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The Siemens TW86103P is an extremely quiet, fast, high-quality kettle made of stainless steel and plastic.

Inside this low-noise kettle, only the bottom is made of stainless steel, the walls are made of plastic. There is a water level indicator that can be read from inside and outside.
Additional features include a temperature setting (70 ° C, 80 ° C, 90 ° C and 100 ° C) and a keep warm function. The current temperature is always visible on the display, so that you can simply switch off at the right time. The temperature can change during the cooking process. With the keep warm function, the temperature can be kept for up to 30 minutes.

Pouring the boiled water is safe and drip-free. In addition, the kettle is double-walled and therefore thermally insulated so that you cannot burn yourself if you touch the outside.

The quiet disturbs - or does not disturb? - a beep at the start and end of the cooking process. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether absolute silence is desired - then you should take a look at the other quiet kettles on this list - or whether a small reminder is quite good. Because how often do you forget the boiled water?

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This kettle is also amazingly quiet thanks to the Quiet Boil technology. It is a special coating on the heating element and a diffuser ring that break the water bubbles into smaller water bubbles, so that when they burst, less noise is made.

Here, too, there is an option to set the temperature - with 8 levels between 60 ° C and 100 ° C in 5 ° C steps. It is not possible to change the selection during the cooking process. It takes 3 keystrokes to bring this kettle to a boil, a bit of a hassle - but it's quiet.

The outer wall of the kettle becomes hot when cooking, theoretically it is possible to burn yourself if you are careless. You should also keep this in mind if there are children in the house. The existing safety cover has to be lifted and opened by hand, which requires fine motor skills and is not entirely harmless.

This quiet kettle is available in a version with digital temperature selection and in a version without the temperature setting option.

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This model is another low-noise kettle made of stainless steel.

The kettle has a temperature control and keep warm function. 7 different temperature levels can be set, these are the 10 ° C levels from 40 - 100 ° C. The kettle is ideal for preparing baby bottles.

The interior is made of stainless steel, the outside of the kettle is made of plastic. This combines the advantages of both materials - the water is boiled in pollutant-free stainless steel, while the good insulation of plastic is achieved at the same time. The kettle is double-walled. This means that the outer wall of the kettle does not get hot and the risk of burns is minimized. This is especially important in households with children. The double-walled design also helps ensure that the kettle is quiet.

Because that's the kettle - quiet, as confirmed in many customer reviews. When the water has finished boiling, a low signal tone sounds - but this is really subtle and doesn't bother you. Experience shows that one or the other time you need a little reminder that the water is ready. During operation, the LCD display also lights up, from which you can also read the temperature.

Overall, it is a quiet kettle with useful functions. According to the manufacturer, the kettle is also BPA-free.

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The Philips HD4646 / 00 is a high-quality, quiet and fast kettle. It has a minimalist design, with a water level indicator that is easy to read and see on both sides, a large pouring opening and a base that provides a firm hold. The kettle is easy to clean and the water can be poured out drip-free and without splashing.
What might be of interest to some: There is no light to indicate operation. On the one hand, no unnecessary flashing, on the other hand, you don't notice if the kettle was accidentally switched on without water.

Another basic device that can quietly boil water.

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The Bosch TWK8613P is a classy looking, quiet kettle with temperature selection and keep warm function. In contrast to other kettles, these cannot be set on the device itself, but on the base. There is also an on / off switch there. 4 different temperature levels can be set, these range from 70 - 100 ° C. Made for green tea and white tea enthusiasts.

The water tank is made of plastic, stainless steel applications are attached in different places. The kettle is double-walled, has a water level indicator and beeps when cooking starts and when the water has reached the desired temperature.

As is customary with kettles, the kettle should be descaled regularly; the frequency depends on the hardness of the water.

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The Russell Hobbs Precision Control is a quiet kettle that has a temperature selection with a wide range of adjustable temperatures. This starts at 25 ° C. All other temperatures up to 100 ° C can be set in 5 ° C increments. Ideal for baby bottles and for the preparation of baby food. Of course, for safety reasons you should always check the temperature with a thermometer before feeding. No kettle is 100% exact and the temperature reached can also be influenced by the amount of water filled. A keep warm function is also available.

