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If you visit a new island, you first have to orient yourself. Therefore, I am now introducing you to the best Mauritius tips in front. Let's start right away with a little geography lesson: Located in the Indian Ocean, the island state of Mauritius, along with La Réunion, is one of the Mascarens. But why island nation? Quite simply because Mauritius is not just one island, but consists of two large and other small islands. And how could it be otherwise, the largest island in the group bears the name Mauritius, the second largest is known as Rodrigues. What else you need to know about the island nation can be found in my Mauritius tips.

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So much for the theory, but now we also want to get an idea of ​​this island state, after all we are connecting Mauritius with paradise. Locals as well as tourists can expect an almost year-round tropical climate. You could almost say that there are only two seasons of the year that make the country a year-round destination: while in the period from November to April theMauritian summers with over 30 ° C waiting for you, the months May to October are ideal for all active people, because then it is around 26 ° C. Due to the trade winds, I recommend visiting the east coast from November to April and the west coast from May to October.

Mauritius is particularly impressive with a total length of no less than believe it or not 160 kilometers of sandy beach and crystal clear water, which with its various shades of blue and green forms a wonderful contrast to the white beaches. The island is perfect for varied day trips that will take you to dreamlike islands and into dense, lush green forests.

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Live and vacation in Mauritius

Anyone planning a trip to Mauritius should obtain the most important information in advance. Because you know: Other countries other manners. I have briefly summarized what you should definitely pay attention to and know.

  • Currency:The Mauritians pay with the rupee. Although the international abbreviation is MUR, you will also find the abbreviation RS or MRS in different regions.
  • Kitchen:You can find culinary delicacies on all islands. Especially the French and Indian cuisine as well as that of the Creoles had a great influence on the national cuisine. Find out more about the country's cuisine in my Mauritius Foodguide.
  • Entry requirements: If you are planning a tourist stay, you have all the necessary documents with your passport. You only need a visa for other stays, such as studying.
  • Vaccinations: You hardly need any vaccinations for a holiday in Mauritius. The only travel vaccination recommended by some doctors is the yellow fever vaccination.
  • Linguistic proficiency: In order to be able to communicate in Mauritius, it is an advantage if you can speak English and / or French. If you like, you can learn a few bits of Mauritius Creole beforehand so that you can talk to the locals. You will be amazed how hospitable you will be. So you are sure to get one or the other insider tip that goes far beyond the tourist hotspots.
  • Crime: If you stroll through the traditional markets, you should watch out for your valuables - pickpockets can quickly smell their prey here. Particular caution applies in the cities of Port Louis, Grand Baie and Flic en Flac. You should also avoid lonely beaches and residential areas that are characterized by poverty. The Federal Foreign Office classifies these areas as critical.
  • Regulations:If you spend a day on the beach, you should definitely follow the markings and instructions. Depending on where you are, walking barefoot can be dangerous - poisonous stonefish like to hide near stones and rocks.

Sights and hotspots

From Port Louis to Grand Baie to Chamarel, Mauritius is full of surprises and places to visit. What you shouldn't miss and where you can find the most beautiful beaches and landscapes, I'll tell you now. With the Mauritius map can you get an idea of ​​the island nation.

Capital Port Louis

On the west coast of Mauritius is Port Louis, the Capital and at the same time the largest city in the country. With around 170,000 inhabitants, everything to do with business and culture takes place here, which is why the central market is very popular. From fruit and vegetables to handicrafts and textiles, there is everything your heart desires. But what is special about this market is that above all multicultural togetherness: The most diverse cultures, regions and customs come together here and get along wonderfully.

Countless boutiques and shops line up here

Not only in the market, but in general, Port Louis is great for shopping. Countless boutiques and shops line up here and invite you to take a leisurely stroll. Of course, the capital also has traditional sights to offer. If you fancy a bit of sightseeing, they are there for you Jummah mosque, the Natural History Museum and the Marie Reine de la Paix Park to disposal.

Culinary in Grand Baie

Why Grand Baie the most famous place in the region is? Probably because the offer for tourists is greatest here. Nowhere else on the island are there more restaurants, cafes and boutiques - not to be forgotten, of course, are the discos and bars. If you want to eat typically Creole, I recommend this to you La Rougaille Creole: Since the typical restaurant is very popular, you should definitely reserve a table in advance. Then you can pamper your stomach with seafood, chicken and curry. You should definitely try the local beer here too! You can get a little cheaper in the Dalon Grand Baie Feast on typical grill specialties, curry dishes and fresh salads. The restaurant is located directly on Grand Baie Beach - perfect for the hungry stomach after a long day at the beach!

