What outfits go well with brown boots

Combination aid for brown boots - inspiration?

Good Morning,

I find it difficult to combine this type (example photo Google) of brown boots in terms of color

I would describe my style of clothing as elegant with playful details.
I basically only wear skirts / dresses, at these temperatures black tights, tight or A-line skirts in (black, red, gray, dark blue) with tops (mostly in red, bordeaux, black, blue, purple, coral, etc.) , so rather dark tones (often black plus another color in combination) ...

I. E. I often wear z. B. black boots, black tights, (colored) skirt, black (or other colored) top with black elegant cardigan, matching jewelry with red fingernails.

So usually 2 colors in combination.

I don't have any brown tones for clothes

I only have similar brown boots as shown above and 2 handbags in the same color. That's it.


Now my question for you:

Could you please show me some great outfit photos with a skirt and boots like this?

That would be great