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Children celebrate forest birthdays ... moves differently ...

Would you like to offer your child an unforgettable day? Then a forest birthday is definitely just the thing!

The birthday guests will experience moving adventures in nature in all weathers and in all seasons ... treasures are recovered with GPS devices, forest booths built, arches carved, steep climbing slopes and rocks climbed and wobbly bridges overcome as a team.

Give your child a great adventure and a relaxing time, because all birthday offers are designed without parenting!
With 2 nature education team members, the children are competently and confidently instructed and accompanied on their adventures in the forest!

For inquiries and bookings, please contact us at 0176-30 17 00 69 (AB).

If you cannot reach us, please leave us a message on the answering machine or use our registration form.
We will get back to you as soon as possible!

At night in the forest: creaking beeches whisper secret messages, will-o'-the-wisps shine in the treetops and wood elves flit across the path. Equipped only with GPS devices and flashlights, we follow the path deep into the darkness of the forest, looking for the treasure of the giant trees….

Unfortunately, the picnic offer cannot be booked until the end of 2020!

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Scavenger hunts were yesterday: With modern GPS devices you go on an adventurous treasure hunt across the Teuto. Hollow tree trunks and gnarled roots, strange accumulations of stones and helpful numerical codes - only those who find the secret hiding places and master all the tasks can solve the riddle and find the treasure!

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Your birthday group will be carefully introduced to rock climbing with a rope, harness, helmet and carabiner. Then you can - well secured - put your climbing skills to the test in the Hallelujah quarry. An unusual birthday party with fun and excitement for you and your guests.

For children with and without climbing experience.

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The Teuto Forest is explored by Robin Hood and his followers. What is it like to live in the forest? With a lot of movement and while building bows, as a bird-free person you will really work up a sweat and you will have to sharpen all your senses, because it will be really exciting:

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As a well-equipped research team, we let our instincts guide us through the adventurous forest! Far off the beaten track, all the senses and adequate research materials are used to search for hidden clues and traces. But be careful: we need intelligence and dynamism to get to the bottom of the secrets.

Unfortunately, this birthday cannot be realized by the end of 2020 - we ask for your understanding!

Price: 180 €
(up to 10 children) materials incl.

Age: from 6 years

Location: Bielefeld, Brands Busch

Duration: 2.5 hours

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As a non-profit association and sponsor of free youth welfare, NatURsinn e.V. supports the development of young people into self-reliant and socially competent people through nature-experience-educational offers.