Dream island Île aux Cerfs

Dream beaches there is more than enough in Mauritius, but one of them really has it all. What means Deer Island in English has little to do with the animal itself, but is considered the paradise on the east coast of Mauritius. This stretch of beach is uninhabited but still more than known and extremely popular with locals and tourists only accessible by boat. Once there, you can hardly believe your eyes: Icing sugar-white sandy beaches are surrounded by a turquoise-blue shimmering sea. I was there myself and so excited that I was the Île aux Cerfs have dedicated an article in my travel magazine - have a look.

Seven colored earth Chamarel

The small town of Chamarel also ensures speechlessness in a different way. Due to its volcanic origin, the entire ground is characterized by hills and waves. One speaks affectionately of the seven-colored earth, because the colorful play of colors cannot be overlooked here. The color palette up and down again, the earth shimmers in green, red, yellow and purple tones and gives off a magical picture. But this spectacle has very little to do with magic. Rather, this phenomenon comes about through the conversion of the basaltic lava into clay minerals. More precisely, after a downpour, a mixture of iron and aluminum oxide remains, which creates the color effect.

Impressive underwater waterfall

Some time ago I told you about the fascinating in my travel magazine Underwater waterfall in Mauritius reported. You can already admire the first highlight from the plane, even before you have even landed and your vacation really begins. Because on the southwestern tip of Mauritius, right in front of the famous mountain Le Morne Brabant, from the air it looks as if there is a waterfall in the middle of the vast depths of the sea. As implausible as it sounds - it's actually true. However, we are dealing with an optical illusion here. But that doesn't detract from the beauty of these pictures, or what do you think?

Excursion to the Tamarin waterfall

If you happen to have packed sturdy shoes in your suitcase and you are good on your feet, there is hardly a better excursion than the one to the Tamarin waterfalls. Guided tours are offered there to descend this impressive waterfall. There are seven steps to conquer here, for which you should plan a whole day. Because with the breathtaking sight of the falling water and the beautiful flora, consisting of Guavas, eucalyptus trees and palms, you will be happy to be able to enjoy these moments for as long as possible and capture them in pictures.

Black River Gorges National Park

To get close to nature, I can warmly recommend a visit to the Black River Gorges National Park.

Black River Gorges National Park:

The visitor center in Black River is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Pétrin information center opens Mon-Fri 8 am-3.15pm and Sat 8-11 am.

Not only because it is the only national park in Mauritius, but rather because you can experience flora and fauna in their origins here. On around 6,500 hectares you can walk through the island's natural forest and see typical Mauritian plants such as the Dodo tree, the chinese guava or the verbena, admire. It is best to stick to the created hiking trails so that deer, wild boar and Co. are not surprised in their habitat.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

It is also beautiful to look at Mauritius Botanical Garden in Port Louis. I have already introduced you to Port Louis, but I think that this garden deserves its own attention - for this reason I have dedicated an article to it in my travel magazine. After all, it is counted among the three most beautiful and at the same time most species-rich botanical gardens in the whole world and is also considered to be The heart of Mauritius. Perhaps you've even heard of this garden before, after all, one thing is particularly spectacular and worth mentioning: that Victoria Regia water lily. The reason for this is their unbelievable size and stability, which makes it possible to carry a child across the water. The garden covers around 90 hectares, where you can familiarize yourself with the biodiversity of tropical plants.

La Maison Créole Euréka

If you want to see with your own eyes how the early colonial rulers lived, an exhibition awaits you in the Mauritius Maison Creole Euréka. An unbelievable architecture adorns this manor house and should not only be on the vacation list of historians! Don't be surprised when you get there, because the house is in the middle of a tropical garden.

Catamaran tour to Gabriel Island

In the north, in addition to the beautiful Cap Malheureux and its famous church, there is another highlight: You can get one for around € 60 Day tour by catamaran and let the sun shine on your fur for a day. On Gabriel Island enjoy her dreamy powdered sugar beaches and a turquoise clear sea that invites you to snorkel adventures.

Next stop: Mauritius

Would you have thought that Mauritius is so diverse? Dream beaches, culture and nature meet here and make a vacation almost perfect. Depending on how you want to organize your stay, you have the option of being pampered in a luxurious hotel or of being very close to the life of the locals in a private accommodation. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: If you travel to Mauritius between November and April and decide on private accommodation, you should always make sure that you have enough mineral water bottles, candles, batteries and canned food in the house - it can be during these months It is quite possible that hurricanes and cyclones will arise. Let yourself be drawn to the many beautiful pictures on the Mauritius Facebook page inspire and soon set off on your own. Paradise is waiting for you!

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