What is Jataka in Buddhism

Jataka - Buddhist Rebirth Stories

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In all countries of Buddhism and far beyond, descriptions of the Buddha's earlier existences enjoyed great popularity. They describe his wise and compassionate action for the edification of all beings when he approaches the final rebirth as a Bodhisattva, at the end of which he will leave samsara as Buddha and enter nirvana.

In the stories and fables, all character traits of man can be found, in their ups and downs. Therefore the Jatakas are also a timeless psychological work. The clear descriptions of the consequences of the work (karma) on the basis of which this great work is based are very haunting and instructive for the reader.

The Jatakas “(re) birth stories” consist of one or more verses that have been included in the Tipitaka as part of the canonical literature. These verses are embedded in a narrative, the actual Jataka, and explained by a commentary. In the literature of the Theravada school, which is widespread in Ceylon and Southeast Asia today, 547 Jatakas were possibly combined into a collection and put into a fixed form around the year 500 AD under the title Jatakatthavannana “Explanation of the meaning of the Jatakas”. They belong to the great works of world literature and have flowed into the myth-making and literature of many cultures.

In 1921 the Jatakas were published for the last time in book form. With a lot of work and financial commitment, we can now offer a slightly revised, complete reprint.

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