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Thanks to medical advances, more and more people are surviving their cancer. It is only slowly becoming apparent that long-term effects can occur even decades after therapy. Some long-term survivors have an increased risk of heart attacks and secondary tumors, such as breast or lung cancer. So far, knowledge about this has not been widespread, even among doctors. Long-term survivors can hardly find a contact person for their long-term consequences. Dr. Thorsten Langer, senior physician, University of Erlangen, and one of the few specialists in long-term effects after cancer, points out the gap in care in Germany in an article by Zeit online.

  1. page 1 Left alone in survival
  2. Page 2 The health system is not geared towards long-term survivors
  3. Page 3 Possible long-term damage should already be taken into account during cancer therapy
  4. page 4 There is a lack of funds for reliable long-term care

Further information on the topic of long-term effects after cancer:

Theoncological centers of excellencetake care of diagnosis, therapy and, increasingly, follow-up care in Germany. They also focus on psycho-oncological care.

Individual aftercare plansis provided by OncoLink's US website. After entering the personal diagnosis and the therapies received in the online database, indications of possible late effects are provided.

A general List of possible long-term consequences is on the patient page of the American Society for Clinical Oncology ASCO.

Long-term effects after cancer - how are the survivors?
Manuscript of the radio report from Deutschlandfunk on January 12, 2014


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