early 2008 he recorded with his song Manman participated in a competition for a single release on the record label Bedroom Bedlam by BBC DJ Pete Tongs. He won this with 70% of the votes, whereupon the song appeared there in April 2008. At the same time, the Iranian-Swedish manager and promoter Arash Pourouni became aware of Avicii and contacted him, whereupon Avicii signed contracts with his company At Night Management and the record label Vicious Grooves.

The songs followed by 2009 Muja, Ryu and Even. The latter was created in collaboration with the French DJ and producer Sebastien Drums, with whom he was starting several projects at the time. At the same time he broke away from his previous record label with the help of various pseudonyms; so he released a cover version of Faithless ’that he created together with Starkillers, Pimp Rockers and Marco Machiavelli Insomnia as Tim Berg on Spinnin ’Records and the track Alcoholic as Tom Hangs on Joia Records. The track drew the attention of DJs like David Guetta and Tiësto to him. After making his debut at a festival in Miami organized by Laidback Luke, he toured various nightclubs. Later he sometimes accompanied Tiësto on his performances, where he could be seen as a support act.

2010: Commercial breakthrough with Seek bromance

He also released the song as Tim Berg on April 14, 2010 on the German record label Kontor Records Bromance, which was able to reach the top of the Flemish singles charts and number two in the Dutch singles charts in a more progressive “Avicii Arena” version. The Tomorrowland team used the song as the theme of their aftermovie. It was later signed by the UK label Ministry of Sound. In order to increase the commercial success, a vocal version should appear here, which should be Avicii's first track with vocals. He took over Amanda Wilson's vocals from Samuele Sartini's song Love You Seek, which was released on March 8, 2010. In the autumn of the same year he published the mashup under the title Seek bromance, whereupon he reached the top 10 in Australia, Denmark and Poland. He also achieved chart success for the first time in Germany and Great Britain.

Together with the Swedish DJ and producer John Dahlbäck, he founded the project in early summer 2010 Joviciiwith whom she performed the song on June 30, 2010 Don't hold back presented. Swedish jazz musician Andy Pfeiler contributed the vocals. However, they did not publish any other songs under this pseudonym.

On August 16, 2010, the second collaboration with Sebastien Drums appeared, which was the title My feelings for you wore. This is based on a vocal sample from the song Feelings for you by the French French house band Cassius from 1999. Despite its stylistic deviation from its predecessor, the electro house track continued its success and reached the British, German and Dutch single charts. The official music video refers to the video games Pong, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Tetris and Super Mario Bros. As a follow-up single, he released the track in December 2010 Malo, which is based on the song of the same name by singer Bebe from 2004. The Latin pop influence of the original has been retained here. In addition to various dance charts and DJ playlist placements, commercial success was largely absent. At the same time, the third collaboration with Sebastien Drums appeared under the name Tim Berg, the title Tweet It and was able to move up to 55th place in the Netherlands.

On December 8, 2010, he steered his remix to the song Rapture by Nadia Ali provided the title track of the single and the official video. The song originally appeared in 2001 from the dance combination iiO, which consisted of Ali and Markus Moser. The remix enabled her to enter the Romanian, British and Australian single charts. The official music video has around 50 million views to date. By publishing the re-release on the record label Armada Music, Avicii was able to establish contact with the Dutch DJ and producer Armin van Buuren, who enabled him to get another successful remix contract. This should become Armin van Buuren's single Drowning respectively. Avicii's version of the song far surpassed the success of the original.

On December 31, 2010 Avicii started a radio show on the radio station Sirius XM with the title Le7els. In the first episode he premiered the instrumental piece Penguin, which should appear in the following year.