There is a water level indicator, the control buttons and an LCD display are located on the front of the stove. Unfortunately, this lights up constantly while the kettle is plugged in. For everyone who is bothered by this, an intermediate switch would be a possible solution.

Another kettle that manages to fulfill its main function quietly and also has useful additional functions.

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This quiet kettle from AEG is made of plastic and has a water level indicator on both sides that is easy to read from the outside. This shows the amount of water in liters and in cups.

The water can be poured out without the risk of dripping and the switch on the kettle lights up orange during operation.

In terms of functionality, the AEG EWA3300 is one of the basic models. It fulfills its basic function - boiling water - and does it quite quietly. It does not offer a temperature selection or keep warm function. This makes it suitable for everyone who primarily just wants to get hot water, but doesn't need any other bells and whistles.

As with all other kettles, it is important to descale it regularly. This makes a decisive contribution to ensuring that the kettle remains quiet over the long term. If there is a lot of limescale deposits, descaling helps to lower the volume again.

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The Arendo stainless steel kettle is a very quiet kettle made of stainless steel with only a few plastic elements.

The kettle also does the cooking process in a very short time - the 3000 watts make it possible. This also applies if the kettle is filled to the maximum level of 1.7 liters. There is a plastic water level indicator located behind the handle. This makes it a bit difficult to see when you hold the kettle in your hand. In addition, the kettle is equipped with a double wall. On the one hand, this keeps the outer wall cool - the risk of burns is minimized, which is particularly important in households with children. On the other hand, the water stays warm longer if you let it stand. As is common with modern appliances, the kettle switches itself off when the water has boiled.

Since the lid of this quiet kettle can be opened wide, filling it with water is very easy. Pouring is also drip-free. The opening of the kettle is large enough to be easily cleaned by hand and wiping is easy.

According to the manufacturer, the kettle is free from BPA (bisphenol A). The design looks high-quality, the workmanship is solid and robust.

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The Cloer 4120 is a quieter, faster and cheaper kettle.
It is made of plastic and has a level indicator that can be read from the outside. It manages without exposed heating elements or unnecessary corners, and the opening is large enough so that it can be wiped out easily.
This kettle is limited to the basics, but it does its job - boiling water quietly - very well.

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The Bestek kettle is a quiet kitchen helper made of stainless steel. The noise development is lower than with most common devices. The Bestek model is an exception among the kettles, as it actually has a decibel rating. The manufacturer puts the volume at 57 dB.

The kettle offers a temperature selection function and a keep warm function that keeps the water at the desired temperature for up to 30 minutes.
There are 6 temperature levels to choose from, namely 10 increments between 70 and 100 ° C and 2 useful 5 degree levels at 85 ° C and 95 ° C. The 5 ° C step between 80 ° C and 85 ° C, for example, makes the difference between good green and white tea.
A separate button is available for each individual temperature level, so you don't have to laboriously work your way up to the desired temperature in 5 ° C or 10 ° C steps.
This makes it possible to enjoy a wide variety of teas, each of which requires different temperature levels, thanks to the optimally coordinated preparation. Coffee and tea drinkers can enjoy themselves with this device and get their money's worth.

The buttons for operating the kettle, which, by the way, are very simple, are located on the handle. These include the "Start / Stop" button, the temperature buttons and the "Keep Warm" button with the keep warm function. The 'Open' button for opening the lid is also attached to the handle.
The kettle can therefore be operated with one hand, because the lid opens and closes at the push of a button and clicks into place at the top without slamming again.
The opening angle of the lid is approximately 90 °, so that filling with water is easy. This is also an advantage for easy cleaning, as is the fact that the integrated limescale filter can be removed.

