Do you have trauma and why

What does traumatized mean?

Many people experience in their childhood physical or sexual violence. In studies, 4 to 16% of respondents report physical violence. In a study, 20% of women and 8% of men had unwanted sexual experiences before the age of 18. So these experiences are not infrequently.
Often such experiences have consequences for the whole life: those affected get sick more easily from mental disorders, especially from the so-called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). People who suffer from this disorder are also often referred to as traumatized. PTSD can manifest itself in different ways and lead to restrictions in many areas of life. For example, traumatized adolescents show symptoms such as unintentionally recurring stressful memories, fears, sleep disorders or irritability. Often things are avoided that are reminiscent of the stressful event. All of this can lead to one significant impairment in everyday life to lead.


Could this description apply to you too? Then do our short questionnaire here - this can provide a first clue as to whether you are burdened by an event.
For each of the four questions, consider whether you would answer "yes" or "no". At the end, add up how often your answer was "yes".

Trauma questionnaire

Yes No
Did you experience an event that weighs you down? O O
Do you sometimes think of bad thoughts, images, or sounds from the event even though you don't want them to?OO
Aren't you trying to talk about, think about, or feel what happened?OO
Do you sleep badly or are you having trouble paying attention?OO


If you not a single time answered "yes": It looks like you are not burdened by an event.

If you once or more answered "yes": It would be great if you contact us and we can discuss whether and how we can help you.