2011: First Tomorrowland appearance and Levels

In January 2011 he published the songs Street dancer, So excited and Swede Dreams. While the former appeared on various samplers and was able to give him a chart placement in the Netherlands, the latter provides a cover version of the song Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics from 1983. In March 2011 the song followed iTrack, which was created as Tim Berg in collaboration with Oliver Ingrosso, Sebastian Ingrosso's cousin and Otto Knows, a childhood friend of his. The song also appeared at the same time Snus, his fourth collaboration with Sebastien Drums.

After he received the award as the best "Breakthrough Artist" at the annual IDMA Awards, the compilation album was released on April 5, 2011 Strictly Miami, which is released annually by the New York record label of the same name.

On May 23, 2011 Avicii released the song under the name Tom Hangs Blessed. The song appeared on Tiësto's compilation album a month earlier Club Life Vol. 1. The track was created in collaboration with the EDM duo Shermanology and could be used in the Avicii version advance to the official singles charts in several countries. Germany, the Netherlands and France were there. The song received attention through its use in a commercial for the Russian vodka brand Stolichnaya and during the European Football Championship in 2012. In the following week, it presented the compilation album on the record label "Ultra Records" The Singleswhich is a selection of its so far as Avicii published songs, including My feelings for you and Street dancer contained.

In the summer of 2011, the British singer Leona Lewis released her single Collide. The song is based on Avicii's previously unreleased song Penguin. Avicii himself sampled the piece here Perpetual motion machine from the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. He and Pouruni said they assumed Lewis would also work on the tune of the Perpetual motion machine operate, but this ultimately created a plagiarism of Avicii's production. As a result of the allegations against Lewis ’record company Syco Music, he had his name appear on the single. In July 2011 Avicii released its own vocal version of Penguin. This bears the title Fade into darkness and is sung by the Swedish singer Andreas Moe. The text was written by Simon Jeffes, John Martin and Michel Zitron. The piece reached placements in the Swedish, Romanian and Dutch singles charts.

On July 23, 2011 he performed for the first time at the Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium. This marks his biggest performance to date in front of a festival audience. There, in addition to his previous singles, he also played a list of unreleased songs, including the song Levels, which had been part of various radio shows as a demo version since December of the previous year. The compilation album was released on August 5, 2011 on the German record label Superstar Recordings Avicii et al: Swedish House Collection, which contained a selection of his publications in original and remixed form. In addition to these, songs by other Swedish producers were also included.

In late summer 2011 he signed a recording deal with Universal Music Group. Shortly thereafter, he announced the release of the song Levels dated October 28, 2011. It far surpassed the success of Avicii's previous singles and advanced to the top 10 in over 16 countries. In its home country Sweden it stood at the top for nine weeks and was awarded eight times platinum. The track also forms the basis of Flo Rida's hit Good feeling, which gained great popularity at the same time and took top positions in the charts worldwide. Both songs access the song with their vocal sample Something's Got a Hold on Me by Etta James.

2012: Silhouettes and I could be the one

The annual Grammy Awards ceremony took place on February 12, 2012. At this Avicii was together with David Guetta for their jointly produced piece Sunshine, which is on Guetta's studio album Nothing but the beat from 2011 was included in the category for a Grammy Best dance recording nominated. On February 13, 2012, he celebrated his previous year's success with the CD release Levels the foundation of the record label "Le7els". In addition to his own songs, tracks by, among others, Syn Cole and New World Sound were released on this.

In March 2012 he presented the Levels- Follow-up single Silhouetteswhich was initially only published as a promo. The vocals were provided by the Swedish musician Salem Al Fakir, who wrote the lyrics together with Vincent Pontare. Both became recurring studio partners of the Swede. The song was released as a regular next single later that year and went triple platinum in Sweden and silver status in the UK.

In May 2012 an official remix for Lenny Kravitz ’song was released Superlove, from his studio album released in 2011 Black and White America. This reached a single chart position in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Two other remixes were released in November 2012 that were based on Eric Turnery's song Dancing in My Head were produced. On the one hand, a "Tom Hangs" version appeared here, on the other hand an "Avicii’s Been Cursed" version, in which Avicii was specified as an official feature.