A water level indicator shows the filling quantity both in liters and in cups, this is located under the handle and can be a little difficult to see when filling with water.
The water comes into contact with the level indicator and the plastic limescale filter. According to the manufacturer, however, the kettle is BPA-free.
Pouring can be done without dripping. Likewise, no condensation runs down and you don't get burned by the steam.

The stove shines in a pleasant blue, the LED lighting is not permanent, as with some other models, but switches itself off again after the cooking process.
At the end of the cooking process, you will hear three beeps to remind you that the water is ready. The stove also beeps when it is switched on, when it is ready, and when the temperature is selected.

Furthermore, the device is stable and has a concealed heating element. The almost obligatory 360 ° base rounds off the construction. The stove is not bulky, but narrow and high and therefore saves space even in a narrow kitchen.
The housing gets hot from the outside due to the stainless steel, but the large handle does not heat up and is located at a sufficient distance from the boiler. The base plate does not heat up significantly either.

The kettle is not the fastest, but it scores with low volume and a variety of functions.

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⮞ Quiet alternative to the kettle: hot water dispenser ⮜


One of the most energy efficient methods of heating water is and remains the electric kettle.
In this regard, it is superior to the tea kettle on the electric stove and the microwave.

If you want to buy a quiet kettle, you should consider a few things.
First of all, one should pay attention to the general usability of the product. It is also important to consider personal water boiling habits. It is also helpful if you can determine a main purpose for the quiet kettle.

user friendliness

Ease of use and safety are paramount here. It should be possible to start the kettle without pressing many buttons. Good insulation is essential so that no heat develops on the outer wall. This is especially important in households with children. The lid should be easy to open at the push of a button. Drip-free pouring should be possible - otherwise there is a risk of scalding, as well as the escape of steam.
A no-go are kettles that release harmful substances into the water. Bisphenol A (BPA) in particular is a term here.

One advantage of plastic kettles is that they stay relatively cool on the outside. Stainless steel or glass kettles have the advantage of not releasing pollutants into the water; this may happen with plastic kettles. If you want to be on the safe side, you should opt for a device made entirely of stainless steel. However, many stainless steel kettles have plastic water level indicators.

Most modern devices are equipped with an automatic switch-off, overheating protection and a limescale filter.

Personal usage habits


When it comes to capacity, consider how much hot water you usually need. If you only want to make a cup of tea, you will find that a large kettle is superfluous and only tempts to boil too much water. This again wastes electricity and water. The minimum filling quantity is also usually higher for larger devices. So it can make perfect sense to opt for a small model. Another advantage of a small device is that you can take it with you when you travel without having to buy an extra travel kettle.
If you regularly need large amounts of hot water, for example in a large household or to fill a thermos, you should of course opt for a larger model.


Another point to consider is performance. This is given in watts. If you have to go fast, you should opt for a quiet kettle with a higher wattage. Kettles with more watts boil a certain amount of water faster than those with less power. This means that the cooking noise also extends over a shorter period of time.

Temperature selection and keep warm function

A temperature selection and keep warm function are useful for tea and hot drink enthusiasts. Occasional tea drinkers are better off with a simple but reliable, quiet kettle.


The cooking volume depends on various points: these include the material, the construction and the insulation.
In terms of material, plastic or glass kettles are quieter than stainless steel kettles. However, you always have to look at the individual device. Special noise-reducing technologies and the construction have a major influence here. Many of the quiet kettles presented are stainless steel models.
The insulation of a kettle can also prevent noise. Concealed heating elements are often a little louder than heating rods lying openly in the water. However, open heating elements have one major disadvantage. They can release substances of concern, such as nickel, into the water. Therefore, they are not recommended.
Calcified kettles are also louder, so regular descaling is important if you want a quiet kettle.

Quiet kettles use a number of innovations to reduce the cavitation noise of boiling water to a minimum. Some quiet kettles rely on better insulation to block out noise, while others break up the size of the water bubbles with a specially designed base. Some of the low-noise kettles have particularly powerful heating elements that heat the water very quickly, while others use slightly slower heating elements to reduce the intensity and volume of the bubbling.