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3rd script competition "If she can see it, she can be it"

Iris Blauensteiner wins the main prize

Iris Blauensteiner wins with Yellow leaves the 3rd edition of the script competition IF SHE CAN SEE IT, SHE CAN BE IT. From the five finalists of the first stage of the competition, the winner was awarded the main prize of 15,000 euros plus dramaturgical accompaniment! We warmly congratulate the award winner and would like to encourage all nominees to further develop their exciting treatments!

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday 4.6.2019 in the Filmcasino in Vienna.

As an inspiring start, Jessica Hausner and her co-author Geraldine Bajard spoke to Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg about the development of her female * characters, screenwriting and her role as a producer. The audio recording of this conversation can be found here.

The jury statement, the biography of the winner, the biographies of the nominees and the jury members and all other information about the competition can be found here.

The winners of the 1st stage of the competition

On Monday evening, November 12, 2018, the award ceremony of the first round of the two-stage script competition IF SHE CAN SEE IT, SHE CAN BE IT took place in the Filmcasino in the Filmcasino. The Screenplay Forum Vienna, the Austrian Film Institute and FC GLORIA Women Networking Film are very pleased to announce the winners of the first stage of the competition (from the synopsis to the treatment):

  • Magdalena Chmielewska and Andreas Schiessler with Olka
  • Johannes Bültermann with The absent and the left
  • Iris Blauensteiner with Yellow leaves
  • Antoinette Zwirchmayr with I am my hiding place
  • Mario Karner with Andrea, the Giant

The top-class jury selected five from the large number of 53 submitted exposés, each of which was awarded prize money of 5,000 euros. The award includes a dramaturgical accompaniment by experienced scriptwriters, who are selected together with the winner.

We thank the five-member jury:
Barbara Albert, screenwriter and director
Nike Glaser Wieninger, filmmaker, curator, consultant
Lukas Miko, actor
Lydia Mischkulnig, writer, columnist
Lisa Terle, screenwriter, winner of the previous year

The reasons for the jury, biographies of the winners, biographies of the jury members and all other information about the competition can be found here on the website of the Vienna Screenplay Forum.

Lecture by Sibylle Hamann
Under the title “Visible - invisible”, the Austrian journalist and author Sibylle Hamann provided an apt analysis of the obstacles inherent in the system for women and addressed the authors with a pamphlet not to let patriarchal structures dissuade them from their creative path.
You can listen to the audio recording of the lecture here on the website of the Vienna Screenplay Forum.

Call for applications 2018

An initiative of the Vienna Screenplay Forum and the Austrian Film Institute / gender * in * equality

We are very happy to host the script competition for the third time If she can see it, she can be it to write out female characters beyond the clichés.

The gratifyingly large participation in the script competition over the past two years (85 and 77 submissions, each with around 75% women) and the enormous response were an important sign of the industry. There are obviously a lot of exciting ideas and great interest in the topic. The script competition encouraged many writers to consciously develop differentiated female characters and to tell other stories.

With targeted support for screenwriters in the development of women * characters beyond the clichés, the Screenplay Forum Vienna and the Austrian Film Institute want to help local authors to freely develop their ideas within a financially secure framework without (as is often the case ) to go in advance and without having to orientate yourself on supposed recipes for success.

The script competition If she can see it, she can be it In addition to the well-endowed prize money and the dramaturgical accompaniment of the award winners, 2018 will again include a pitching with producers of 16-18 substances from the shortlist in order to give as many of the entries developed for the competition as possible a good start in developing the script.

The two-stage script competition is aimed at the Austrian film industry. Scriptwriters, young writers of Austrian nationality or EEA citizens with permanent residence in Austria are eligible to submit entries.

Exposés for full-length feature films with at least one central female figure must be submitted. All genres and formats are welcome.

Submission deadline
Exposés can be submitted immediately.
Submission deadline: September 5, 2018, the date of the postmark applies.

All further information including the submission form

Source: website Drehbuchforum.at