In December 2012 he released the song together with DJ Nicky Romero and singer Noonie Bao I could be the one. He achieved high chart positions in many countries. In mid-February 2013, they jumped to number one on the British singles charts. The instrumental version was already among the titles in winter 2011 Nicktim and Fuck School appeared on the internet. The instrumental piece also appeared at the same time Last dance as a single. The vocal version with Andreas Moe, however, remained unpublished.

In December 2011, he was sixth in the DJ-Mag list of the world's top 100 DJs. A year later he rose to third place. At the International Dance Music Awards 2012 was Levels awarded as "Best Electro / Tech House Track". He also won in the “Best European DJ” category.

2013: debut album True

In January 2013 Avicii X You started with Ericsson and Universal Music. In this music project, Avicii creates tracks from sounds submitted by participants. The first single from it X You was released in February 2013. She got straight into the charts in the UK and Sweden. At the same time he was featured at the 2013 Grammy Awards with the song Levels for a Grammy in the category Best dance recording nominated.

In spring 2013 Avicii composed the piece together with the former ABBA members Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus We write the story, which was used as the theme song for the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2013. At the same time he appeared again at the Ultra Music Festival, as its hymn his previously unreleased track UMF selected. However, this was not an ordinary DJ set, but one that was accompanied by many guest musicians, including the American soul singer Aloe Blacc and Elvis Presley songwriter Mac Davis, as well as a live band. It was announced in advance that many songs from his upcoming studio album would be premiered. The performance came under heavy criticism from the fans; so he was accused of not staying true to his sound or of kidding his audience. He said he wanted to "create something fun and new". The album contains "experiments" and "the infinite possibilities of house and electronic music".

The song was released in early June 2013 Wake me up! as the first single from his debut album. It was one of the controversial songs from the Ultra Music Festival, not least because of its country influence. The vocals were contributed by the American singer Aloe Blacc after it was written by Avicii and Mike Einziger and recorded as a fun song with vocals by Mac Davis. Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda made contact with Aloe Blacc, whereupon she wake me up as an acoustic and later as a dance version. The song became a Europe-wide success immediately after its release and reached number one in over 15 European countries. The success expanded over the summer, moving up to number one in Australia and New Zealand and number two in the United States. After just a few months, the single achieved six platinum status and two gold status. It ended up becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time.

In September 2013 Avicii released his first music album True. The style here was broad, which Avicii said he had experimented with a lot with electronic music. He worked with Adam Lambert and Mø to create it. The tracks he released in the previous year could all only be found on bonus versions. The album reached number one in Sweden and the top 10 in many other European countries. In Sweden, all songs on the album also made it into the singles charts through individual downloads.

With the second official single You Make Me, which is sung by the Swedish singer Salem Al Fakir, he replaced himself at the top of the charts in his home country. Besides, the song was Hey brother, sung by Dan Tyminski, who belongs to the backing band of the American country singer Alison Krauss, for the third number one hit in a row in Sweden. Avicii thus occupied number one in the Swedish charts for 20 weeks.The song also reached number one in Germany and Norway and was also able to place in the top 10 in other countries before it was officially released as a single in early November 2013. The French radio station NRJ founded the web radio station NRJ Aviciiwhere only Avicii songs are played. In late 2013, Avicii was doing studio work with David Guetta, Daft Punk, and Coldplay.

2014: The Days / The Nights

In the spring of 2014, the fourth single Addicted to you decoupled. It became another top 10 success in several countries. The song is sung by Audra Mae. A short time later, the fifth release appeared Lay me down in collaboration with Adam Lambert. This song was also able to enter the charts in some countries before its release in May. In March 2014 Avicii released the remix album True - Avicii by Avicii with new versions of the first nine songs of his debut album True.

After spending several times in the studio with the British singer Chris Martin, the front man of the rock-pop band Coldplay, they released the song produced by Avicii in May 2014 A Sky Full of Stars. It's on Coldplay's studio album Ghost stories included that song Hymn for the Weekend appeared on their later album A Head Full of Dreams. Both songs developed into worldwide successes. In June 2014 Avicii released a song selected by FIFA for the 2014 World Cup, together with guitarist Carlos Santana and singer Wyclef Jean, Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find a Way). Also in June 2014 he produced the song together with the Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom Lose myself. This was released in September 2014 and served as the theme song for the STORM Electronic Music Festival in Shanghai. Furthermore, David Guetta released the song co-produced by Avicii together with Sam Martin Lovers on the Sun. Even with Guettas Lists-Album track Yesterday he participated.

In October 2014, Avicii released the single in collaboration with Robbie Williams The Days. The song reached the top 10 in numerous countries and was the second US chart position for Williams. It also became Avicii's fifth number one hit in Sweden. The track is on the EP of the same name with the follow-up single The nights to find. The nights was sung by the Swedish singer-songwriter Ras and is featured in the soundtrack of the video game series FIFA. This single was also a success, especially in Sweden and Great Britain.

In November 2014, Wyclef Jean released the song Divine Sorrowthat was produced by Avicii. In cooperation with Coca-Cola and the AIDS organization RED founded by Bono, EUR 1.03 from every single sale on iTunes was donated to the Global Fund. In the DJ-Mag charts, it slipped from number 3 to number 6.

2015: Second album Stories

In the spring of 2015, Madonna's thirteenth studio album was released Rebel Heart, which is the song produced by Avicii Devil Pray includes. In May 2015 it became Avicii's song Feeling good, a cover of the blues classic of the same name by Nina Simone published. Furthermore, numerous previews appeared on the Internet, including collaborations with Aloe Blacc, Chris Martin and Martin Garrix. The source for the tracks was, among other things, his appearance at the Ultra Music Festival 2015. The Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto offered him a guest mix for his podcast Tiësto's Club Life 422 to produce. His song was there too I'll be gone, which was published in 2013 under the title Stars appeared on the internet. Furthermore, the entire instrumental for the Avicii by Avicii-Remix his song Liar Liar as well as the drop for the song Black and Blue used with Aloe Blacc.

An alleged collaboration with Martin Garrix and John Legend resulting from the Ultra Music Festival was released on May 21, 2015 under the name Waiting for love in the New Zealand iTunes store. Garrix and Legend were not mentioned, which is not atypical since Robbie Williams is on The Days was also not mentioned. Garrix's involvement was officially confirmed a few days after it was released. The singer turned out to be not Legend, but Simon Aldred, lead singer of the band Cherry Ghosts. The song developed into a Europe-wide success, which was able to advance to the top of the single charts in Austria, Hungary and his homeland.

A remix of the song was released in July 2015 Insomnia the British music group Faithless as a single under the title Insomnia 2.0. The remix placed the song back in the charts and moved into the top half of the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The EP was released in August 2015 Pure Grinding / For a Better Day at. The double single was after Waiting for love a second foretaste of the studio album. While Pure grinding brought rather minor success was For a better day a top 10 hit in many countries and made it into the programs of many radio stations. American singer-songwriter Alex Ebert, frontman of the bands Ima Robot and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, contributed the vocals. At the same time, it was his second studio album Stories released for pre-order on iTunes.

Released on September 29, 2015 Broken Arrows as a promo single. This was sung by Zac Brown, front man of the American band Zac Brown Band. In terms of style, it ties in with songs such as Hey brother at. In the course of the following month it was also released as the last single. The studio album finally followed on October 2, 2015 Stories, which features collaborations with Chris Martin, Mike Posner and Wyclef Jean, among others. It was able to build on the success of his first album and landed in the top 10 of the German, Canadian and British charts.

Avicii also worked with the fashion company Ralph Lauren, for which he worked as a model and advertising medium.

2016: Retreat from the limelight and separation from management

After his appearance at the Ultra Music Festival 2016, Avicii surprisingly announced the end of his stage career on his website at the end of February 2016, so the 2016 tour would be his last. But he still wants to make music. Shortly before that, he had been touring the United States with friends for two weeks, occasionally hosting live streams of outdoor studio sessions. The project was called The Crowning of Prince Liam ("The Coronation of Prince Liam"). In March 2016, Avicii announced on its Facebook page that at the end of 2016, for the time being, he would not give any more live performances in order to concentrate on a life outside of music. Health issues reinforced his decision. However, he continues to devote himself to music.

In 2016 Avicii composed the song together with the Australian singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell Taste the feelingused by Coca-Cola as a promotional song. Sewell also released a solo version of the song for the 2016 European Football Championship and the 2016 Olympic Games. In June 2016, Avicii released the second collaboration with Swedish DJ and producer Otto Knows. The title Back Where I Belong refers to the style of the song, which was based on the original style of the two musicians. On the cover there is a picture of a child showing both of them together. In her homeland, the track was able to place itself in the official single charts for 12 weeks. In the DJ-Mag charts, it slipped from number 7 to number 11 in 2016.

At the end of December 2016 it was announced that he was leaving his long-time manager and promoter Arash Pourouni and his company At night management separates. The reason for this were disputes that arose in the course of Avicii's tour stop. He then signed a record deal with Universal Music Sweden and announced his third studio album for the coming year.

2017 to March 2018: The Avīci-EPs

Avicii continued to devote himself to music and released an EP entitled in August 2017 Avīci. This consists of six tracks, which, according to him, should correspond to a mix of old and new songs. Without you was released as a single. The song was created in collaboration with the Swedish musician Sandro Cavazza and reached number one on the charts in Sweden. Charts were also achieved in numerous other countries, including Germany, Great Britain and Australia. All five other songs, including collaborations with Rita Ora and AlunaGeorge, entered the top 15 of the Swedish singles charts.

After that too Lonely Together with Rita Ora made it into the British, Austrian and German charts before the single was released, an official music video was released for this song. In an interview with Pete Tong, Avicii announced that Avīci the first of three EPs that will then make up his third studio album. The other EPs should appear in 2018.

On September 11, 2017, a documentary called Avicii: True Stories in the cinemas. It showed Avicii's retreat from the limelight and includes interviews with various musicians he came across during his career, including Coldplay's David Guetta, Tiësto, Wyclef Jean, Nile Rodgers and Chris Martin.

On February 10, 2018, the song Ghost published, where he appeared as a producer for the Swedish singer-songwriter Daniel Adams-Ray alias HUMAN. The song, which was released in 2014 under the title (I'm Still) In Love with Your Ghost got onto the Internet, is tracking Somewhere in Stockholm the second collaboration between the two Swedes.

After he announced during his radio show Avicii FM at the end of January 2018 that he was currently preparing work on his upcoming EPs, he began to regularly share live recordings from the studio on various social networks from the beginning of March 2018. In addition to Noonie Bao, Carl Falk and Joakim Berg, there were also many other musicians with whom he had already worked several times. Members of the label as well as studio partners stated that he was “inspired” and “enthusiastic” about the matter and had meanwhile been so tied to work that he “sometimes worked 16 hours without a break”.

April 2018: death

On April 20, 2018, Avicii was found dead on a property belonging to the Omani royal family while on vacation in Oman. According to the BBC, he had been suffering from serious health problems for a long time, most recently from pancreatitis. On April 21, 2018, police in Oman announced that they did not suspect a crime related to his death. On April 26, 2018, his family released a statement that said, “He really struggled to think about meaning, life, happiness. Now he couldn't do it any longer. He wanted peace. ”Avicii was buried on June 8, 2018 in his hometown of Stockholm. He had committed suicide, but this was only announced in October 2019 out of consideration for the relatives.

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